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Add Robust repetitive control of a dual stage actuator system 12 March 2015
Add Design and implementation of a vision-based robotic air hockey table 12 March 2015
Add Model reference control for active driveability improvement 12 March 2015
Add An improved battery pack equalizer based on a DC/DC converter with fuzzy logic controller 12 March 2015
Add Sliding mode based repetitive control for improved reference tracking 12 March 2015
Add Information sharing behavior in social commerce sites: the differences between sellers and non-sellers 12 March 2015
Add Enterprise system implementation failure: a strategic response? 12 March 2015
Add Morphological fractions of galaxies in WINGS clusters: revisiting the Morphology-Density Paradigm 12 March 2015
Add Corporate social responsibility disclosures and earnings quality: are they a reflection of managers' opportunistic behavior? 12 March 2015
Add Synthesis of geopolymer from industrial wastes 12 March 2015
Add New lightweight AES S-box using LFSR 12 March 2015
Add Compact and low power AES block cipher using lightweight key expansion mechanism and optimal number of S-Boxes 12 March 2015
Add Analysis of compressed sensing based CT reconstruction with low radiation 12 March 2015
Add Dynamic response of a cellular block with varying cross-section 12 March 2015
Add Rapid identification and source-tracking of Listeria monocytogenes using MALDI-TOF mass 12 March 2015
Add Problem finding through design thinking in education 12 March 2015
Add Transient stability of power system integrated with doubly fed induction generator wind farms 12 March 2015
Add Correction for Lopez-Perez et al., Genome Sequence of 'Thalassospira australica' NP3b2T Isolated from St. Kilda Beach, Tasman Sea 12 March 2015
Add Classification of eating disorders: comparison of relative prevalence rates using DSM-IV and DSM-5 criteria 12 March 2015
Add Linear least squares problems involving fixed knots polynomial splines and their singularity study 12 March 2015
Add Vibronic resonances sustain excited state coherence in light harvesting proteins at room temperature 12 March 2015
Add Asymmetric size-dependent effects of the output gap on inflation: US evidence from the last half a century 12 March 2015
Add Public open space, physical activity, urban design and public health: concepts, methods and research agenda 12 March 2015
Add Do relationships between environmental attributes and recreational walking vary according to area-level socioeconomic status? 12 March 2015
Add Discussion of 'Can we have sustainable transportation without making people drive less or give up suburban living?' by Mark Delucchi and Kenneth S. Kurani. 12 March 2015
Add Mismatch between perceived and objectively measured land use mix and street connectivity: associations with neighborhood walking 12 March 2015
Add Translating active living research into policy and practice: One important pathway to chronic disease prevention 12 March 2015
Add Neighborhood environmental attributes and adults' maintenance of regular walking 12 March 2015
Add Walkable Area Within Which Destinations Matter: Differences Between Australian and Japanese Cities 12 March 2015
Add Distinct associations of different sedentary behaviors with health-related attributes among older adults 12 March 2015
Add Associations of leisure-time sitting in cars with neighborhood walkability 12 March 2015
Add Street connectivity and walking for transport: role of neighborhood destinations 12 March 2015
Add Perceived neighbourhood environmental attributes associated with adults 12 March 2015
Add Using space syntax to assess the built environment for physical activity: Applications to research on parks and public open spaces 12 March 2015
Add Public open spaces and walking for recreation: moderation by attributes of pedestrian environments 12 March 2015
Add Association of street connectivity and road traffic speed with park usage and park-based physical activity 12 March 2015
Add Sleep quality and mood regulation strategies among Australian young adults 12 March 2015
Add Composting as everyday alchemy: producing compost from food waste in 21st century urban environments 12 March 2015
Add Maximising reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) content in hot mix asphalt (HMA) 12 March 2015
Add Statistics of wave kinematics in random directional wave fields 12 March 2015
Add Young adult fiction: novel and exegesis 12 March 2015
Add Deposition and characterization of a coating from calcium phosphate and titanium alloy on austenitic stainless steel 12 March 2015
Add 'Looking back, there was a lot we missed': an examination of how settler descendants from South Australia's North-East Highland and Wirrabara districts know and understand the nineteenth-century colonial past 12 March 2015
Add A context-aware access control framework for software services 12 March 2015
Add Dynamically-driven galaxy evolution in clusters of galaxies 12 March 2015
Add Understanding design thinking in practice: a qualitative study of design led professionals working with large organisations 12 March 2015
Add Surface-enhanced Raman scattering substrates for biomedical sensing 12 March 2015
Add Using immersive real-time collaboration environments to manage IP networks 12 March 2015
Add Study of dynamic mechanical properties of fused deposition modelling processed ULTEM material 12 March 2015
Add Effects of build orientation on tensile properties of PLA material processed by FDM 12 March 2015