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Add Bond behaviour between CFRP laminates and steel members under different loading rates 19 May 2016
Add Effect of impact load on the bond between steel and CFRP laminate 19 May 2016
Add Strengthening of steel members subjected to impact loading using ultra high modulus CFRP 19 May 2016
Add Throughput improvement of 802.11 networks via randomization of transmission power levels 19 May 2016
Add Efficiently-cooled plasmonic amorphous silicon solar cells integrated with a nano-coated heat-pipe plate 19 May 2016
Add Intensity mapping cross-correlations: Connecting the largest scales to galaxy evolution 19 May 2016
Add Graphene films using a thermally curable surfactant 19 May 2016
Add Fabrication and characterization of solar supercapcitors integrated with a laser scribed graphene oxide film 19 May 2016
Add Don't tweet this!: How journalists and media organizations negotiate tensions emerging from the implementation of social media policy in newsrooms 19 May 2016
Add Fulfill promises and avoid breaches to retain satisfied, committed nurses 19 May 2016
Add Broadband circular dichroism through an achiral metasurface 19 May 2016
Add Magneto-gravitational convection in a vertical layer of ferrofluid in a uniform oblique magnetic field 19 May 2016
Add Mode instabilities and dynamic patterns in a colony of self-propelled surfactant particles covering a thin liquid layer 19 May 2016
Add Experimental and analytical behaviour of cogged bars within concrete filled circular tubes 19 May 2016
Add Closure to "severe damage of a pile group due to slope failure" 19 May 2016
Add The impact of pre-treatment responsivity and treatment participation on violent recidivism in a violent offender sample 19 May 2016
Add What does 'collaboration' without government look like? the network qualities of an emerging partnership 19 May 2016
Add Topology optimization of photonic structures for all-angle negative refraction 19 May 2016
Add Relationships among cognitive function and cerebral blood flow, oxidative stress, and inflammation in older heart failure patients 19 May 2016
Add Crimes committed by U.S. soldiers in europe, 1945-1946 19 May 2016
Add Searching for modified gravity: Scale and redshift dependent constraints from galaxy peculiar velocities 19 May 2016
Add Analysis of natural fiber polymer composites: Effects of alkaline treatment on sound absorption 19 May 2016
Add Fatigue of NiTi SMA-pulley system using taguchi and ANOVA 19 May 2016
Add Fermi polaron in a one-dimensional quasiperiodic optical lattice: The simplest many-body localization challenge 19 May 2016
Add Matrix weighted multisensor data fusion for INS/GNSS/CNS integration 19 May 2016
Add Au-ag-cu nano-alloys: Tailoring of permittivity 19 May 2016
Add Experience report: anomaly detection of cloud application operations using log and cloud metric correlation analysis 19 May 2016
Add High-precision timing of 42 millisecond pulsars with the european pulsar timing array 19 May 2016
Add On personalized and sequenced route planning 19 May 2016
Add Using online field surveys in e-business research: Reflections on a referent study 19 May 2016
Add Anderson localization of cooper pairs and majorana fermions in an ultracold atomic fermi gas with synthetic spin-orbit coupling 19 May 2016
Add Commercial pharmacogenetic-based decision-support tools in psychiatry 19 May 2016
Add RCSLenS: testing gravitational physics through the cross-correlation of weak lensing and large-scale structure 19 May 2016
Add Exploration and visualization in the web of big linked data: a survey of the state of the art 19 May 2016
Add Message from the iThings2015 chairs 19 May 2016
Add Rapid surface functionalization of carbon fibres using microwave irradiation in an ionic liquid 19 May 2016
Add Does intellectual capital disclosure in analysts' reports vary by firm characteristics? 19 May 2016
Add Improving tenants' trust in SaaS applications using dynamic security monitors 19 May 2016
Add Don't think but look: a gestalt interactionist approach to legal thinking 19 May 2016
Add OSM Readiness Tool 17 May 2016
Add New project management models: productivity improvement for infrastructure 17 May 2016
Add The role of location in existing project management structures 17 May 2016
Add Construction production systems: delivering value for money 17 May 2016
Add Geographic data and systems in project planning 17 May 2016
Add Managing road assets in times of multiple extreme flooding events 17 May 2016
Add Mass-haul Environmental Impact Minimisation: a practical method for greening road procurement 17 May 2016
Add OSM readiness tool assessing off-site manufacturing capability and capacity 17 May 2016
Add Automated support for the elaboration and analysis of goal-use case integration models 17 May 2016
Add The development of a performance auditing framework for public sector enterprises in Vietnam: the case of state owned commercial banks 17 May 2016
Add Social anxiety and memory: the role of social anxiety in the prediction of affective valence of self-defining autobiographical memories and neural differences in working memory 17 May 2016