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Add Death and taxes 3 September 2015
Add Under the microscope: a profile of the family business in Ireland 3 September 2015
Add A practitioners guide to turning SMEs into learning organisations 3 September 2015
Add Family SMEs in Ireland as learning organisations 3 September 2015
Add Examining succession and tax planning in family businesses in Ireland 3 September 2015
Add An examination of tertiary students desire to found an enterprise 3 September 2015
Add Splitting heirs - Divorce planning and pre-nuptial agreements for family businesses in Ireland 3 September 2015
Add Enterprising tertiary level students 3 September 2015
Add Student knowledge acquisition and small business consulting 3 September 2015
Add A study of collegiate entrepreneurship in Ireland 3 September 2015
Add Managing the new venture 3 September 2015
Add Family businesses and consultation in Ireland 3 September 2015
Add Cultural prototypes of the successful entrepreneur: a cross-cultural comparison of Ireland, Guatemala, and China 3 September 2015
Add Droplet generation in oxygen steelmaking 3 September 2015
Add Non-negative matrix factorization using constrained optimization with applications 3 September 2015
Add Managing demand variability in complex sociotechnical systems: a case for resilience in airline operations control 3 September 2015
Add The effect of cognitive fatigue on physical performance 2 September 2015
Add Domain-specific video game play as training for decision making 2 September 2015
Add Is practice the only determinant of sporting expertise? Revisiting Starkes (2000) 2 September 2015
Add Laboratory evaluation on the effectiveness of polypropylene fibers on the strength of fiber-reinforced and cement-stabilized Shanghai soft clay 2 September 2015
Add Support for gay men: an Australian study 2 September 2015
Add Rooming house futures: Governing for growth, fairness and transparency 2 September 2015
Add A comparison of methods for estimating directional spectra of surface waves 2 September 2015
Add Celebrity endorsement, self-brand connection and consumer-based brand equity 2 September 2015
Add Using Elephant's Toothpaste as an engaging and flexible curriculum alignment project 2 September 2015
Add H α 3: An H α imaging survey of HI selected galaxies from ALFALFA: VI. the role of bars in quenching star formation from z = 3 to the present epoch 2 September 2015
Add Quantum fluctuations in the BCS-BEC crossover of two-dimensional Fermi gases 2 September 2015
Add How to test bioinformatics software? 2 September 2015
Add Beyond Descartes and Newton: Recovering life and humanity 2 September 2015
Add DNA damage inhibitory effect and phytochemicals of fermented red brown rice extract 2 September 2015
Add Voltage stability of Borneo power grid under contingencies 2 September 2015
Add Case study of exploited riparian corridors: rapid assessment of ecological health for riparian buffer width 2 September 2015
Add Dynamics of a novel nonlinear stochastic SIS epidemic model with double epidemic hypothesis 2 September 2015
Add Extending galactic habitable zone modeling to include the emergence of intelligent life 2 September 2015
Add Activities of daily life recognition using process representation modelling to support intention analysis 2 September 2015
Add Patterns and modeling of group growth in online social networks 2 September 2015
Add Responsible gambling: Sympathy, empathy or telepathy? 2 September 2015
Add Not all hazards are created equal: The significance of hazards in inattentional blindness for static driving scenes 2 September 2015
Add Tool wear mechanisms involved in crater formation on uncoated carbide tool when machining Ti6Al4V alloy 2 September 2015
Add The role of cognitions and beliefs in trichotillomania: A qualitative study using interpretative phenomenological analysis 2 September 2015
Add Exploring cognitive heterogeneity in first-episode psychosis: What cluster analysis can reveal 2 September 2015
Add Social anxiety and friendship quality over time 2 September 2015
Add Integrated reporting in South Africa: Some initial evidence 2 September 2015
Add Liberation of specific angular momentum through radiation and scattering in relativistic black-hole accretion disks 2 September 2015
Add Pullout resistance of bearing reinforcement embedded in marginal lateritic soil at molding water contents 2 September 2015
Add Politics and policy in achieving participatory governance in a developing country context 2 September 2015
Add Asymmetric preferences for leaders and implications for followers 2 September 2015
Add The effects of hotspot detection and virtual machine migration policies on energy consumption and service levels in the cloud 2 September 2015
Add Distributing fibre boards: A practical application of the heterogeneous fleet vehicle routing problem with time windows and three-dimensional loading constraints 2 September 2015
Add Toward enhanced subsurface intervention methods using chaotic advection 2 September 2015