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Add Natural fibre-reinforced composites for bioengineering and environmental engineering applications 20 July 2016
Add Mechanical and thermal properties of chicken feather fiber/PLA green composites 20 July 2016
Add Manufacture of a homogenous nano-diamond/poly (lactic acid) bio-engineered composite 20 July 2016
Add Production of a green composite: Mixture of poly (latic acid) and keratin fibers from chicken feathers 20 July 2016
Add The influence of the marine bacterium Vibrio natriegeus growth on metallic corrosion as studied by microscope technologies 20 July 2016
Add Super-hydrophobic surfaces improve corrosion resistance of Fe 3Al-type intermetallic in seawater 20 July 2016
Add Tensile properties of different silkworm silk fibers 20 July 2016
Add Creative design of assistive products for the elderly 20 July 2016
Add Characterization of dynamic strain measurement using reflection spectrum from a fiber Bragg grating 20 July 2016
Add Viability of using an embedded FBG sensor in a composite structure for dynamic strain measurement 20 July 2016
Add Tribological behavior of nanoclay/epoxy composites 20 July 2016
Add Residual stress in a polymer-glued FBG temperature-compensated sensor for civil engineering applications 20 July 2016
Add Mechanical performance of an animal-based silk/polymer bio-composite 20 July 2016
Add Mechanical performance of silk-based structural composites 20 July 2016
Add Extraction of mechanical properties of foot plantar tissues using ultrasound indentation associated with genetic algorithm 20 July 2016
Add Phase transformation and thermal stability of aged Ti-Ni-Hf high temperature shape memory alloys 20 July 2016
Add Enhancement of hardness and wear resistance of epoxy-based materials using clay nanoparticles 20 July 2016
Add Structural strain and temperature measurements using fiber bragg grating sensors 20 July 2016
Add Theoretical modeling of tribological behavior of nanoclay/epoxy composites 20 July 2016
Add Study on a silkworm silk fiber / biodegradable polymer biocomposite 20 July 2016
Add Cobalt hydroxide colloidal particles precipitation on nanoclay layers for the formation of novel nanocomposites of carbon nanotubes/nanoclay 20 July 2016
Add A critical review on nanotube and nanotube/nanoclay related polymer composite materials 20 July 2016
Add Coiled carbon nanotubes: Synthesis and their potential applications in advanced composite structures 20 July 2016
Add A critical review on polymer-based bio-engineered materials for scaffold development 20 July 2016
Add Improved mechanical properties of coiled carbon nanotubes reinforced epoxy nanocomposites 20 July 2016
Add Mode II fracture behaviour monitoring for composite laminates using embedded fibre Bragg grating sensors 20 July 2016
Add Localized elastic modulus distribution of nanoclay/epoxy composites by using nanoindentation 20 July 2016
Add Mechanical properties of epoxy-based composites using nanoclays 20 July 2016
Add A graphite foam reinforced by graphite particles 20 July 2016
Add Enhancement of Vicker's hardness of nanoclay-supported nanotube reinforced novel polymer composites 20 July 2016
Add Comparing choosing accuracy and confidence in single -versus multiple -trial lineup experiments 20 July 2016
Add Extending the misinformation effect to an eyewitness identification task: Source and plausibility effects on identification decisions and confidence 20 July 2016
Add Best practice recommendations for eyewitness identification procedures 20 July 2016
Add Postdicting identification accuracy of child eyewitnesses from visual behavior in simultaneous and elimination lineup tasks 20 July 2016
Add Testing applied lineup theory using metacognitions: The relationship between memory strength, decision strategy, and identification accuracy 20 July 2016
Add Compliance vs. contamination: Understanding the misinformation effect in an eyewitness identification task 20 July 2016
Add Investigating the lived experience of recovery in people who hear voices 20 July 2016
Add The barriers to re-purposing not-for-profit real property assets 20 July 2016
Add Controversies in omega-3 efficacy and novel concepts for application 20 July 2016
Add Scalable synthesis of self-standing sulfur-doped flexible graphene films as recyclable anode materials for low-cost sodium-ion batteries 20 July 2016
Add Gravity-wave effects on tracer gases and stratospheric aerosol concentrations during the 2013 ChArMEx campaign 20 July 2016
Add A LOFAR census of non-recycled pulsars: Average profiles, dispersion measures, flux densities, and spectra 20 July 2016
Add Physical activity as a mediator of the associations between neighborhood walkability and adiposity in Belgian adults 20 July 2016
Add Occupational sitting and health risks: a systematic review 20 July 2016
Add Increased cardiometabolic risk is associated with increased TV viewing time 20 July 2016
Add Social cognitive correlates of young adult sport competitors' sunscreen use 20 July 2016
Add Hours spent and energy expended in physical activity domains: results from the Tomorrow Project cohort in Alberta, Canada 20 July 2016
Add Physical activity and sedentary behaviours among rural adults in Suixi, China: a cross-sectional study 20 July 2016
Add Preparation and characterization of a nano apatite/polyamide6 bioactive composite 19 July 2016
Add Monitoring mode II fracture behaviour of composite laminates using embedded fiber-optic sensors 19 July 2016