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Add Beliefs about voices and schemas about self and others in psychosis 23 February 2015
Add Effect of metal ions on the quenching of photoluminescent CdTe QDs and their recovery 23 February 2015
Add Preparation of ZnO flower/reduced graphene oxide composite with enhanced photocatalytic performance under sunlight 23 February 2015
Add Drivers' visual scanning impairment under the influences of alcohol and distraction: a literature review 23 February 2015
Add NIF Ignition Campaign Target performance and requirements: status may 2012 23 February 2015
Add NIF capsule performance modeling 23 February 2015
Add Design thinking frameworks as transformative cross-disciplinary pedagogy 23 February 2015
Add Effects of build orientations on tensile properties of PLA material processed by FDM 20 February 2015
Add Convert meets KIELER: Integrating advanced layout algorithms into by-example visualisations 20 February 2015
Add Study of air-flow and temperature distribution in a small-scale dryer for grains drying 20 February 2015
Add Moral identity as leverage point in teaching business ethics 20 February 2015
Add Optical constants of gold-silver-copper alloy system 20 February 2015
Add RE-Tutor: an augmented reality based platform for distributed collaborative learning 20 February 2015
Add Dimensions and metrics for evaluating recommendation systems 20 February 2015
Add Ecophysiological diversity of a novel member of the genus Alteromonas, and description of Alteromonas mediterranea sp. nov 20 February 2015
Add Sound absorption property of agricultural lignocellulsic residue fiber reinforced polymer matrix composites 20 February 2015
Add Development of blimp platform for aerial photography 20 February 2015
Add Violent offenders' within-treatment change in anger, criminal attitudes, and violence risk: associations with violent recidivism 20 February 2015
Add Construction of photo-thermal voltaic system using black semiconductors 20 February 2015
Add Size-dependent flexural dynamics of ribs-connected polymeric micropanels 20 February 2015
Add Photo-thermoelectric energy converter with black-Si absorber 20 February 2015
Add Non-equilibrium model of spray-stratified atmospheric boundary layer under high wind conditions 20 February 2015
Add Investigation of ion kinetic effects in direct-drive exploding-pusher implosions at the NIF 20 February 2015
Add Optimisation and stability assessment of solid lipid nanoparticles using particle size and zeta potential 20 February 2015
Add Oscillatory magnetoconvective instability in a ferrofluid layer placed in an oblique external magnetic field 20 February 2015
Add Driving while hungover: the necessity of biomarkers of the alcohol hangover state 20 February 2015
Add The effect of shock dynamics on compressibility of ignition-scale National Ignition Facility implosions 20 February 2015
Add Strengthening moral judgment: A moral identity-based leverage strategy in business ethics education 20 February 2015
Add Ankrd11 is a chromatin regulator involved in autism that is essential for neural development 20 February 2015
Add Measurement of the dispersion relation for random surface gravity waves 20 February 2015
Add Temporal processing as a source of altered visual perception in high autistic tendency 20 February 2015
Add Neural-network-based robust control for steer-by-wire systems with uncertain dynamics 20 February 2015
Add A pattern-based survey and categorization of network covert channel techniques 20 February 2015
Add Stellar kinematics and structural properties of virgo cluster dwarf early-type galaxies from the SMAKCED project. III. Angular momentum and constraints on formation scenarios 20 February 2015
Add Charities are alarmed by the growing number of homeless young Australians 20 February 2015
Add Measurement and modeling on hydrodynamic forces and deformation of an air bubble approaching a solid sphere in liquids 20 February 2015
Add Comparative study of dielectric properties of hybrid natural fiber composites 20 February 2015
Add Investigation of fiber surface treatment on mechanical, acoustical and thermal properties of betelnut fiber polyester composites 20 February 2015
Add Phase space methods for degenerate quantum gases 20 February 2015
Add A transformative approach to work integrated learning in legal education 20 February 2015
Add Factors influencing student learning in portfolio assessed introductory programming 20 February 2015
Add Mobile learning in corporate businesses: A review of literature focusing on journal articles 20 February 2015
Add Accomplishment and subjectivity of GIS-based DRASTIC groundwater vulnerability assessment method: a review 20 February 2015
Add Masculinity and friendship networks among adolescent males 20 February 2015
Add The biggest game in town: An analysis of the AFL’s vilification policy 20 February 2015
Add Measuring harmony, multiculturalism and reconciliation: Australian Football League's racial and religious vilification laws 20 February 2015
Add The role of anger and ongoing stressors in mental health following a natural disaster 20 February 2015
Add Calcium carbide residue - A cementing agent for sustainable soil stabilization 20 February 2015
Add 'Asia as (a) method' of complexity and dialogue 19 February 2015
Add Temporal processing as a source of altered visual perception in high autistic tendency 19 February 2015