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Add The illusion of choice: why the 2016 presidential race looks like 2000 19 June 2015
Add Variation in deterioration rates of major arterials in rural Victoria/Australia 18 June 2015
Add Using knowledge management to improve learning experience of first-trimester students 18 June 2015
Add Situation Awareness 18 June 2015
Add Probabilistic modelling of flexible pavement distresses for network management 18 June 2015
Add A preliminary categorization of what mathematics undergraduate students include on exam 'crib sheets' 18 June 2015
Add Preface 18 June 2015
Add Porous aromatic frameworks impregnated with lithiated fullerenes for natural gas purification 18 June 2015
Add Multichannel compressive sensing MRI using noiselet encoding 18 June 2015
Add Markov chain modelling of pavement surfacing 18 June 2015
Add Markov chain modelling of pavement surfacing 18 June 2015
Add Lifetime investigation of single nitrogen vacancy centres in nanodiamonds 18 June 2015
Add Introduction 18 June 2015
Add The International simulations 18 June 2015
Add Improving the learning experience of tertiary students in a lecture hall: the implementation of a knowledge management methodology in an offshore campus of an Australian university 18 June 2015
Add High modulus biodegradable polyurethanes for vascular stents: Evaluation of accelerated in vitro degradation and cell viability of degradation products 18 June 2015
Add Flashpoints in 3D Printing and Trade mark Law 18 June 2015
Add Expertise 18 June 2015
Add Entire band absorption enhancement in double-side textured ultrathin solar cells by nanoparticle imprinting 18 June 2015
Add Effect of using a polymeric stabilizing additive on unconfined compressive strength of soils 18 June 2015
Add Effect of using a polymeric stabilizing additive on unconfined compressive strength of soils 18 June 2015
Add Effect of traffic and environmental factors on roughness progression rate of sealed low volume arterials 18 June 2015
Add The domestic simulations 18 June 2015
Add Designing the study 18 June 2015
Add Decision-making styles 18 June 2015
Add Decision-making 18 June 2015
Add Conclusions and Implications for OCs 18 June 2015
Add Assessing the impact of pavement surface condition on the performance of signalised intersections 18 June 2015
Add All-optically configuring the inverse Faraday effect for nanoscale perpendicular magnetic recording 18 June 2015
Add The impact of inpatient homicide on forensic mental health nurses' distress and posttraumatic stress 18 June 2015
Add Isolated ellipticals and their globular cluster systems: III. NGC 2271, NGC 2865, NGC 3962, NGC 4240, and IC 4889 18 June 2015
Add Nanogravel structured NiO/Ni foam as electrode for high-performance lithium-ion batteries 18 June 2015
Add Role of multiple-scale modeling of epilepsy in seizure forecasting 18 June 2015
Add Triadic resonances in precessing rapidly rotating cylinder flows 18 June 2015
Add Parochialism stifling sensible dialogue on asylum seekers 17 June 2015
Add Still a far horizon for boat people 17 June 2015
Add Auditory verbal hallucinations in Bipolar Disorder (BD) and Major Depressive Disorder (MDD): A systematic review 17 June 2015
Add The green light on ketamine: Considerations for on-road safety 17 June 2015
Add Australian health professionals' attitudes toward and frequency of use of internet supported psychological interventions 17 June 2015
Add Laughing out loud 17 June 2015
Add A striking illustration of how noble compassion can circle the globe 17 June 2015
Add Citizen juries - leadership for a new democracy 17 June 2015
Add Aerodynamics of contemporary FIFA soccer balls 17 June 2015
Add Aerodynamics of cricket ball: an understanding of swing 17 June 2015
Add CFD comparison of clearance flow in a rotor-casing assembly using asymmetric vs. Symmetric lobe rotors 17 June 2015
Add Undrained load-displacement behaviour of partially embedded pipeline on Seabed 16 June 2015
Add Computer-aided diagnosis for cardiac wall motion abnormality detection via statistical shape analysis 16 June 2015
Add An investigation of properties of FGM and wafer structures produced with laser direct metal deposition 16 June 2015
Add Investigation of the molecular organisation of antibacterial insect wing surfaces 16 June 2015
Add Religious space, transnational space, humanitarian space: case study of a faith-based organisation on the African migration route 16 June 2015