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Add Why do people disseminate fictitious accounts? a systematic analysis of snopes. com 13 August 2014
Add Clicking dendritic peptides onto single walled carbon nanotubes 13 August 2014
Add Giant radio galaxies - I. Intergalactic barometers 13 August 2014
Add Low-mass galaxy formation and the ionising photon budget during reionisation 13 August 2014
Add Probing the nature of dark energy through galaxy redshift surveys with radio telescopes 13 August 2014
Add Electrochemistry-enabled fabrication of orthogonal nanotopography and surface chemistry gradients for high-throughput screening 13 August 2014
Add The theoretical astrophysical observatory: cloud-based mock galaxy catalogues 13 August 2014
Add Enhancement and identity: a social psychological perspective 13 August 2014
Add Stigma, trauma and the social forces shaping memory transmission in Argentina 12 August 2014
Add How does a nation heal itself? 12 August 2014
Add Removing seriously ill asylum seekers from Australia 12 August 2014
Add There are alternatives: a handbook for preventing unnecessary immigration detention 12 August 2014
Add Global trends in immigration detention and alternatives to detention: practical, political and symbolic rationales 12 August 2014
Add Place-making, settlement and well-being: the therapeutic landscapes of recently arrived youth with refugee backgrounds 12 August 2014
Add Thinking outside the fence 12 August 2014
Add Alternative proposed to immigration detention 12 August 2014
Add Good starts for refugee youth 12 August 2014
Add The meaning and mental health consequences of long-term immigration detention for people seeking asylum 12 August 2014
Add TEMo-Chine: tangible emotion machine 12 August 2014
Add Exploring multimodal robotic interaction through storytelling for aphasics 12 August 2014
Add I have something to say supporting aphasics for organizing and sharing personal experiences by photos 12 August 2014
Add User experience with in-car gps navigation systems: Comparing the young and elderly drivers 12 August 2014
Add Affective tabletop game: A new gaming experience for children 12 August 2014
Add aMAZEd : designing an affective social game for children 12 August 2014
Add iParrot : towards designing a persuasive agent for energy conservation 12 August 2014
Add Supporting aphasics for capturing, organizing and sharing personal experience 12 August 2014
Add Limitations in timing precision due to single-pulse shape variability in millisecond pulsars 12 August 2014
Add Online learning and Chinese students: Still searching for the right blend 11 August 2014
Add Open access in higher education: Strategies for engaging diverse student cohorts 11 August 2014
Add Seeding global collaboration: Housing policies in and on the mode of the sixth functional specialty 11 August 2014
Add Researching social housing in a global context 11 August 2014
Add Drivers of organic food purchase intentions in mainland China – evaluating potential customers' attitudes, demographics and segmentation 11 August 2014
Add Gals who make the jokes: Feature film screenwriting for the satirical female voice 11 August 2014
Add Review: Too nice for satire: 'At home with Julia' 11 August 2014
Add Whose culture has capital? Class, culture, migration and mothering 11 August 2014
Add Silver lining 11 August 2014
Add Excitation system fault diagnosis and mitigation in multi-machine power grids 11 August 2014
Add Book review: 'Blockbusters: hitmaking, risk-taking and the big business of entertainment', by Anita Elberse 11 August 2014
Add Piracy and promotion: the double-edged power of crowds 11 August 2014
Add Enhancement of transient stability limit and voltage regulation with dynamic loads using robust excitation control 11 August 2014
Add Stability analysis of grid-connected photovoltaic systems using a linear zero dynamic controller 11 August 2014
Add Reframing the transitional justice paradigm: women's affective memories in post-dictatorial Argentina 7 August 2014
Add "The country that doesn't want to heal itself:'' the burden of history, affect and women's memories in post-dictatorial Argentina 7 August 2014
Add Flying Australia-Europe via China: A qualitative analysis of the factors affecting travelers' choice of Chinese carriers using online comments data 7 August 2014
Add Leidenfrost vapour layer moderation of the drag crisis and trajectories of superhydrophobic and hydrophilic spheres falling in water 7 August 2014
Add The Herschel exploitation of local galaxy andromeda (HELGA): IV. Dust scaling relations at sub-kpc resolution 7 August 2014
Add Estradiol regulates tumor necrosis factor-α expression and secretion in estrogen receptor positive breast cancer cells 7 August 2014
Add Electrospun thermoplastic polyurethane with anisotropic mechanical properties as biomedical scaffold 7 August 2014
Add Effects of alcohol hangover on simulated highway driving performance 7 August 2014
Add Does resilience predict recidivism in young offenders? 7 August 2014
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