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Title Date Deposited
Add Doing privacy: exploring the nature of consumer privacy and privacy management strategies 31 August 2015
Add Information seeking 31 August 2015
Add Diverse practices of information-seeking 31 August 2015
Add Historical justice / Klaus Neumann (ed.) 31 August 2015
Add Greening the Greyfields: Enabling community driven post-disaster reconstruction in Christchurch, New Zealand 31 August 2015
Add Practice-based learning in entrepreneurship education: a means of connecting knowledge producers and users 31 August 2015
Add Family firms as learning organisations 31 August 2015
Add Entrepreneurship education - meeting the skills needs of future graduates in Ireland 31 August 2015
Add Enterprise education policy future directions: experiences and suggestions on family business education 31 August 2015
Add The role of characteristics of 'upper echelons' and demographics of organizations in predicting the likelihood of SBR adoption in Australia 31 August 2015
Add Exposure to unwanted intrusions, neutralizing and their effects on self-worth and obsessive-compulsive phenomena 28 August 2015
Add Understanding social enterprise model development through discursive interpretations of social enterprise policymaking in Australia (2007-2013) 28 August 2015
Add The Xenophon phenomenon 28 August 2015
Add Qualitative social research: Contemporary methods for the digital age 28 August 2015
Add Being Marcus 28 August 2015
Add Molecular simulation study of gas storage and separation by novel micropore architectures 28 August 2015
Add Dynamic response of aluminium honeycomb sandwich panels upon impact of foam projectile 28 August 2015
Add Impaired semantic memory in the formation and maintenance of delusions post traumatic brain injury: A new cognitive model of delusions 26 August 2015
Add Can Neuropsychological Profile (RBANS) predict co-morbid traumatic brain injury and psychosis? 26 August 2015
Add What do you mean by that?! An electrophysiological study of emotional and attitudinal prosody 26 August 2015
Add Structure and formation of cD galaxies: NGC 6166 in ABELL 2199 26 August 2015
Add Psychological treatments for trichotillomania: update and future directions 26 August 2015
Add On the nosology of formal thought disorder (Letter to the editor) 26 August 2015
Add Highly efficient plasmonic enhancement of graphene absorption at telecommunication wavelengths 26 August 2015
Add Guiding the dewetting of thin polymer films by colloidal imprinting 26 August 2015
Add Drag moderation by the melting of an ice surface in contact with water 26 August 2015
Add Mythfits: Four uneasy pieces 26 August 2015
Add The gaze of silence 26 August 2015
Add Magic and other stories 26 August 2015
Add The book of Elsa 26 August 2015
Add Good grief : and other frivolous journeys into spells, songs and elegies 26 August 2015
Add A novel design of a polymeric aortic valve 25 August 2015
Add Untitled I, II, III 25 August 2015
Add Xawthorn 25 August 2015
Add Speak. Think. Transform 25 August 2015
Add Play parameters in Tria 25 August 2015
Add New abstraction 25 August 2015
Add Grow. Clone. Mutate 25 August 2015
Add 13 verbs for Ludea 25 August 2015
Add Fabrication and characterization of nanoporous niobia, and nanotubular tantala, titania and zirconia via anodization 25 August 2015
Add Processing and characterization of SrTiO3-TiO2 nanoparticle-nanotube heterostructures on titanium for biomedical applications 25 August 2015
Add Effects of Mg17Sr2 phase on the bio-corrosion behavior of Mg-Zr-Sr alloys 25 August 2015
Add UVUDF: ultraviolet through near-infrared catalog and photometric redshifts of galaxies in the hubble ultra deep field 24 August 2015
Add Toward structured peer support interventions in oncology: a qualitative insight into the experiences of gynaecological cancer survivors providing peer support 24 August 2015
Add Thermophysical properties of supercritical water and bond flexibility 24 August 2015
Add A study of residual amplitude modulation suppression in injection locked quantum cascade lasers based on a simplified rate equation model 24 August 2015
Add Professional and parental attitudes toward iPad application use in autism spectrum disorder 24 August 2015
Add Practices of media sport: everyday experience and audience innovation 24 August 2015
Add The potential roles of bacterial communities in coral defence: a case study at Talang-talang reef 24 August 2015
Add Phase-matched generation of high order harmonic for study of molecular dynamics 24 August 2015