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Add Self and friend's differing views of social anxiety disorder's effects on friendships 9 April 2015
Add Microcap M&A: an exploratory study 9 April 2015
Add Readiness assessment of e-government: a developing country perspective 9 April 2015
Add Predicting undergraduate onsite student withdrawals based on enrolment, progress, and online student data 9 April 2015
Add Laser surface treatment to improve the surface corrosion properties of nickel-aluminum bronze 9 April 2015
Add Exploring the anti-diabetic potential of Australian Aboriginal and Indian Ayurvedic plant extracts using cell-based assays 9 April 2015
Add Seeking the common dreams between the worlds: stories of Chinese immigrant faculty in North American higher education 9 April 2015
Add Automatic acceptance test case generation from essential use cases 9 April 2015
Add Sydney Opera House 9 April 2015
Add The influence of increasing life expectancy on the dynamics of SIRS systems with immune boosting 9 April 2015
Add A computational model for collective cellular motion in three dimensions: general framework and case study for cell pair dynamics 9 April 2015
Add Pod Tours: a pilot study that explores audio assisted excursions as a module for an online design unit 9 April 2015
Add Simultaneous Co(II)-titanium(IV) substitution in magnetopliumbite-type Barium Ferrite Nanoparticles 9 April 2015
Add Effective, clinically feasible and sustainable: key design features of psycho-educational and supportive care interventions to promote individualised self-management in cancer care 9 April 2015
Add McDonald's golden arches 9 April 2015
Add Producing and consuming american mythologies: branding in mass market fashion firms 9 April 2015
Add Conflict management in australian workplaces 9 April 2015
Add Impact of vocational training and social-economic status on a student's result in first year economics 9 April 2015
Add Book review: 'Student financing of higher education: a comparative perspective' edited by Donald E Heller and Claire Callender 9 April 2015
Add How to play a PhD 8 April 2015
Add Effects of boundary conditions on modelling ground vibrations induced by high-speed train 8 April 2015
Add Effects of geosynthetic reinforcement on the mechanical behaviour of composite materials for vibration isolation 8 April 2015
Add Review of methodologies for seismic vulnerability assessment of buildings 8 April 2015
Add IBD, cancer, and its psychosocial impact 8 April 2015
Add Future directions in IBD eHealth 8 April 2015
Add Psychological assessment and the use of questionnaires in IBD cohorts 8 April 2015
Add Online mindfulness-based intervention for late-stage bipolar disorder: pilot evidence for feasibility and effectiveness 8 April 2015
Add Bipolar disorder 8 April 2015
Add Creativity is linked to ambition across the bipolar spectrum 8 April 2015
Add Creativity and bipolar disorder: igniting a dialogue 8 April 2015
Add Towards a complex system understanding of bipolar disorder: a map based model of a complex winnerless competition 8 April 2015
Add Abbott has stopped the boats. Here's what we need to do now 8 April 2015
Add The febrile world of Australian politics: Turnbull vs Abbott 8 April 2015
Add Wittgenstein, Williams and the terminologies of higher education: a case study of the term 'critical' 8 April 2015
Add The impact of a celebrity endorser's credibility on consumer self-brand connection and brand evaluation 8 April 2015
Add Expected properties of the first gravitational wave signal detected with pulsar timing arrays 8 April 2015
Add Detection and localization of single-source gravitational waves with pulsar timing arrays 8 April 2015
Add Gravitational wave astronomy with the SKA 8 April 2015
Add Managing for business sustainability in China: a case study of Shoetown Footwear Co., Ltd. 8 April 2015
Add An exploratory study of organizational governance in publicly-quoted professional service firms 8 April 2015
Add Revising Anne Boleyn: Why does the story of Anne Boleyn draw so many women writers across the threshold into the realm of imagination? 8 April 2015
Add From Alien to Australian Citizen: transformation of Australia's Policy toward Chinese Immigrants 8 April 2015
Add Sustainability balanced scorecard disclosures: an Australian investigation 2 April 2015
Add Facilitating collaboration between individual participants in a university-industry research and development project 2 April 2015
Add Complexity compounded: the relationship between facilitators and participants of interdisciplinary collaboration 2 April 2015
Add Development of high flux solar simulators for soalr thermal research 2 April 2015
Add Novel prototype solar hybrid reactor coupled to a solar simulator 2 April 2015
Add The writer 2 April 2015
Add The effect of method origin on method invocation fault frequency 2 April 2015
Add Identifying data inconsistencies using after-state database testing (ASDT) framework 2 April 2015