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Add Living at the wrong end of the queue 9 May 2016
Add Limitations on the Proposals for Reform of Non-Literal Copyright and Reverse Engineering of Computer Software 9 May 2016
Add The laws of the virtual worlds 9 May 2016
Add Is there a typical firesetter? Comparing the characteristics of firesetting and non-firesetting offenders 9 May 2016
Add Individual and contextual factors that moderate the utility of road safety measures: applying theories of self regulation to characterize four risk profiles 9 May 2016
Add Immigration's disappearing visa applicants 9 May 2016
Add Does a goodwill impairment regime better reflect the underlying economic attributes of goodwill? 9 May 2016
Add Cyberspace as place and the tragedy of the digital anticommons 9 May 2016
Add Cyberspace as place 9 May 2016
Add Climate change as a survival strategy: Soft infrastructure for urban resilience and adaptive capacity in Australia's coastal zones 9 May 2016
Add Australian children, foreign parents and the right to stay 9 May 2016
Add Another cruel twist in Australia's refugee policy 9 May 2016
Add Knowledge-based expert system framework for concrete mix design 9 May 2016
Add Identifying best practices in contractor selection for enhanced harmony and profit 9 May 2016
Add A fresh approach to improve quality in design-build projects 9 May 2016
Add Dynamic contractor prequalification 9 May 2016
Add Contractor prequalification expert system for design-build projects 9 May 2016
Add Comparing approaches to contractor selection for design-build projects 9 May 2016
Add The SLUGGS survey: chromodynamical modelling of the lenticular galaxy NGC 1023 9 May 2016
Add Discovery of an ultra-diffuse galaxy in the pisces-perseus supercluster 9 May 2016
Add Conductive and protein resistant polypyrrole films for dexamethasone delivery 9 May 2016
Add High-performance multifunctional graphene-PLGA fibers: toward biomimetic and conducting 3D scaffolds 9 May 2016
Add Fabrication of novel core-shell PLGA and alginate fiber for dual-drug delivery system 9 May 2016
Add The effect of treatment time on the ionic liquid surface film formation: promising surface coating for Mg alloy AZ31 9 May 2016
Add Enhanced performance through improved procurement 9 May 2016
Add The use of enhanced positional weight method for constrained resources project scheduling 9 May 2016
Add The SLUGGS survey: globular clusters and the dark matter content of early-type galaxies 9 May 2016
Add The SLUGGS survey: exploring the globular cluster systems of the Leo II group and their global relationships 9 May 2016
Add The SLUGGS survey: the assembly histories of individual early-type galaxies 9 May 2016
Add Position paper: Towards a National Climate Change Adaptation Framework for the built environment 9 May 2016
Add Understanding the behaviour of design thinking in complex environments 9 May 2016
Add The emergence of an organic food market in Australia: an ecocomic sociological approach 9 May 2016
Add Development and characterization of segmented polyurethanes based on L-amino acid based chain extenders 9 May 2016
Add Galaxy and black hole co-evolution in synthetic galaxy catalogues 9 May 2016
Add Coprophilous fungi from koala faeces: a novel source of antimicrobial compounds 9 May 2016
Add Perinatal anxiety as a factor in maternal bonding and postnatal depressive symptomatology among mothers of full-term and premature infants 9 May 2016
Add The influence of power and information sharing on supply chain relationships and a firm's operational performance - perceptions of organic fruit and vegetable growers 9 May 2016
Add Software-defined service networking: runtime sharing with functional and performance differentiation in multi-tenant cloud applications 9 May 2016
Add Unveiling the globular cluster systems of early-type galaxies using wide-field imaging 9 May 2016
Add Women in Horror: who is horror for? 9 May 2016
Add Cyberbullying in Australian primary schools: how victims differ in attachment, locus of control, self-esteem, and coping styles compared to non-victims 9 May 2016
Add The devil Down Under: Satanic ritual abuse in Australia / Kier-La Janiesse and Paul Corupe (eds.) 9 May 2016
Add Remembering Michelle Remembers / Kier-La Janiesse and Paul Corupe (eds.) 9 May 2016
Add The poetry of light and dark: Luciano Tovoli and Dario Argento's Suspiria (1977) 9 May 2016
Add Furious and Furiousa 9 May 2016
Add Colleen McCullough: Feminist Icon? 9 May 2016
Add Testing Bechdel 9 May 2016
Add Nina forever 9 May 2016
Add Lay down your funky weapon: in praise of Prince's Graffiti Bridge, 25 years on 9 May 2016
Add Cooperative mentorship: negotiating social media use within the family 9 May 2016