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Add Does the age at which students begin consuming alcohol regularly have an effect on current alcohol consumption, both alone and mixed with energy drinks? 4 February 2016
Add A comparison of the frequency and quantity of alcohol consumed when mixed with energy drinks and mixed with cola 4 February 2016
Add A student survey investigating the prevalence and frequency of energy drink use and the motivations for consumption in the UK 4 February 2016
Add Immunological and mood changes the day after heavy alcohol consumption: A comparison of drinkers with a hangover versus those who claim hangover resistance 4 February 2016
Add Prenatal sex hormones and the 2d: 4d digit ratio: developmental origins of heavy alcohol consumption 4 February 2016
Add Stimulant effects of energy drink when mixed with alcohol: results from a double-blind placebo-controlled trial 4 February 2016
Add Geometric analysis of a pest management model with Holling’s type III functional response and nonlinear state feedback control 4 February 2016
Add Development and evaluation of a collision avoidance display for supporting pilots' decision making in a free flight environment 4 February 2016
Add Regulating interactions across multiple centres of control an airline operations control perspective 4 February 2016
Add Development of a horizontal collision avoidance display to support pilots' self-separation in a free flight environment 4 February 2016
Add Best Papers from the 11th - Working IEEE/IFIP Conference on Software Architecture (WICSA 2014 7th - 11th April 2014) 4 February 2016
Add Dictionary learning for blind one bit compressed sensing 4 February 2016
Add Continuous flow ultrasonic skimming of whole milk in a liter-scale vessel 4 February 2016
Add The role of fear of self and responsibility in obsessional doubt processes: a Bayesian hierarchical model 4 February 2016
Add Editorial 4 February 2016
Add Stability and controlled antibiotic release from thin films embedded with antibiotic loaded mesoporous silica nanoparticles 4 February 2016
Add Pulsed homodyne Gaussian quantum tomography with low detection efficiency 4 February 2016
Add Witnessing the formation and relaxation of dressed quasi-particles in a strongly correlated electron system 4 February 2016
Add Vibronic resonances facilitate excited-state coherence in light-harvesting proteins at room temperature 4 February 2016
Add Defining the optimal level of business benefits within IS/IT projects: Insights from benefit identification practices adopted in an IT Service Management (ITSM) project 4 February 2016
Add A comparison between organizational stakeholders' and external consultants' perceptions on CSFS affecting ERP life cycle phases 4 February 2016
Add Influence of organizational factors in the sustainability of e-government: a case study of local e-government in Indonesia 4 February 2016
Add The resettlement of refugees in Australia: a bibliography (7th rev. ed.) 2 February 2016
Add Alcohol behaviour change: Lessons learned from user reviews of iTunes apps 2 February 2016
Add Investigation of critical parameters for stability analysis of wind generation systems with DFIGs 2 February 2016
Add Sliding mode control for longitudinal motion of underground mining electric vehicles 2 February 2016
Add Clustering LiFePO4 cells for battery pack based on neural network in EVs 2 February 2016
Add Dynamic validated model of a DFIG wind turbine 2 February 2016
Add The mathematical model of 18650 lithium-ion battery in electric vehicles 2 February 2016
Add Modelling of electric vehicles for underground mining personnel transport 2 February 2016
Add State of charge estimation based on improved Li-ion battery model using extended Kalman filter 2 February 2016
Add Impact of DFIG wind turbines on transient stability of power systems: a review 2 February 2016
Add Geoblocking and global video culture / Ramon Lobato and James Meese (eds.) 1 February 2016
Add Planning for urban change in the inner & middle (Greyfield) suburbs of Melbourne 1 February 2016
Add The end is in the beginning and yet you go on: Samuel Beckett’s Lost Album 1 February 2016
Add Understanding and development of supply chain agility and flexibility: a structured literature review 1 February 2016
Add Predicting the ultimate grain size of aluminum sheets undergone constrained groove pressing 1 February 2016
Add Numerical simulation of slag foaming in oxygen steelmaking 1 February 2016
Add Radially extended metallicity profiles in nearby early-type galaxies 1 February 2016