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Add Dynamics of spin bowling: The normalized precession of the spin axis analysed with a smart cricket ball 15 September 2016
Add The design strain and dead mass of energy absorbing materials and structures: mathematical principles and experimental determination 15 September 2016
Add Energy absorption and performance relevant to thermal wear comfort evaluation of existing impact protective pad and materials intended for impact protective pad 15 September 2016
Add Muscle activity analysis with a smart compression garment 15 September 2016
Add Estimation of cruciate ligament forces via smart compression garments 15 September 2016
Add Applying neurotrophins to the round window rescues auditory function and reduces inner hair cell synaptopathy after noise-induced hearing loss 15 September 2016
Add Intraoperative real-time cochlear response telemetry predicts hearing preservation in cochlear implantation 15 September 2016
Add A microelectromechanical system artificial basilar membrane based on a piezoelectric cantilever array and its characterization using an animal model 15 September 2016
Add Training of cochlear implant users to improve pitch perception in the presence of competing place cues 15 September 2016
Add MEMS piezoelectric artificial basilar membrane with passive frequency selectivity for short pulse width signal modulation 15 September 2016
Add Pitch and loudness matching of unmodulated and modulated stimuli in cochlear implantees 15 September 2016
Add Prediction and control of neural responses to pulsatile electrical stimulation 15 September 2016
Add Brain-derived neurotrophic factor modulates auditory function in the hearing cochlea 15 September 2016
Add Stochastic periodic solution of a non-autonomous toxic-producing phytoplankton allelopathy model with environmental fluctuation 15 September 2016
Add The Australian experience following plain packaging: the impact on tobacco branding 15 September 2016
Add A random and coverage-based approach for fault localization prioritization 15 September 2016
Add The optimal testing order in the presence of switching cost 15 September 2016
Add Design of logic gates using spiking neural P systems with homogeneous neurons and astrocytes-like control 15 September 2016
Add Suppressed polysulfide crossover in Li-S batteries through a high-flux graphene oxide membrane supported on a sulfur cathode 15 September 2016
Add Carbonation of a blended slag-fly ash geopolymer concrete in field conditions after 8 years 15 September 2016
Add Micro phase separated epoxy/poly(ε-caprolactone)-block-poly(dimethyl siloxane)-block-poly(ε-caprolactone)/4,4′-diaminodiphenylsulfone systems: Morphology, viscoelasticity, thermo-mechanical properties and surface hydrophobicity 15 September 2016
Add Precise limits on cosmological variability of the fine-structure constant with zinc and chromium quasar absorption lines 15 September 2016
Add A method for determining AGN accretion phase in field galaxies 15 September 2016
Add A job demands-resources approach to presenteeism 15 September 2016
Add An approach to object contour completion: by combining high level and low level cues 15 September 2016
Add The mass discrepancy acceleration relation in early-type galaxies: Extended mass profiles and the phantom menace to MOND 15 September 2016
Add Radiative cooling: Principles, progress, and potentials 15 September 2016
Add Heart blood flow simulation: A perspective review 15 September 2016
Add Randomised controlled trial of a digitally assisted low intensity intervention to promote personal recovery in persisting psychosis: SMART-Therapy study protocol 13 September 2016
Add Parametric study of the bending properties of lightweight tubular metal/polymer foam hybrid structures 13 September 2016
Add Consumer perspectives of a community paramedicine program in rural Ontario 13 September 2016
Add Perception of Nepalese dental hygiene and dentistry students towards the dental hygienists profession 13 September 2016
Add Participation in rural community groups and links with psychological well-being and resilience: a cross-sectional community-based study 13 September 2016
Add Mathematics education in the early years 13 September 2016
Add Working with families in schools 13 September 2016
Add Biofeedback system for novice snowboarding 13 September 2016
Add Smart oar blade for hydrodynamic analysis of rowing 13 September 2016
Add Effect of different mounting angles of prosthetic feet dedicated to sprinting on reaction forces 13 September 2016
Add Starting school: Synthesis and analysis 13 September 2016
Add Examining teacher-researcher collaboration through the cultural interface 13 September 2016
Add Partnerships that support children's mathematics during the transition to school: Perceptions, barriers and opportunities 13 September 2016
Add The shades of grey of cyberbullying in Australian schools 13 September 2016
Add Sports performance analysis with fractal dimensions 13 September 2016
Add Case studies of the centre of pressure between hand and ball in off-spin bowling, analysed with a smart cricket ball 13 September 2016
Add Violence risk instruments may be culturally unsafe for use with Indigenous patients 13 September 2016
Add Validity of self-reported measures of workplace sitting time and breaks in sitting time 13 September 2016
Add Wrong place, wrong time (Book review) 13 September 2016
Add Building a harmonised international trademark database 13 September 2016
Add Identifying internationally linked trademark applications using a machine learning algorithm 13 September 2016
Add Ensuring cloud data reliability with minimum replication by proactive replica checking 13 September 2016