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Add Porous aromatic frameworks impregnated with fullerenes for enhanced methanol/water separation 7 January 2015
Add Consequences of external environment on entrepreneurial motivation in Iran 7 January 2015
Add Performance and diversification benefits of housing investment in Iran 7 January 2015
Add The effect of energy prices on Iranian industry stock returns 7 January 2015
Add The effect of tourism agglomeration on foreign real estate investment: Evidence from selected OECD countries 7 January 2015
Add Factors contributing to the fluctuations in residential construction in Iran 7 January 2015
Add The effects of FDI on voice and accountability in the MENA region 7 January 2015
Add Exploring the bi-directional long run relationship between urbanization, energy consumption, and carbon dioxide emission 7 January 2015
Add The role of real estate agents on housing prices and rents: the Iranian experience 7 January 2015
Add Determinants of returns on housing: the Iranian case 7 January 2015
Add The effect of FDI on foreign real estate investment: evidence from emerging economies 7 January 2015
Add Rainwater tank rebate scheme in Greater Melbourne, Australia 7 January 2015
Add Effect of thiourea on the structure and corrosion properties of electrodeposited Zn-Sn 7 January 2015
Add Ageing workforces: Lagging in the G20 race 7 January 2015
Add LOFAR observations of PSR B0943+10: Profile evolution and discovery of a systematically changing profile delay in bright mode 7 January 2015
Add Plasma-sprayed high entropy alloys: Microstructure and properties of AlCoCrFeNi and MnCoCrFeNi 7 January 2015
Add Investigating the anisotropic mechanical properties of plasma sprayed yttria-stabilised zirconia coatings 7 January 2015
Add How do brightest cluster galaxies grow? 7 January 2015
Add FRP strengthening of structures subject to fatigue, impact and environmental loading (Guest editorial) 7 January 2015
Add Brownian dynamics simulations of planar mixed flows of polymer solutions at finite concentrations 7 January 2015
Add Thermo-Mechanical Characterization of VGCF-Modified Adhesive for Bond between CFRP and Concrete Subjected to Combined Effect of Temperature and Humidity 7 January 2015
Add The comic book film adaptation: exploring modern Hollywoods leading genre 7 January 2015
Add Paratext: a more interactive movement 7 January 2015
Add Brechtian alienation in videogames 7 January 2015
Add Multimodality or ludo-narrative dissonance: Duality of presentation in fringe media 7 January 2015
Add Discussion: Seismic performance of lightly reinforced structural walls for design purposes 7 January 2015
Add The effects of orbital inclination on the scale size and evolution of tidally filling star clusters 7 January 2015
Add Business models for higher education: An Australian perspective 7 January 2015
Add Where do galaxies end? Comparing measurement techniques of hydrodynamic-simulation galaxies' integrated properties 7 January 2015
Add Metallicity effects on globular clusters: Size and colour 7 January 2015
Add Multi-feature and DAG-based multi-tree matching algorithm for automatic web data mining 7 January 2015
Add Emotional intelligence, victimisation, bullying behaviours and attitudes 7 January 2015
Add Nanoparticle-enhanced infrared neural stimulation 7 January 2015
Add A phenomenological investigation of overvalued ideas and delusions in clinical and subclinical anorexia nervosa 6 January 2015
Add Perception of emotion-related conflict in human communications: What are the effects of schizophrenia? 6 January 2015
Add Settler colonial expeditions 6 January 2015
Add A writer on the reader's side 6 January 2015
Add Psychology and the Internet: Where are we now and where to from here? 6 January 2015
Add Social context as a service: Managing adaptation in collaborative pervasive applications 6 January 2015
Add Dopamine and cognitive control: Sex-by-genotype interactions influence the capacity to switch attention 6 January 2015
Add Regulation of human mesenchymal stem cell osteogenesis by specific surface-density of fibronectin: A gradient study 6 January 2015
Add Merging Binary Stars and the magnetic white dwarfs 6 January 2015
Add Biomechanical characteristics of handballing maximally in Australian football 6 January 2015
Add Compressive strength of functionally graded geopolymers: Role of position of layers 6 January 2015
Add Personal growth, grandmother engagement and satisfaction among non-custodial grandmothers 6 January 2015
Add Robust nonlinear distributed controller design for active and reactive power sharing in islanded microgrids 6 January 2015
Add Evaluation of a collision avoidance display to support pilots' mental workload in a free flight environment 6 January 2015
Add Divorce and the cost of housing: evidence from Iran 6 January 2015
Add I could be engaged: Exploring the affordances of engineering laboratory venues 6 January 2015
Add Pictures and words: Data collection proposal to investigate the affordances of current experiential learning environments 6 January 2015