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Add Strength assessment of prestressed concrete rectangular beams 11 July 2014
Add Strength and load distribution analysis of a T-beam bridge deck 11 July 2014
Add Strength and failure mechanism of RC T-beams strengthened with CFRP plates 11 July 2014
Add Shear strength and behaviour of RC T-beams retrofitted with CFRP L-strips 11 July 2014
Add Push out strength of concrete plugs in tubular steel piles 11 July 2014
Add Observed failure mechanisms for rectangular reinforced concrete beams with and without shear reinforcement 11 July 2014
Add Non-linear finite element modelling of shear-damaged concrete t-beams repaired with CFRP laminates 11 July 2014
Add Negative moment capacity in early reinforced concrete T-beam bridges 11 July 2014
Add Modeling FRP strengthened reinforced concrete structural members using non linear fracture mechanics 11 July 2014
Add Load distribution and shear strength evaluation of an old concrete T-beam bridge 11 July 2014
Add Investigation of the distribution of aggregate interlock shear in reinforced concrete beams 11 July 2014
Add Investigating the behaviour of T-beam bridge decks in flexure 11 July 2014
Add Flexural retrofitting of concrete bridge beams using CFRP fabrics 11 July 2014
Add Flange effectiveness in shear strength of RC T-beams 11 July 2014
Add Finite element analysis of concrete plugs embedded in tubular steel piles 11 July 2014
Add Finite element analysis (FEA) of fabricated square and triangular section stub columns utilizing very high strength steel tubes 11 July 2014
Add Experimental study on the effect of flange geometry on the shear strength of reinforced concrete T-beams subjected to concentrated loads 11 July 2014
Add Experimental measurement of sectional forces in reinforced concrete slabs 11 July 2014
Add An experimental investigation of shear critical T-beams 11 July 2014
Add Experimental investigation into flexural retrofitting of reinforced concrete bridge beams using FRP composites 11 July 2014
Add The effect of the flange on the shear strength of RC T-beams 11 July 2014
Add Delamination in reinforced concrete beams retrofitted with CFRP fabrics 11 July 2014
Add Deformations and slip measurements of FRP retrofitted concrete beams using close-range photogrammetry 11 July 2014
Add Condition assessment of St Kilda street bridge over Elwood canal, its load capacity and maintenance strategy 11 July 2014
Add Compressive membrane action in reinforced concrete one-way slabs 11 July 2014
Add Behaviour of reinforced concrete T-beams strengthened with prefabricated Lshaped CFRP plates 11 July 2014
Add Behaviour of concrete under shear and normal stresses 11 July 2014
Add Behavior and analysis of RC T-beams partially damaged in shear and repaired with CFRP laminates 11 July 2014
Add Assessment of available prediction models for the strength of FRP retrofitted RC beams 11 July 2014
Add Assessing the strength of reinforced concrete beam-and-slab bridge decks using compressive membrane action 11 July 2014
Add Anchorage zones of FRP laminates bonded to concrete beams-state-of-the-art review 11 July 2014
Add Analysis of test specimens for cohesive near-bond failure of fiber-reinforced polymer-plated concrete 11 July 2014
Add Regulation of moods and emotions: an investigation of affect regulation and its contribution to affective outcomes 11 July 2014
Add Cost-effective replication-based storage for reliability assurance of Big Data in the Cloud 11 July 2014
Add Mechanical performance of a PLA-based biodegradable plastic for liquid packaging application 11 July 2014
Add Quantum mechanical applications in spectroscopy and computational drug design 11 July 2014
Add Evaluating the effect of yttrium as a solute strengthener in magnesium using in situ neutron diffraction 11 July 2014
Add Behind the mulga curtain 11 July 2014
Add Robust control for steer-by-wire systems in road vehicles 10 July 2014
Add Quantum coherent effects in the light-harvesting complex phycocyanin 645 10 July 2014
Add Spatial coordinate systems within the parietal cortex 10 July 2014
Add A costing software prototype on medical management of ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction 10 July 2014
Add Cement based bonding materials for FRP strengthening of RC structures 10 July 2014
Add 'The night-shift ending: a novel' accompanied by an exegesis 10 July 2014
Add Smaller government, bigger economy? 10 July 2014
Add Finding right preference with your Senate vote 10 July 2014
Add What the police can get from mobile phone tower data 10 July 2014
Add An emerging Asian niche market for exports 10 July 2014
Add Small firms exporting to Asia: An innovative export model 10 July 2014
Add The internet in the performance of small exporting firms: A developed to developing country market context 10 July 2014
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