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Add Bio-ink properties and printability for extrusion printing living cells 24 March 2015
Add Multifunctional conducting fibres with electrically controlled release of ciprofloxacin 24 March 2015
Add Aqueous dispersions of reduced graphene oxide and multi wall carbon nanotubes for enhanced glucose oxidase bioelectrode performance 24 March 2015
Add Organic solvent-based graphene oxide liquid crystals: a facile route toward the next generation of self-assembled layer-by-layer multifunctional 3d architectures 24 March 2015
Add Bio-functionalised anticorrosive silane coatings for magnesium alloys 24 March 2015
Add Nanoscale platinum printing on insulating substrates 24 March 2015
Add Engineering a multimodal nerve conduit for repair of injured peripheral nerve 24 March 2015
Add In vitro growth and differentiation of primary myoblasts on thiophene based conducting polymers 24 March 2015
Add The effect of dopant pka on the electropolymerisation of pyrrole 24 March 2015
Add Bioengineering of articular cartilage: past, present and future 24 March 2015
Add Controlled delivery for neuro-bionic devices 24 March 2015
Add Carbon nanotubes induced gelation of unmodified hyaluronic acid 24 March 2015
Add Electro-stimulated release from a reduced graphene oxide composite hydrogel 24 March 2015
Add Electroactive polymer polypyrrole promotes neuronal differentiation of human neural stem cells: a biocompatible platform for translational neural tissue engineering 24 March 2015
Add Engineering properties of lightweight cellular cemented clay−fly ash material 20 March 2015
Add Modulus of rupture evaluation of cement stabilized recycled glass/recycled concrete aggregate blends 20 March 2015
Add Runner 20 March 2015
Add Credit default swaps: Has the GFC influenced perceptions of their utility to banks? 20 March 2015
Add Dumping TAFE writing courses silences the disenfranchised 20 March 2015
Add Dawn arrives on Ceres 20 March 2015
Add Astronomers discover hungry, monster black hole 20 March 2015
Add Sun's lost sibling 20 March 2015
Add Waking a sleeping giant 20 March 2015
Add Interview with Alan Duffy 20 March 2015
Add Data retention forum 20 March 2015
Add Supply chain management: developments, theories and models 19 March 2015
Add How to stop the leadership turnstile 19 March 2015
Add Back to base 19 March 2015
Add The tenuous link between population and prosperity 19 March 2015
Add Reddit tackles ‘revenge porn’ and celebrity nudes 19 March 2015
Add Men’s shorts are getting shorter and should be worn with pride 19 March 2015
Add Hackers' kit bag: the tools that terrorise the internet 19 March 2015
Add Good sleep gets harder as we age, but mindfulness could help 19 March 2015
Add Family ties: why political dynasties rule in America's democracy 19 March 2015
Add Expert panel: metadata retention report 19 March 2015
Add Spatio-temporal patterns in a predator-prey model with hyperbolic mortality 19 March 2015
Add The computation of wavelet-galerkin three-term connection coefficients on a bounded domain 19 March 2015
Add Computation of mathematical models for complex industrial processes / Yu-Chu Tian, Tonghua Zhang, Hongmei Yao, and Moses O. Tade (eds.) 19 March 2015
Add Recent development in exponential random graph (p*) models for social networks 19 March 2015
Add Exponential random graph (p*) models for affiliation networks 19 March 2015
Add Closure, connectivity and degrees: new specifications for exponential random graph (p*) models for directed social networks 19 March 2015
Add Network structure and institutional complexity in an ecology of water management games 19 March 2015
Add Univariate and multivariate models of positive and negative networks: liking, disliking, and bully victim relationships 19 March 2015
Add Statistical network analysis for analyzing policy networks 19 March 2015
Add Fury review: Women respond to the prevalence of domestic violence 19 March 2015
Add The value of distance: teaching writing online 19 March 2015
Add Electronic records management - an old solution to a new problem: Governments providing usable information to stakeholders 19 March 2015
Add A study of enabling creativity and innovation through excellence in managerial leadership in Australia 19 March 2015
Add Framing of climate change impacts and use of accounting techniques in emissions management 19 March 2015
Add Decision making in social work with families and children: developing decision-aids compatible with cognition 19 March 2015