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Add Untargeted metabolic profiling of Vitis Vinifera during fungal degradation 24 July 2015
Add A systematic study of light extraction efficiency enhancement depended on sapphire flipside surface patterning by femtosecond laser 24 July 2015
Add Identification and expression analysis of the Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) Gene Family 24 July 2015
Add Robust control for power sharing in microgrids with low-inertia wind and PV generators 24 July 2015
Add Nonlocal response functions for predicting shear flow of strongly inhomogeneous fluids. I. Sinusoidally driven shear and sinusoidally driven inhomogeneity 24 July 2015
Add The UV, Lyman alpha, and dark matter halo properties of high-redshift galaxies 24 July 2015
Add Insights on the Dusty Torus and Neutral Torus from optical and X-Ray obscuration in a complete volume limited hard X-Ray AGN sample 24 July 2015
Add The accretion history of dark matter haloes - II. The connections with the mass power spectrum and the density profile 24 July 2015
Add The accretion history of dark matter haloes - I. The physical origin of the universal function 24 July 2015
Add Enzymatically catalytic deposition of gold nanoparticles by glucose oxidase-functionalized gold nanoprobe for ultrasensitive 24 July 2015
Add Collective modes of a harmonically trapped one-dimensional Bose gas: The effects of finite particle number and nonzero temperature 24 July 2015
Add Sailuotong (SLT), a standardised Chinese herbal medicine formula, enhances working memory in healthy adults: a pilot study 24 July 2015
Add Using galaxy pairs to probe star formation during major halo mergers 24 July 2015
Add Coherent diffractive imaging microscope with a high-order harmonic source 24 July 2015
Add The differential size growth of field and cluster galaxies at Z=2.1 using the ZFOURGE Survey 24 July 2015
Add Letters: Hyperhistory 24 July 2015
Add A rationale for the location of vertical moisture barriers for pavements in expansive soil regions 24 July 2015
Add The analysis of road roughness and the perception of road roughness 24 July 2015
Add The use of power spectral density analysis to determine deterioration modes in pavement structures 24 July 2015
Add Problems with the performance of lightly loaded structures founded on expansive soils 24 July 2015
Add Rehabilitation of pavement damage from expansive soils 24 July 2015
Add An improved method for installing vertical moisture barriers 24 July 2015
Add Non-parametric Estimation of Operational Risk and Expected Shortfall 24 July 2015
Add A semi-parametric approach to estimating the operational risk and expected shortfall 24 July 2015
Add Nonparametric estimation of operational value-at-risk 24 July 2015
Add Modelling the bivariate dependence structure of exchange rates before and after the introduction of the Euro: a semi-parametric approach 24 July 2015
Add Estimation of operational risks using a semi-parametric approach 24 July 2015
Add Estimation of expected operational losses: Approaches based on heavy right-tailed distributions 24 July 2015
Add Estimation of confidence intervals for the mean of heavy tailed loss distributions: A comparative study using a simulation method 24 July 2015
Add Modelling tail dependence between exchange rates 24 July 2015
Add Estimation of operational risks using non-parametric approaches with an application to US business losses 24 July 2015
Add Time-series forecasting and index numbers 24 July 2015
Add Introduction to multiple regression 24 July 2015
Add Simple linear regression 24 July 2015
Add Analysis of variance 24 July 2015
Add Hypothesis testing: two sample tests 24 July 2015
Add Mature, fit, preppy: how hiring for the 'right look' influences retail shoppers 23 July 2015
Add Evaluating specific service quality aspects which impact on customers' behavioural loyalty in high-tech internet services 23 July 2015
Add Modelling water wave overwash of a thin oating plate 23 July 2015
Add The effects of service quality on Internet Service Provider customers' behaviour - a mixed methods study 23 July 2015
Add Should participants be given a mobile phone, or use their own? Effects of novelty vs utility 23 July 2015
Add A review on porous negative electrodes for high performance lithium-ion batteries 23 July 2015
Add Non-Newtonian behavior and molecular structure of Cooee bitumen under shear flow: a non-equilibrium molecular dynamics study 23 July 2015
Add The Name game 23 July 2015
Add Different questions for Q&A 23 July 2015
Add Societal role expectations of management accounting professionals: an Australian study 23 July 2015
Add Performance of GACC and GACP to treat institutional wastewater: a sustainable technique 23 July 2015
Add Prevalence of mental health disorders in inflammatory bowel disease: an Australian outpatient cohort 23 July 2015
Add An Uber for apartments could solve some common housing problems 23 July 2015
Add Additive manufacture of custom radiation dosimetry phantoms: an automated method compatible with commercial polymer 3D printers 23 July 2015