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Add Exploring the biochemical and phylogenetic fingerprint of Australian native plants for sustainable use of saline lands 28 October 2014
Add A comparison of firm-developed and consumer-developed online brand communities 28 October 2014
Add The effect of environment on the evolution of nearby gas-rich spiral galaxies 28 October 2014
Add Keynote: Sustainable usage of construction and demolition materials in roads and footpaths 27 October 2014
Add Future directions for rental housing standards 27 October 2014
Add Bus bridging disruption in rail services with frustrated and impatient passengers 27 October 2014
Add Defending settler colonial studies 27 October 2014
Add Drift performance of point fixed glass fa├žade systems 27 October 2014
Add Bioengineering strategies for polymeric scaffold for tissue engineering an aortic heart valve: an update 27 October 2014
Add Glucose administration and cognitive function: differential effects of age and effort during a dual task paradigm in younger and older adults 27 October 2014
Add A randomized head to head trial of an internet based self-help program for bipolar disorder 27 October 2014
Add A 24 HR global campaign to assess precision timing of the millisecond pulsar J1713+0747 27 October 2014
Add Comparing the identification of Clostridium spp. by two matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization-time of flight (MALDI-TOF) mass spectrometry platforms to 16S rRNA PCR sequencing as a reference standard: a detailed analysis of age of culture and sample preparation 27 October 2014
Add Simulation of one-dimensional evolution of wind waves in a deep water 27 October 2014
Add Driving with dementia: equity, obligation, and insurance 27 October 2014
Add Exploiting innovation in Dubai SMEs: the effect of strategic orientation on organizational determinants 27 October 2014
Add Exploring determinants of students' experience, perceptions and loyalty intentions in higher education institutions 27 October 2014
Add Working within the forensic paradigm: cross-discipline approaches for policy and practice 27 October 2014
Add Cognitive fatigue effects on physical performance during running 27 October 2014
Add Revealing the costs and consequences of hidden mental illness 27 October 2014
Add A workflow execution platform for collaborative artifact-centric business processes 24 October 2014
Add Searching for gravitational wave memory bursts with the Parkes Pulsar Timing Array 24 October 2014
Add Interethnic partnering: Patterns by birthplace, ancestry and indigenous status 24 October 2014
Add The Innovation Pool in Biotechnology: The Role of Patents in Facilitating Innovation 24 October 2014
Add Is it OK for people to take pictures of you in public and publish them? 24 October 2014
Add Privacy, property or propriety: The case of 'pretty portraits' in late nineteenth-century America 24 October 2014
Add When the privacy walls fail 24 October 2014
Add Sorry Lara, we have no right to privacy 24 October 2014
Add Red Road (2006) and emerging narratives of 'sub-veillance' 24 October 2014
Add Why must women pay the price of men's drunken deeds? 24 October 2014
Add The Sami Galaxy Survey: Towards a unified dynamical scaling relation for galaxies of all types 24 October 2014
Add Dignity therapy for people with motor neurone disease and their family caregivers: A feasibility study 24 October 2014
Add Ethnography-photography: a visual approach to segmentation and living standard evaluation in emerging markets 23 October 2014
Add Source-based neurofeedback methods using EEG recordings: training altered brain activity in a functional brain source derived from blind source separation 23 October 2014
Add The influence of an oblique magnetic field on the convective stability in ferrocolloid 21 October 2014
Add Statistics of coherent groups in three-dimensional fully-nonlinear potential waves 21 October 2014
Add Probabilistic quantum phase-space simulation of Bell violations and their dynamical evolution 21 October 2014
Add Biodiversity and regional authorities a common-pool resources and accounting perspective 21 October 2014
Add Initial wave breaking dynamics of Peregrine-type rogue waves: a numerical and experimental study 21 October 2014
Add Scalable quantum simulation of pulsed entanglement and Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen steering in optomechanics 21 October 2014
Add Gapless topological Fulde-Ferrell superfluidity induced by an in-plane Zeeman field 21 October 2014
Add Book review: 'Sleepless in Hollywood: tales from the new abnormal in the movie business' 21 October 2014
Add Three-component topological superfluid in one-dimensional Fermi gases with spin-orbit coupling 21 October 2014
Add Numerical modeling of 3D fully nonlinear potential periodic waves 21 October 2014
Add Dynamics of unstable stokes waves: a numerical and experimental study 21 October 2014
Add Hydrodynamics of periodic breathers 21 October 2014
Add Experimental study of initiation of convection in a spherical cavity filled with nanofluid 21 October 2014
Add Innovation and success factors in the construction of Green Ports 20 October 2014
Add Habitual intake of fruit juice predicts central blood pressure 20 October 2014
Add What aging means to gay men 17 October 2014
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