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Add Book review: Veni, vidi, vici. The Wit of Whitlam by James Carleton (Ed.) 25 March 2015
Add Geotechnical properties of lightly stabilized recycled demolition materials in base/sub-base applications 25 March 2015
Add A contrarian takes on the internet, again 25 March 2015
Add Are you a designer or an engineer? We are both. An insight into product design engineering through graduate reflection 25 March 2015
Add An integrated framework for strategic safety management in engineering and construction 25 March 2015
Add Changing construction safety culture and improving safety performance by design thinking and co-production: Research proposal and preliminary results 25 March 2015
Add Stakeholder-associated risk networks in green buildings: China Versus Australia 25 March 2015
Add Achieving building sustainability through application of information system and stakeholder alignment 25 March 2015
Add Stakeholder alignment and effective system use: Case study of a public sector information system 25 March 2015
Add Drivers and barriers to adopting relational contracting practices in public projects: Comparative study of Beijing and Sydney 25 March 2015
Add Effects of contract strategy on interpersonal relations and project outcomes of public-sector construction contracts in Australia 25 March 2015
Add Does expectation match reality? Examination of risk management education in china 25 March 2015
Add Stakeholder-associated risks and their interactions in complex green building projects: A social network model 25 March 2015
Add A mixed methods research design for bridging the gap between research and practice in construction safety 25 March 2015
Add Improving sustainability of residential homes: occupants motivation and behaviour 25 March 2015
Add The immediate impact of coach succession events on season ticket holder attitudes 25 March 2015
Add Identity and Muslim leadership: the case of Australian Muslim leaders 25 March 2015
Add Fear of self, doubt and obsessive compulsive symptoms 25 March 2015
Add Ethical dilemmas of confidentiality with adolescent clients: case studies from psychologists 25 March 2015
Add Impact resistance and failure analysis of plain woven curtains 25 March 2015
Add Highly efficient ultrathin-film amorphous silicon solar cells on top of imprinted periodic nanodot arrays 25 March 2015
Add Modulation of human mesenchymal stem cell behavior on ordered tantalum nanotopographies fabricated using colloidal lithography and glancing angle deposition 25 March 2015
Add Rogue waves in opposing currents: an experimental study on deterministic and stochastic wave trains 25 March 2015
Add Effect of cryogenic compressed air on the evolution of cutting force and tool wear during machining of Ti-6Al-4V alloy 25 March 2015
Add Molecular simulation of fluids with non-identical intermolecular potentials: thermodynamic properties of 10-5 + 12-6 Mie potential binary mixtures 25 March 2015
Add Memory on multiple time-scales in an Abelian sandpile 25 March 2015
Add Lateral plastic collapse of sandwich tubes with metal foam core 25 March 2015
Add The impact of the global financial crisis on the efficiency of Australian banks 25 March 2015
Add How much hope is enough? Levels of hope and students' psychological and school functioning 25 March 2015
Add Subsuming methods: finding new optimisation opportunities in object-oriented software 25 March 2015
Add Sub-micron period lattice structures of magnetic microtraps for ultracold atoms on an atom chip 25 March 2015
Add Preparation and luminescent properties of GdOF: Ce, Tb nanoparticles and their transparent PMMA nanocomposites 25 March 2015
Add Red giants in the outer halo of the elliptical galaxy NGC 5128/Centaurus A 25 March 2015
Add Testing the potential for improving student mastery of complex financial concepts online 25 March 2015
Add Practice-led research, the ethnographer and unearthing knowledge: crossing the thresholds 25 March 2015
Add The hybrid 25 March 2015
Add Testing model transformation programs using metamorphic testing 24 March 2015
Add Eliminating human visual judgment from testing of financial charting software 24 March 2015
Add A cost-driven approach for metamorphic testing 24 March 2015
Add Influence of antipsychotics on mortality in schizophrenia: systematic review 24 March 2015
Add The pharmaceutical industry and the internet: Are drug company funded depression websites biased? 24 March 2015
Add EPClets: a lightweight and flexible textual language to augment epc process modelling 24 March 2015
Add 4M-Switch: Multi-mode-multi-model supervisory control framework for performance differentiation in virtual machine environments 24 March 2015
Add A feature-based framework for developing and provisioning customizable web services 24 March 2015
Add Differentiated performance management in virtualized environments using nonlinear control 24 March 2015
Add Local drug delivery of levetiracetam in the rat model of acquired epilepsy using PLGA biodegradable polymer sheet implantations 24 March 2015
Add Gellan gum doped polypyrrole neural prosthetic electrode coatings 24 March 2015
Add Effect of the anionic dopant on nerve growth and controlled release of a neurotrophic protein from polypyrrole 24 March 2015
Add Novel composite graphene/platinum electro-catalytic electrodes prepared by electrophoretic deposition from colloidal solutions 24 March 2015
Add Novel methods of antiepileptic drug delivery - polymer-based implants 24 March 2015