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Add Reduced memory skills and increased hair cortisol levels in recent Ecstasy/MDMA users: significant but independent neurocognitive and neurohormonal deficits 7 May 2015
Add The effect of trace levels of Ni and V on the microstructure and properties of four common aluminum alloys 7 May 2015
Add Stress based prediction of formability and failure in incremental sheet forming 7 May 2015
Add In situ measurements of an energetic wave event in the Arctic marginal ice zone 7 May 2015
Add Overturning of precast RC columns in conditions of moderate ground shaking 7 May 2015
Add Electroanalysis of dopamine using reduced graphene oxide-palladium nanocomposites 7 May 2015
Add Enhanced electrochemical performance of Li-ion batteries with nanoporous titania as negative electrodes 7 May 2015
Add From servants to citizens: A history of Victorian Public Service unionism 1885-1946 7 May 2015
Add Regenerating Australia's established suburbs: Towards a new Greyfields model of development 6 May 2015
Add Self-organised nanoarchitecture of titanium surfaces influences the attachment of Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria 6 May 2015
Add Distributed multi-agent-based protection scheme for transient stability enhancement in power systems 6 May 2015
Add Severe damage of a pile group due to slope failure 6 May 2015
Add Parametric study of laser cladding of AS 21 magnesium alloy with aluminium silicon/tungsten carbide powder 6 May 2015
Add A survey on robust Repetitive Control and applications 6 May 2015
Add Wheelchair rugby: fast activity and performance analysis 6 May 2015
Add Systematic design customization of sport wheelchairs using the Taguchi method 6 May 2015
Add Multiobjective optimisation of active and semi-active suspension systems with application of evolutionary algorithm 6 May 2015
Add A study of aerodynamic drag and thermal efficiency of a series of bicycle helmets 6 May 2015
Add An innovative offshore delivery of an undergraduate mechanical engineering program 6 May 2015
Add A study of golf ball aerodynamic drag 6 May 2015
Add A study of baseball and softball aerodynamics 6 May 2015
Add Measurements of aerodynamic properties of badminton shuttlecocks 6 May 2015
Add An alma survey of sub-millimeter galaxies in the extended chandra deep field south: physical properties derived from ultraviolet-to-radiomodelling 6 May 2015
Add Visualization of PICO elements for information needs clarification and query refinement 6 May 2015
Add Influence of leadership styles on academicians commitment to change in Malaysian public universities 6 May 2015
Add Bending capacity of cold-formed lipped C-channel with intermediate stiffeners 6 May 2015
Add Design and development of a portable fiber optic chemical sensor utilizing fluorescent carbon dots as receptor 6 May 2015
Add Simultaneous measurement of refractive index and thickness with a convergence beam 6 May 2015
Add Modelling and validation of a DFIG wind turbine 6 May 2015
Add Effect of flocculated & dispersed microfabrics on mechanical properties of reconstituted kaolin soils 6 May 2015
Add Synthesis of siliceous mesoporous coated silver membrane for oil-water separation 6 May 2015
Add Study on potential use of geopolymer using sarawak fly ash 6 May 2015
Add Identification of locally found bacteria for potential use in ground improvement works by microbially induced calcite precipitation (MICP) technique 6 May 2015
Add A novel aggregation technique for DFIG wind farm model 6 May 2015
Add Impact of DFIG wind farm on power system stability during transient events 6 May 2015
Add Signal interference evaluation of eko wireless sensor network 6 May 2015
Add A proposed supervisory wide area network for the trans-borneo smart grid 6 May 2015
Add Interference effects on short range technology zigbee performance 6 May 2015
Add Interference effects on short range technology bluetooth performance 6 May 2015
Add A survey of major inter-user interference mitigation techniques in wireless body area networks 6 May 2015
Add Exploring the possibility of companion robots for injury prevention for people with diabilities 6 May 2015
Add Design and computer simulation of a human-machine interaction-force controlled powered upper-limb exoskeleton 6 May 2015
Add Comparison of harmonic and intermodulation distortions of directly modulated interband lasers and quantum cascade lasers 6 May 2015
Add Development of an omnidirectional self-balancing robot 6 May 2015
Add Codified methods to analyse the failures of water pipelines: a review 6 May 2015
Add Amateur photographs as visual quotes 6 May 2015
Add The cutlery effect: do designed products for people with disabilities stigmatise them? 6 May 2015
Add Problems of Russian youth in the context of globalisation processes 5 May 2015
Add Sociocultural transformations and the process of higher education globalisation 5 May 2015
Add International students as a factor of modernisation of regional education system 5 May 2015