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Add Book review: 'Australian comedy films of the 1930s: Modernity, the urban and the international' by Lesley Speed, ATOM, 2015. 31 May 2016
Add Biodiversity of culturable psychrotrophic microbiota in raw milk attributable to refrigeration conditions, seasonality and their spoilage potential 31 May 2016
Add Bayesian hypothesis testing for block sparse signal recovery 31 May 2016
Add An application of an extended effort-reward imbalance model to police absenteeism behaviour 31 May 2016
Add Anthelmintic activity of selected ethno-medicinal plant extracts on parasitic stages of Haemonchus contortus 31 May 2016
Add Analytical study of point fixed glass facade systems under monotonic in-plane loading 31 May 2016
Add Accurate X-ray absorption spectra of dilute systems: Absolute measurements and structural analysis of ferrocene and decamethylferrocene 31 May 2016
Add The accelerated build-up of the red sequence in high-redshift galaxy clusters 31 May 2016
Add 2D condensation model for the inner Solar Nebula: an enstatite-rich environment 31 May 2016
Add Enterprise software service emulation: Constructing large-scale testbeds 30 May 2016
Add Tough times for nickel 30 May 2016
Add Fallout in French Polynesia: President Fritch proposes new party 30 May 2016
Add New momentum for disarmament: anniversaries bring action on nukes 30 May 2016
Add Competing pressures ovr West Papua 30 May 2016
Add MSG allows Indon membership: West Papua on the sideline 30 May 2016
Add PACER-Plus 'modest' 30 May 2016
Add Opening up Australia's labour market 30 May 2016
Add Bank signs regional financial literacy deal with major banking group 30 May 2016
Add Draft trade agreement reveals differences between Australia, NZ 30 May 2016
Add Fiji compensates Christmas Island nuclear veterans 30 May 2016
Add Remembering Eloi: commemoration of Kanak leader 30 May 2016
Add French enter rough waters: territories face difficult economic challenges in the year ahead 30 May 2016
Add Australia resists new look forum 30 May 2016
Add xSPDE: Extensible software for stochastic equations 30 May 2016
Add Critical fluctuations in an optical parametric oscillator: when light behaves like magnetism 30 May 2016
Add National mapping and meta-evaluation outlining key features of effective 'safe at home' programs that enhance safety and prevent homelessness for women and their children who have experienced domestic and family violence : Key findings and future directions 30 May 2016
Add National mapping and meta-evaluation outlining key features of effective 'safe at home' programs that enhance safety and prevent homelessness for women and their children who have experienced domestic and family violence: Final report 30 May 2016
Add An earthless world: The contemporary enframing of sport in digital games 27 May 2016
Add Social media industries: bridging the gap between theory and practice 27 May 2016
Add Trouble on the left of the campaign trail 27 May 2016
Add Austria's winds of change deliver a timely message 27 May 2016
Add 'There will still be television but I don’t know what it will be called!': Narrating the end of television in Australia and New Zealand 26 May 2016
Add Book review: 'Hector', by Rozzi Bazzani 26 May 2016
Add Writing on the screen as scribing reality: Nineteenth-century moving image representation and its antecedents 26 May 2016
Add Finite element prediction of the stress state of a rail underhead radius under high axle load conditions 26 May 2016
Add Effect of crack orientation on fatigue behavior of CFRP-strengthened steel plates 26 May 2016
Add Using a new Pressure Index for water distribution systems upgradation improvement evaluation 26 May 2016
Add Nitrous oxide and methane in two tropical estuaries in a peat-dominated region of northwestern Borneo 24 May 2016
Add Consumption of caffeinated beverages and the awareness of their caffeine content among Dutch students 24 May 2016
Add An empirical investigation of information sharing behavior on social commerce sites 24 May 2016
Add A metamorphic testing approach for supporting program repair without the need for a test oracle 24 May 2016
Add Commercialising legal neural networks 24 May 2016
Add Copyright in computer languages after Powerflex 24 May 2016
Add No wilderness of single instances: inductive inference in law 24 May 2016
Add Reconciliation and transitional justice in Australia (invited conference paper) 23 May 2016
Add Community reconciliation (invited conference paper) 23 May 2016
Add Indigenous Leadership and Governance in Australian Universities 23 May 2016
Add The 1991-2000 Australian Reconciliation Process 23 May 2016
Add The marginalisation of Indigenous peoples within Australian universities 23 May 2016
Add Indigenous oral histories of stolen wages in Victoria 23 May 2016