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Add Region-based geometric modelling of human airways and arterial vessels 19 May 2015
Add In-situ noise level mapping for vehicle floor carpet 19 May 2015
Add Improved performance of the electromagnetic fuel injector solenoid actuator using a modelling approach 19 May 2015
Add Structural model for prediction of thermo-mechanical properties of fabric sandwich composites 19 May 2015
Add Diffusion tensor imaging reveals No white matter impairments among adults with autism spectrum disorder 18 May 2015
Add A model for the development of acceptance and mindfulness based therapies: preoccupation with psychotic experiences as a treatment target 18 May 2015
Add Investigating the lived experience of recovery in people who hear voices 18 May 2015
Add Verbal fluency, clustering, and switching in patients with psychosis following traumatic brain injury (PFTBI) 18 May 2015
Add Rohingya boat people crisis demands regional response 18 May 2015
Add Residential density and adolescent overweight in a rapidly-urbanising region of Mainland China 18 May 2015
Add Prolonged sitting in cars: Prevalence, socio-demographic variations, and trends 18 May 2015
Add Physical activity for recreation or exercise on neighbourhood streets: Associations with perceived environmental attributes 18 May 2015
Add Outdoor environments, activity and the well-being of older people: Conceptualising environmental support 18 May 2015
Add Older people's health, outdoor activity and supportiveness of neighbourhood environments 18 May 2015
Add Neighborhood walkability and TV viewing time among Australian adults 18 May 2015
Add Measuring the quality of the outdoor environment relevant to older people's lives 18 May 2015
Add Habitual active transport moderates the association of TV viewing time with body mass index 18 May 2015
Add Evaluation informing change: The Wilkinson Architecture Building 18 May 2015
Add Environmental support for outdoor activities and older people's quality of life 18 May 2015
Add Destination and route attributes associated with adults' walking: A review. 18 May 2015
Add Content and construct validity of the Early Childhood Physical Environment Rating Scale (ECPERS) 18 May 2015
Add Attributes of childcare centers and outdoor play areas associated with preschoolers' physical activity and sedentary behavior 18 May 2015
Add Associations of residential density with adolescent physical activity in a rapidly-urbanising region of Mainland China 18 May 2015
Add Associations of leisure-time computer and internet use with physical activity and BMI 18 May 2015
Add Associations between neighborhood open space attributes and quality of life for older people in Britain 18 May 2015
Add Associations between characteristics of neighbourhood open space and older people's walking 18 May 2015
Add Active transport, the built environment and human health 18 May 2015
Add Wave refraction on Southern Ocean eddies 18 May 2015
Add Australians to our leaders: "Lift your game and think long term" 15 May 2015
Add Good mental health care in prisons must begin and end in the community 15 May 2015
Add No more science fiction: 3D holographic images 15 May 2015
Add Who bears the cost when your Uber or Airbnb turns bad? 15 May 2015
Add Why it’s time for companies to give us back our data 15 May 2015
Add The pale blue dot and other 'selfies' of Earth 15 May 2015
Add The real leadership challenge: only six Liberals are suitable to be PM 15 May 2015
Add What designers can learn from Aboriginal possum skin cloaks 15 May 2015
Add Is it possible to circumvent metadata retention and retain your privacy? 15 May 2015
Add Un-masking the five faces of oppression in Australia 15 May 2015
Add More or less regulation? Seeking coherence in tertiary education 15 May 2015
Add It’s too late to debate metadata 15 May 2015
Add Data retention plan amended for journalists, but is it enough? 15 May 2015
Add Television 2025: rethinking small screen media in Australia 15 May 2015
Add What rocks your boat? When 'attraction' meets 'social identity' to achieve behavioural change 14 May 2015
Add Cross-cultural shared leadership as a vehicle to achieving community-level behavioural change through capacity building 14 May 2015
Add Sensing platforms: nano-fabrication, characterization and integration 14 May 2015
Add Galaxies and the intergalactic medium at redshift 5.7: the environment of metal absorption systems 14 May 2015
Add Engineering characterisation of construction and demolition materials reinforced with geogrids in pavement applications 14 May 2015
Add The stellar populations of extragalactic globular clusters 14 May 2015
Add Discussing complementary therapy use with Australian oncology patients 14 May 2015
Add Youth culture and smoking: How to find out who does what and why 14 May 2015