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Add Personality disorders and violence: The role of maladaptive schema, aggression-related cognitions and anger 9 September 2014
Add Psychological consequences of work injury: personality, trauma and psychological distress. Symptoms of noninjured workers and injured workers returning to, or remaining at work 9 September 2014
Add Forensic psychiatry and its interfaces outside the UK and Ireland 9 September 2014
Add Psychological autopsy of equivocal deaths 9 September 2014
Add Psychopathy and antisocial personality disorder 9 September 2014
Add The nature of police involvement in mental health transfers 9 September 2014
Add Procedural justice in victim-police interactions and victims' recovery from victimisation experiences 9 September 2014
Add Clinical risk assessment and management: a practical manual for mental health clinicians 9 September 2014
Add Confidentiality for mental health professionals : a guide to ethical and legal principles 9 September 2014
Add Inside Indonesia's media 9 September 2014
Add Uniform defamation laws 9 September 2014
Add The voice of Papua 9 September 2014
Add Freedom of information 9 September 2014
Add A terrible year for oil spills 9 September 2014
Add Interaction traces mining for efficient system responses generation 8 September 2014
Add Translating creative skills: an example of Youthworx Media for marginalised youth 8 September 2014
Add Youth development or media innovation? The outcomes of youth media enterprise 8 September 2014
Add Copyright and the courts 5 September 2014
Add Trust, social media and brand communities 5 September 2014
Add Study protocol for a randomised controlled trial of internet-based cognitive-behavioural therapy for obsessive-compulsive disorder 5 September 2014
Add Looking back at the 2020 summit 5 September 2014
Add What's left to explore? 5 September 2014
Add Stopping the pull factor: the people smugglers in Indonesia 5 September 2014
Add Stopping the pull factors: Asylum seekers in Indonesia 5 September 2014
Add Premiers past: John Olsen 4 September 2014
Add Hazara people in Indonesian legal limbo 4 September 2014
Add Reimagining national leadership 4 September 2014
Add TANAMI: tracking active galactic nuclei with austral milliarcsecond interferometry. I. First-epoch 8.4 GHz images 4 September 2014
Add Optimising delivery of recovery-oriented online self-management strategies for bipolar disorder: a review 4 September 2014
Add Embodied cognition and its applications: a brief review 4 September 2014
Add Using the Internet to integrate peer stories and self-management resources into mental health services: the Self-Management and Recovery Technology (SMART) program 4 September 2014
Add Conducting the deepest all-sky pulsar survey ever: the all-sky High Time Resolution Universe survey 4 September 2014
Add What have we learnt from behavioural and coping interventions for voices? 4 September 2014
Add What have we learnt about how to capture and measure the outcomes of psychological therapies for voices? 4 September 2014
Add What have we learnt about the ability of cognitive behavioural therapy to help with voice-hearing? 4 September 2014
Add Down the Rabbit Hole we go: evaluating the impacts of a situated design pedagogy 4 September 2014
Add Development of holistic three-dimensional models for cold spray supersonic jet 4 September 2014
Add My road ahead: Preliminary results from a randomised controlled trial of an online psychological support program for men with prostate cancer 4 September 2014
Add Performance on a pattern separation task by Alzheimer's patients shows possible links between disrupted dentate gyrus activity and apolipoprotein E is an element of 4 status and cerebrospinal fluid amyloid-beta 42 levels 4 September 2014
Add Co-orbiting satellite galaxy structures are still in conflict with the distribution of primordial dwarf galaxies 4 September 2014
Add Placing displacement: place-making in a world of movement 4 September 2014
Add New perspective on galaxy outflows from the first detection of both intrinsic and traverse metal-line absorption 4 September 2014
Add The Magellan uniform survey of damped Lyman α systems-II. Paucity of strong molecular hydrogen absorption 4 September 2014
Add MALT90: the millimetre astronomy legacy team 90 GHz survey 4 September 2014
Add Abundant molecular gas and inefficient star formation in intracluster regions: Ram pressure stripped tail of the norma galaxy ESO137-001 4 September 2014
Add E-TC: Development and pilot testing of a web-based intervention to reduce anxiety and depression in survivors of testicular cancer 4 September 2014
Add Complete triaxial stress-strain curves for geopolymer 4 September 2014
Add Large-scale environment of z similar to 5.7 C IV absorption systems - I. Projected distribution of galaxies 4 September 2014
Add The applicability of far-infrared fine-structure lines as star formation rate tracers over wide ranges of metallicities and galaxy types 4 September 2014
Add Improving spectrum-based fault-localization through spectra cloning for fail test cases beyond balanced test suite 4 September 2014
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