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Add Social anxiety disorder and giving on the Prisoner's Dilemma: reduced responsiveness, not limited giving 25 August 2016
Add The relationship between state anxiety and positive affect hypo-reactivity individuals higher in social anxiety 25 August 2016
Add Seismic assessment of cold-formed steel stud bracing wall panels using direct displacement based design approach 25 August 2016
Add Exploring managerial leadership in Javanese (Indonesia) organisations: engaging Asta Brata, the eight principles of Javanese statesmanship 25 August 2016
Add Aortic stiffness and the risk of incident mild cognitive impairment and dementia 25 August 2016
Add Treatment gain in violent offenders: The relationship between proximal outcomes, risk reduction and violent recidivism 25 August 2016
Add A prospective cohort study of depression course, functional disability, and NEET status in help-seeking young adults 25 August 2016
Add Comparison of different energy saving lights using solar panel 25 August 2016
Add Measuring pavement maintenance effectiveness using Markov Chains analysis 25 August 2016
Add Rolling contact fatigue, wear and broken rail derailments 25 August 2016
Add Does physical activity attenuate, or even eliminate, the detrimental association of sitting time with mortality? A harmonised meta-analysis of data from more than 1 million men and women 25 August 2016
Add Predictors of secondary school completion among refugee youth 8 to 9 years after resettlement in Melbourne, Australia 25 August 2016
Add Investigating the positive effects of packet dropouts on network-based H∞ control for a class of linear systems 25 August 2016
Add Editorial 25 August 2016
Add Air and dielectric bands photonic crystal microringresonator for refractive index sensing 25 August 2016
Add A modified microstrip ring resonator sensor with lumped element modeling for soil moisture and dielectric predictions measurement 25 August 2016
Add Low multiplicative complexity logic minimisation over the basis (AND, XOR, NOT) 25 August 2016
Add A robust and accurate formulation of molecular and colloidal electrostatics 25 August 2016
Add On the properties of Non-Media Digital Watermarking: A review of state of the art techniques 25 August 2016
Add Experiences of nurse practitioners and medical practitioners working in collaborative practice models in primary healthcare in Australia - a multiple case study using mixed methods 25 August 2016
Add Equation to predict maximum pipe stress incorporating internal and external loadings on buried pipes 25 August 2016
Add The eyes have it: eye movements and anorexia nervosa 25 August 2016
Add Media and the politics of belonging: Sudanese Australians, letters to the editor and the new integrationism 25 August 2016
Add Design of a discrete-time terminal sliding mode repetitive controller 25 August 2016
Add The impact of brand health on customer equity 25 August 2016
Add Heatwaves differentially affect risk of Salmonella serotypes 25 August 2016
Add Researching microcelebrity: methods, access and labour by Jonathan Mavroudis and Esther Milne 25 August 2016
Add Timor-leste 25 August 2016
Add Diversity and DMS(P) - Related genes in culturable bacterial communities in Malaysian coastal waters 25 August 2016
Add Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA): Understanding the wavelength dependence of galaxy structure with bulge-disc decompositions 25 August 2016
Add Manufacturing: 3D printed micro-optics 25 August 2016
Add Efficient answering of why-not questions in similar graph matching 25 August 2016
Add Message from the ICDE 2016 Program Committee and general chairs 25 August 2016
Add Theory U and team performance: Presence, participation, and productivity 25 August 2016
Add Toward a complex system understanding of bipolar disorder: A chaotic model of abnormal circadian activity rhythms in euthymic bipolar disorder 25 August 2016
Add Interfacial shear strength studies of experimental carbon fibres, novel thermosetting polyurethane and epoxy matrices and bespoke sizing agents 25 August 2016
Add Electrodeposition of nanocrystalline zinc from sulfate and sulfate-gluconate electrolytes in the presence of additives 25 August 2016
Add Respectful inter-group interactions: A method for revising group attachment? 25 August 2016
Add GraphVizdb: A scalable platform for interactive large graph visualization 25 August 2016
Add Fatigue performance of NSM CFRP strips embedded in concrete using epoxy adhesive 25 August 2016
Add The SLUGGS survey: The mass distribution in early-type galaxies within five effective radii and beyond 25 August 2016
Add Modified cement-based adhesive for near-surface mounted CFRP strengthening system 25 August 2016
Add Pilot domain task experience in night fatal helicopter emergency medical service accidents 25 August 2016
Add Bridging the knowledge gap between study and professional practice: An australian case example 24 August 2016
Add The AFL Brand and Umpires' Reputation through Media Commentaries 24 August 2016
Add The Routledge Handbook of the History of Settler Colonialism / Edward Cavanagh, Lorenzo Veracini (eds.) 24 August 2016
Add Settler colonialism demands reconciliation 24 August 2016
Add Patrick Wolfe (1949-2016) 24 August 2016
Add Displacement as method: Seasteading, tiny houses and Freemen on the Land 24 August 2016
Add Colonialism 24 August 2016