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Add Strongly nonlinear phenomena in extreme waves 23 November 2015
Add Crossing shadows: Bridging the voices of hard-boiled detective and noir crime fiction 23 November 2015
Add Improving reconstruction of the baryon acoustic peak: the effect of local environment 23 November 2015
Add Municipal solid waste generation, composition and management: issues and challenges: a case study 23 November 2015
Add A novel thermodynamic model and temperature control method of laser soldering systems 23 November 2015
Add Hyperosmotic stress and osmo-gene adaptation during early induction of refractive errors 23 November 2015
Add The pain of crowds 23 November 2015
Add Somebody's watching me: long term monitoring of user search behaviour for user experience 23 November 2015
Add Down the superhighway in a single tome: examining the impact of book format on borrowing interactions 23 November 2015
Add Three is a crowd? Our experience of testing large-scale social software in a usability lab 23 November 2015
Add Anti-diuretic hormone in the regulation of ocular volume in compensation to defocus 23 November 2015
Add Functional activation during the rapid visual information processing task in a middle aged cohort: an fMRI study 23 November 2015
Add RNAseq gene expression analysis highlights the correlation of changes in metabolic and structural pathways with axial elongation during refractive compensation 23 November 2015
Add Turing-Hopf bifurcation in the reaction-diffusion equations and its applications 23 November 2015
Add Assistive technologies for physical and cognitive disabilities / Lau Bee Theng (ed.) 23 November 2015
Add From collection to courtroom: perceptions and realities of how the data flows 23 November 2015
Add Robotics for assisting children with physical and cognitive disabilities 23 November 2015
Add Mini-beam test for assessing the creep trend of paste, mortar, and concrete 23 November 2015
Add Effects of four-week supplementation with a multi-vitamin/mineral preparation on mood and blood biomarkers in young adults: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial 23 November 2015
Add Enhancement and identity: a social psychological perspective 23 November 2015
Add An area-efficient composite field inverter for elliptic curve cryptosystems 23 November 2015
Add Power relations in information systems implementation: the potential contribution of turner's three-process theory of power 23 November 2015
Add Mobile application testing in industrial contexts: an exploratory multiple case-study 23 November 2015
Add EHOPES: Data-centered fog platform for smart living 23 November 2015
Add A study on the determinants of on-the-go consumption 23 November 2015
Add Internet Service Providers’ service quality and its effect on customer loyalty of different usage patterns 23 November 2015
Add Testing relationships between firm size and perceptions of growth and profitability: an investigation into the practices of Australian ICT SMEs 23 November 2015
Add Is skill in the English language the main problem for international students? 23 November 2015
Add Resource dependency and the NGO response to famine: a theoretical study 20 November 2015
Add Was it possible to raise the price of Australian wool in the inter-war period? 20 November 2015
Add Apprenticeship training and productivity growth: a case study of the Australian construction industry 20 November 2015
Add Simulation of the gain characteristics of EDFA 20 November 2015
Add Sequential change-point detection via the Cross-Entropy method 20 November 2015
Add Multiple Break-Points Detection in Array CGH Data via the Cross-Entropy Method 20 November 2015
Add A modified cross-entropy method for detecting change-points in the Sri-Lankan stock market 20 November 2015
Add A modified cross entropy method for detecting multiple change points in DNA count data 20 November 2015
Add Hybrid algorithms for multiple change-point detection in biological sequences 20 November 2015
Add A hybrid algorithm for multiple change-point detection in continuous measurements 20 November 2015
Add GAMLSS and extended Cross-Entropy method to detect multiple change-points in DNA read count data 20 November 2015
Add The Cross-Entropy method and multiple change-points detection in zero-inflated DNA read count data 20 November 2015
Add Optimal queue placement in dynamic system optimum solutions for single origin-destination traffic networks 19 November 2015
Add Ferrocene orientation determined intramolecular interactions using energy decomposition analysis 19 November 2015
Add Direct metal deposition of h13 tool steel on copper alloy substrate: Parametric Investigation 19 November 2015
Add Development of 3d multicomponent model for cold spray process using nitrogen and air 19 November 2015
Add DNA Exonerations in the USA: A Lesson for Everyone 19 November 2015
Add Design innovation for societal and business change 19 November 2015
Add An affective tool to assist in designing innovations 19 November 2015
Add Robust and fast non-singular terminal sliding mode control for piezoelectric actuators 19 November 2015
Add The Australian jury: Grappling with legal instructions and juror attitudes 19 November 2015
Add Multi-channel Bayesian Adaptive Resonance Associate Memory for on-line topological map building 18 November 2015