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Add Electrical stimulation using conductive polymer polypyrrole promotes differentiation of human neural stem cells: A biocompatible platform for translational neural tissue engineering 4 May 2016
Add Injectable phenytoin loaded polymeric microspheres for the control of temporal lobe epilepsy in rats 4 May 2016
Add Evaluating the corrosion behaviour of Magnesium alloy in simulated biological fluid by using SECM to detect hydrogen evolution 4 May 2016
Add Mapping discovery over revealing schemas 4 May 2016
Add Special issue on spatial and temporal database management 4 May 2016
Add Guest editorial: data management and analysis in location-based social networks 4 May 2016
Add Input-driven active testing of multi-threaded programs 4 May 2016
Add Using partition information to prioritize test cases for fault localization 4 May 2016
Add A revisit of a theoretical analysis on spectrum-based fault localization 4 May 2016
Add A fading memory model for indoor evacuation - preliminary results 4 May 2016
Add Simulating demand-responsive transportation: a review of agent-based approaches 4 May 2016
Add Modelling ad-hoc DRT over many days: a preliminary study 4 May 2016
Add Comparison of constrained and ad hoc demand-responsive transportation systems 4 May 2016
Add Exploring the effects of mixed request schemes for demand-responsive feeder services 4 May 2016
Add A simulation study on automated transport mode detection in near-real time using a neural network 4 May 2016
Add An exploratory study of the relationships between narcissism, self-esteem and Instagram use 4 May 2016
Add Aceh post-tsunami housing reconstruction: a critical analysis of approaches, designs and socio-cultural implications 4 May 2016
Add Designing humanitarian village, a response to small-medium sized disasters 4 May 2016
Add Measuring the relative efficiency of tournaments 4 May 2016
Add Communication skills training for radiation therapists: preparing patients for radiation therapy 4 May 2016
Add Fitness landscape characterisation for constrained software architecture optimisation problems 3 May 2016
Add A survey on Energy-Aware Cloud 3 May 2016
Add "Digital Desmet": translating early applied colors 3 May 2016
Add Circumvention and the film archive. Found footage, legal provenance and the 'Aesthetics of Access'' 3 May 2016
Add Too good to be forgotten. The Copyright dichotomy and the public-sector audiovisual archive 3 May 2016
Add The Art of defiance. Found footage, legal provenance and the 'Aesthetics of Access" 3 May 2016
Add Missing the boat: Australia and asylum seeker deterrence messaging 3 May 2016
Add What we can learn from the Australians who've made social change happen 3 May 2016
Add Change agents: creating self-government 3 May 2016
Add Change agents: making state laws uniform 3 May 2016
Add Change agents: fighting big tobacco 3 May 2016
Add Change agents: creating indigenous television 3 May 2016
Add Change agents: roadside drug and alcohol testing 3 May 2016
Add Scaling King Lear 3 May 2016
Add No surrender (Movie review) 3 May 2016
Add UniPollWatch: a model for cross-campus political journalism education 3 May 2016
Add The media in Myanmar 3 May 2016
Add A free press slowly emerges in Myanmar 3 May 2016
Add 'Gotta Catch 'Em All!': Pokemon, cultural practice and object networks 3 May 2016
Add The power of observation: making research visible, accessible, and usable for the Asian digital economy 3 May 2016
Add Fengshui: A twenty-first century cultural bandaid? 3 May 2016
Add A multi perspective approach for understanding the determinants of cloud computing adoption among Australian SMEs 3 May 2016
Add A study on application of CPLM using process model of the pre-design stage 3 May 2016
Add Multi-dimensional construction management with 4D process & EVMS 3 May 2016
Add A study on pricing model of high-rise residential buildings from the viewpoint of landmark factor 3 May 2016
Add Analysis of the relationship between construction industry and cooperation business 3 May 2016
Add A research on optimized process of pre-design step in the construction project 3 May 2016
Add A basic study on the development of simulation systems for supporting the pre-design phase - based on BIM 3 May 2016
Add When CM At Risk meets virtual design and construction (VDC) in construction phase: Case study of practices in US 3 May 2016
Add An analysis about factors affecting inactiveness of BIM (building information modeling) introduction in the construction project 3 May 2016