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Add A massive galaxy in its core formation phase three billion years after the Big Bang 3 August 2015
Add Herschel-ATLAS: deep HST/WFC3 imaging of strongly lensed submillimeter galaxies 3 August 2015
Add The Nature of Extreme Emission Line Galaxies at z = 1-2: Kinematics and Metallicities from Near-infrared Spectroscopy 3 August 2015
Add Confirmation of small dynamical and stellar masses for extreme emission line galaxies at z ~ 2 3 August 2015
Add The evolving interstellar medium of star-forming galaxies since z = 2 as probed by their infrared spectral energy distributions 3 August 2015
Add Spitzer imaging of strongly-lensed Herschel-selected dusty star forming galaxies 3 August 2015
Add Large-scale star-formation-driven outflows at 1 < z < 2 in the 3D-HST survey 3 August 2015
Add Large-scale star formation-driven outflows at 1 3 August 2015
Add COLDz: Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array discovery of a gas-rich galaxy in COSMOS 3 August 2015
Add Constraining the evolution of galaxy properties in interacting systems with UV-FIR observations and simulations 3 August 2015
Add Global star formation rates and dust emission over the galaxy interaction sequence 3 August 2015
Add The SEDs of interacting galaxies 3 August 2015
Add Manifestations of conceptual metaphor and blending theories in science, design, and art 3 August 2015
Add The public value of Gov 2.0: the case of Victorian Local Government, Australia 3 August 2015
Add Willingness to engage in relationship problem discussion: predictors and consequences of partner asymmetry 3 August 2015
Add Design thinking: expanding the frame of reference - a study of concepts, ideas and thinking tools developed by Edward de Bono that have potential for application within a design process and design thinking framework 3 August 2015
Add Apples and oranges: a framework to explore the practiced pedagogy in experiential learning 3 August 2015
Add Making apartments: moving from speculative to deliberative development affordable 3 August 2015