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Add Patterns of lifetime female victimisation and psychotic experiences: a study based on the UK Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey 2007 30 March 2015
Add Queer conversations: improving access to, and quality of, mental health services for same-sex-attracted clients 30 March 2015
Add Erectile dysfunction and the internet: drug company manipulation of public and professional opinion 30 March 2015
Add Understanding the non-pharmacological correlates of self-reported efficacy of antidepressants 30 March 2015
Add Do doctors also recommend alternatives when prescribing anti-depressants 30 March 2015
Add Are older people prescribed anti-depressants for longer and at lower levels of depression? 30 March 2015
Add The traumagenic neurodevelopmental model of psychosis revisited 30 March 2015
Add How much evidence is required for a paradigm shift in mental health? 30 March 2015
Add Beliefs of people taking antidepressants about the causes of their own depression 30 March 2015
Add Beliefs of people taking antidepressants about causes of depression and reasons for increased prescribing rates 30 March 2015
Add Adverse emotional and interpersonal effects reported by 1829 New Zealanders while taking antidepressants 30 March 2015
Add A literature review and meta-analysis of drug company-funded mental health websites 30 March 2015
Add Saving psychiatry from itself: will young psychiatrists choose authoritarian power or authoritative respect? 30 March 2015
Add Effect of diagnostic labeling and causal explanations on medical students' views about treatments for psychosis and the need to share information with service users 30 March 2015
Add 'Social dangerousness and incurability in schizophrenia': results of an educational intervention for medical and psychology students 30 March 2015
Add The influence of causal explanations and diagnostic labelling on psychology students' beliefs about treatments, prognosis, dangerousness and unpredictability in schizophrenia 30 March 2015
Add Improving future psychologists' attitudes towards people diagnosed with 'schizophrenia': a randomized controllec trial 30 March 2015
Add Childhood adversity and psychosis: generalised or specific effects 30 March 2015
Add Social adversity in the etiology of psychosis: a review of the evidence 30 March 2015
Add Assessing and reporting the adverse effects of antipsychotic medication: a systematic review of clinical studies, and prospective, retrospective, and cross-sectional research 30 March 2015
Add 'In my life antidepressants have been...': a thematic analysis of users' diverse experiences of antidepressants 30 March 2015
Add Conflict in men's experiences with antidepressants 30 March 2015
Add Electroconvulsive treatment: hypotheses about mechanisms of action 30 March 2015
Add Child abuse in England and Wales 2003-2013: newspaper reporting versus reality 30 March 2015
Add Mandatory reporting? Issues to consider when developing legislation and policy to improve discovery of child abuse 30 March 2015
Add Renaming 'schizophrenia': a step too far or not far enough? 30 March 2015
Add From adversity to psychosis: pathways and mechanisms from specific adversities to specific symptoms 30 March 2015
Add Fighting against war: peace activism in the Twentieth Century / Phillip Deery and Julie Kimber (eds.) 30 March 2015
Add Child maltreatment and psychosis: a return to a genuinely integrated bio-psycho-social model 30 March 2015
Add Time to abandon the bio-bio-bio model of psychosis: Exploring the epigenetic and psychological mechanisms by which adverse life events lead to psychotic symptoms 30 March 2015
Add Schizophrenia, drug companies and the internet 30 March 2015
Add Posttraumatic stress disorder, drug companies, and the internet 30 March 2015
Add Mental health crisis services: What do service users need when in crisis? 30 March 2015
Add Indigenous Australian students' participation rates in higher education: exploring the role of universities 30 March 2015
Add Discrete-time iterative learning control for vehicle Steer-by-Wire systems 30 March 2015
Add Climate change adaptation for regional tourism destinations: a case study of Victoria's Surf Coast region 30 March 2015
Add Acoustic and thermal properties of polymer composites reinforced with lignocellulosic fibers 30 March 2015
Add An fMRI investigation into facial affect perception in body dysmorphic disorder 30 March 2015
Add A systematic review of comorbidity in PTSD using eye tracking and MEG 30 March 2015
Add 2nd level modelling in fMRI analysis with a clinically depressed sample - Comparisons between classical and Bayesian methods 30 March 2015
Add A MEG study of auditory verbal hallucinations and inhibition in patients with schizophrenia 30 March 2015
Add Intelligent mobility for smart cities: Driver behaviour models for assessment of sustainable transport 30 March 2015
Add Comparing novices and experts in their exploration of data in line graphs 30 March 2015
Add Analytical diffusion mechanism (ADiM) model combining specular, Knudsen and surface diffusion 30 March 2015
Add Letter to the editor: On the nosology of formal thought disorder 30 March 2015
Add Mixing phenomena in a bottom blown copper smelter: a water model study 30 March 2015
Add What are the factors associated with criminal behaviour for young people with mental health problems? 30 March 2015
Add Multiple Ps' effects on gambling, drinking and smoking: advancing theory and evidence 30 March 2015
Add It's the end of the world as we know it ... or is it? Looking beyond the new librarianship paradigm 30 March 2015
Add Becoming the library? Research librarians and the future of academic libraries 30 March 2015