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Add A risk management maturity assessment model for construction organisations 21 April 2015
Add Opportunities and Risks of Australian Firms in the Chinese design and construction management market 21 April 2015
Add Responding to the key challenges in learning and teaching construction courses 21 April 2015
Add Households' perceptions on sustainable home behaviour and improvements in Australia 21 April 2015
Add Examining the casual interaction between risks affecting infrastructure project schedule 21 April 2015
Add Relationships among contracting parties and their effects on outcomes of public construction projects in China 21 April 2015
Add Analysing stakeholder-associated risks in green buildings: a social network analysis method 21 April 2015
Add Aligning safety policy development, learning and implementation: from boardroom to site 21 April 2015
Add Disaggregation of household energy consumption patterns in Australia 21 April 2015
Add Developing students' intercultural competence 21 April 2015
Add Managing construction safety using conceptual skill 21 April 2015
Add Developing project skills for managing construction safety: a managerial perspective 21 April 2015
Add Minimising social desirability bias in construction safety risk research 21 April 2015
Add Estimation of carbon footprint during construction: literature review and research agenda 21 April 2015
Add Positive and negative factors influencing the implementation of relational contracting in public construction projects in Australia 21 April 2015
Add Review of construction safety research methods: integrating theory and practice 21 April 2015
Add Skills for developing safety climate in construction 21 April 2015
Add Criteria for the development of a safety culture maturity model for the construction industry 21 April 2015
Add A social network analysis model for analysing stakeholder-associated safety risks in infrastructure projects 21 April 2015
Add Influence of technical skill on safety task implementation and safety climate development in construction 21 April 2015
Add An investigation into safety culture of chinese construction supervision organizations 21 April 2015
Add The influence of project personnel's emotional intelligence, interpersonal skill, and transformational leadership on construction safety climate development 21 April 2015
Add Are relational contracting principles applicable to public construction projects? 21 April 2015
Add Defect characterisation in laminar composite structures using artificial neural networks 21 April 2015
Add A conceptual framework of web 2.0-based interactive portal for improving learning and teaching in construction curriculum 21 April 2015
Add Risk identification and assessment in green retail building development 21 April 2015
Add Strategies to manage major risks in green retail building development 21 April 2015
Add Construction safety culture: a revised framework 21 April 2015
Add Evaluating the performance of building sustainability assessment tools based on balanced scorecard approach 21 April 2015
Add Learning and teaching domestic construction competence using video game technology 21 April 2015
Add A framework for evaluating benefits of investment in construction safety risk reduction and mitigation 21 April 2015
Add Implementation of mandatory sustainability assessment tools in residential development 21 April 2015
Add Case studies of return on investment in construction safety management 21 April 2015
Add An econometric evaluation framework for investment in construction safety 21 April 2015
Add Return on investment of safety risk management system in construction 21 April 2015
Add Understanding the true costs of construction accidents 21 April 2015
Add An investigation of the viability of assessment of safety risks at design of building facilities in Australia 21 April 2015
Add E-learning for construction safety training in the Australian construction industry 21 April 2015
Add Investigating the potential relationships between project manager skills and project safety performance 21 April 2015
Add Managing international projects: a case study of the 'water cube' aquatic centre for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games 21 April 2015
Add Bid or not-to-bid: risk analysis at tendering of D&C building projects 21 April 2015
Add An experimental survey of investigative and intelligence interview practices in Australasia 21 April 2015
Add A prospective cohort study of antipsychotic medications in pregnancy: the first 147 pregnancies and 100 one year old babies 21 April 2015
Add Estradiol for treatment-resistant schizophrenia: a large-scale randomized-controlled trial in women of child-bearing age 21 April 2015
Add Establishing female-only areas in psychiarty wards to improve safety and quality of care for women 21 April 2015
Add Human rights concerns in investigative interviewing: interviewing approaches, recording practices, and credibility assessment 21 April 2015
Add An international survey of intelligence interviewing practices and beliefs 21 April 2015
Add Variations in procedural justice in Australian and Asian Pacific intelligence interviewing practices 21 April 2015
Add Legal conferencing procedures: effects of respect on justice reasoning when disputants have control over outcome 21 April 2015
Add Procedural justice in facilitative procedures: the moderating effects of decision control on justice reasoning 21 April 2015