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Add Unfamiliar pasts challenge our view of responses to refugees 9 October 2014
Add Key issues in environmental geotechnics: Australia-New Zealand 9 October 2014
Add Towards a networked post-print ecology of digital scholarship: an experiment in academic publication using bi-directional linking, parallel literature and transclusions via project Xanadu 9 October 2014
Add A view framework for modeling and change validation of artifact-centric inter-organizational business processes 8 October 2014
Add Investigating strain transfer in polymer coated structures for the health monitoring of aerospace vehicles using polymer photonic waveguides 8 October 2014
Add Stability of liquid films covered by a carpet of self-propelled surfactant particles 8 October 2014
Add Dwarf galaxies in the perseus cluster: further evidence for a disc origin for dwarf ellipticals 8 October 2014
Add Real-time monitoring and assessment of groundwater responses due to dewatering of an abandoned 7m deep excavation pit in Kuching City 8 October 2014
Add Development of thermal energy storage composites and prevention of PCM leakage 8 October 2014
Add Six Sigma as a source of service delivery improvement methodology for the Malaysian hotel sector 8 October 2014
Add Assessing employees' performance in Integrated Service Recovery Strategies (ISRS): the role of self-efficacy 8 October 2014
Add The quest for persuasive advertising 8 October 2014
Add Assessment of pipe-jacking forces through direct shear tests on tunneling rock spoils 8 October 2014
Add Effects of localized dewatering and corner on the behavior of tied-back Contiguous Bored Piled (CBP) wall in Kuching City 8 October 2014
Add Numerical modelling of oxy fuel combustion, the effect of radiative and convective heat transfer and burnout 8 October 2014
Add Limits on a gravitational field dependence of the proton-electron mass ratio from H2 in white dwarf stars 6 October 2014
Add Laboratory atomic transition data for precise optical quasar absorption spectroscopy 6 October 2014
Add Position sensors fault tolerant control system in BLDC motors 6 October 2014
Add Comorbidity of psychological disorders in the e-PASS data as predictors of psycho-social adjustment measures: psychological distress, adequate social support, self-confidence, quality of life, and suicidal ideation 6 October 2014
Add Post-treatment attrition and its predictors, attrition bias, and treatment efficacy of the anxiety online programs 6 October 2014
Add Pretreatment attrition and formal withdrawal during treatment and their predictors: An exploratory study of the anxiety online data 6 October 2014
Add Visitor attractions and events: Responding to seasonality 6 October 2014
Add Validity and model-based reliability of the Work Organisation Assessment Questionnaire (WOAQ) among nurses 6 October 2014
Add Democratic partisanship: building the electoral roll 6 October 2014
Add Early voting in person at Australian elections: the rise of convenience voting 6 October 2014
Add Understanding care needs of ageing gay men 3 October 2014
Add Understanding leadership in Indian organizations 3 October 2014
Add Keywords, trademarks and search engine liability 3 October 2014
Add Evaluation of the learning objects in a largely online postgraduate teaching program: Effects of learning style 3 October 2014
Add Poverty alleviation with microfinance: Bangladesh evidence 3 October 2014
Add iPads in a 1:1 program: the dilemma of challenge 3 October 2014
Add Understanding feral IT practices as deviance: The contribution of Merton's Theory of Anomie 3 October 2014
Add Power relations in information systems implementation: The potential contribution of turner's three-process theory of power 3 October 2014
Add Rethinking communication in IT project management 3 October 2014
Add Academic bootcamp for the writing of psychology research reports 3 October 2014
Add "The country that doesn’t want to heal itself": The burden of history, affect and women's memories in post-dictatorial Argentina 3 October 2014
Add Introduction: violence, justice, and the work of memory 3 October 2014
Add "Queue jumpers" and the perils of crossing Sydney Harbour on a Manly ferry 3 October 2014
Add Reciprocity in bilateral trade flows: An empirical analysis for trade between Australia and Latin American countries 2 October 2014
Add Time varying correlation between Islamic equity and commodity returns: Implications for portfolio diversification 2 October 2014
Add Social expenditure and economic growth: Evidence from Australia and New Zealand using cointegration and causality tests 2 October 2014
Add Addressing workplace violence among nurses who care for the elderly 2 October 2014
Add Antecedents and consequences of workplace aggression in the allied health context 2 October 2014
Add Social media use in local government: An Australian perspective 2 October 2014
Add Thermodynamic assessment and experimental study of sulphidation of ilmenite and chromite 2 October 2014
Add Void formation and spatial distribution in plasma sprayed Nd-Fe-B coatings 2 October 2014
Add Advanced light management in solar cells with nanostructures 2 October 2014
Add Deformation and energy absorption of composite sandwich beams 2 October 2014
Add An experimental study of square aluminium tubes with honeycomb core subjected to quasi-Static compressive loads 2 October 2014
Add Combined compression-shear behavior of aluminum honeycombs 2 October 2014
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