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Add Secure continuous variable teleportation and Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen steering 11 November 2015
Add Theorizing the imaginary character in David Holman's The Small Poppies 11 November 2015
Add Modelling first and second order rogue waves using 2D SPH 11 November 2015
Add ALMA images of discs: are all gaps carved by planets? 11 November 2015
Add Nature by default in early childhood education for sustainability 11 November 2015
Add Parliamentary Integrity Systems' personal and ethical dimensions of anticorruption measures in the most senior levels of public service 11 November 2015
Add Coral-the world's most diverse symbiotic ecosystem 11 November 2015
Add A subjective academic narrative: Practice-led research and indigenous postgraduate opportunities 11 November 2015
Add Teaching postgraduate students in high security prison 2002-2011 11 November 2015
Add A novel efficient numerical method to simulate electrochemical process for a lithium ion battery 11 November 2015
Add Detecting BGP instability using recurrence quantification analysis 11 November 2015
Add Australia's foreign policy links with Latin America: distant relations 11 November 2015
Add 'Acting fairly': Do instructions to engage in procedural justice prompt distributive justice? 10 November 2015
Add Want ethical responses to a world of trouble? Focus on character 10 November 2015
Add Evaluating the effects of lagged ENSO and SAM as potential predictors for long-term rainfall forecasting 10 November 2015
Add Book review: 'The journalist's guide to media law: a handbook for communicators in a digital world, 5th edition' by Mark Pearson and Mark Polden 10 November 2015
Add Book review: 'Meaning and measurement in comparative housing research', edited by Mark Stephens and Michelle Norris 10 November 2015
Add Drift and pseudomomentum in bounded turbulent shear flows 10 November 2015
Add Theoretical study of valence orbital response to guanine tautomerization in coordinate and momentum spaces 10 November 2015
Add Potential of berberine to enhance antimicrobial activity of commonly used antibiotics for dairy cow mastitis caused by multiple drug-resistant Staphylococcus epidermidis infection 10 November 2015
Add The importance of respect in restorative justice conferencing 9 November 2015
Add Restorative justice: Underlying mechanisms and future directions 9 November 2015
Add Protecting human rights in Australian investigative interviews: The role of recording and interview duration limits 9 November 2015
Add Jurors' consideration of inadmissible evidence: a motivational explanation 9 November 2015
Add Image processing for detection of Cataract, Retinopathy of Prematurity and Glaucoma 9 November 2015
Add Wakefield, Marx, and the world turned inside out 9 November 2015
Add The Patient Remote Intervention and Symptom Management System (PRISMS) - a Telehealth-mediated intervention enabling real-time monitoring of chemotherapy side-effects in patients with haematological malignancies: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial 9 November 2015
Add The hybrid designer/end-user: Revealing paradoxes in co-design 9 November 2015
Add Development and performance testing of ‘Comb Separator’, a novel sewer overflow screening device 9 November 2015
Add Thermal modification of 55% aluminium-zinc-silicon coatings 6 November 2015
Add Evaluation Report: Inner East Community Health Service (Hawthorn) - improved services for people with drug and alcohol problems and mental illness (dual diagnosis) 6 November 2015
Add Review and Information Report: Corella Place Transitional Facility 6 November 2015
Add Initial Program Evaluation Report: Smoke Free Prisons Project 6 November 2015
Add Department of Justice and Regulation (Victoria) smoke free prisons project: Results of the pre-ban prisoner and prison staff surveys and focus groups 6 November 2015
Add Student perceptions of screencast feedback on mathematics assessment 6 November 2015
Add Deep-UV fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy 6 November 2015
Add Development of processing windows for HVOF carbide-based coatings 6 November 2015
Add Minimizing the effect of workplace adversity on correctional officers - tackling an old problem in a new way 6 November 2015
Add The impact of a technology enhanced induction process on psychological wellbeing and adjustment in young first-time prisoners 6 November 2015
Add Tackling the high cost of workplace adversity - Development and implementation of targeted, preventative training programs for officers 6 November 2015
Add Using the Cognitive Skills Core Assessment Tool (CS-CAT) to evaluate offender cognitive skills programs: Data and standardization 6 November 2015
Add Fostering resilience and wellbeing in prisons: Development and implementation of technology-enhanced psycho-educational programs for prisoners 6 November 2015
Add Digital gaming and corrections: Examining the potential uses for offender rehabilitation and well-being 6 November 2015
Add Technology & offender reintegration: Is there a place for gaming? 6 November 2015
Add Qualitative and quantitative research in counselling: Choosing your path 6 November 2015
Add Forensic psychology and the missing middle: Counselling and offender wellbeing 6 November 2015
Add Enhancing the cognitive skills of young adult offenders through gamification: Theory and practice 6 November 2015
Add An integrative and substantive definition of spirituality in psychology 6 November 2015
Add Fostering resilience and wellbeing in prisons: Development and implementation of technology-enhanced psycho-educational programs for prisoners 6 November 2015
Add Metal-poor, cool gas in the circumgalactic medium of a z = 2.4 Star-forming galaxy: Direct evidence for cold accretion? 4 November 2015