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Title Date Deposited
Add Why diversity may not mend adversity: an Australian commentary on multicultural affirmative action strategies in law enforcement 27 November 2014
Add Determinants of foreign investments in residential properties: evidence from Malaysian states 27 November 2014
Add The effect of foreign real estate investments on house prices: evidence from emerging economies 27 November 2014
Add An all-sky search for continuous gravitational waves in the Parkes Pulsar Timing Array data set 27 November 2014
Add Psychophysiological investigations of individual differences (personality orientations) using EEG & fMRI 27 November 2014
Add An investigation of the EEG correlates associated with viewing alcohol and drug related behaviours on social media 27 November 2014
Add Tensile strength of functionally graded and wafer layered structures produced by direct metal deposition 27 November 2014
Add Steady state visually evoked potential (SSVEP) phase change as an index of Spatial Working Memory task performance: the influence of nootropic supplementation 27 November 2014
Add Depleted cores, multicomponent fits, and structural parameter relations for luminous early-type galaxies 27 November 2014
Add How efficient are real estate and construction companies in Iran's close economy? 27 November 2014
Add Real estate market factors and foreign real estate investment 27 November 2014
Add Governance matters and entrepreneurial activities 27 November 2014
Add Sliding mode learning control and its applications 27 November 2014
Add Promoting therapeutic alliance in clozapine users: an exploratory randomized controlled trial 25 November 2014
Add The ATLAS3D project - XXIV. The intrinsic shape distribution of early-type galaxies 25 November 2014
Add The effect of macromodel uncertainties on microlensing modelling of lensed quasars 25 November 2014
Add The ATLAS3D project - XXV. Two-dimensional kinematic analysis of simulated galaxies and the cosmological origin of fast and slow rotators 25 November 2014
Add The AIMSS Project - II. Dynamical-to-stellar mass ratios across the star cluster-galaxy divide 25 November 2014
Add Geotechnical characteristics of stabilised aged biosolids 25 November 2014
Add One-hop vs. multi-hop broadcast protocol for DSRC safety applications 25 November 2014
Add Improving broadcast efficiency of irresponsible forwarding with random linear coding at source 25 November 2014
Add Pausing strategies and prosodic structure in Dalabon 25 November 2014
Add Creating collegial frameworks to tighten and close student feedbacks 25 November 2014
Add Five years of taps on shoulders to PATS on backs in ICT 25 November 2014
Add A multi-institutional trial of a peer assisted teaching scheme: positive changes in course evaluation scores 25 November 2014
Add An experience with a peer assisted teaching scheme 25 November 2014
Add Course evaluation matters: improving students' learning experiences with a peer-assisted teaching programme 25 November 2014
Add Prosody and grammar in Dalabon and Kayardild 25 November 2014
Add Prosodic phrases in Dalabon 25 November 2014
Add A comparison of word order and intonational phrasing of noun phrases in two languages 25 November 2014
Add A peer assisted teaching scheme 25 November 2014
Add Spaces where learning takes place: rethinking contemporary approaches to learning and teaching 25 November 2014
Add Intonational phrasing within clauses in two Australian languages. 25 November 2014
Add Pausing and phrase length in two Australian languages 25 November 2014
Add Big words, small phrases: mismatches between pause units and the polysynthetic word in Dalabon 25 November 2014
Add The verb lexicon of Golin 25 November 2014
Add The intra-word pause and disfluency in Dalabon 25 November 2014
Add Foreign investments in real estate, economic growth and property prices: evidence from OECD Countries 25 November 2014
Add Do governance factors matter for happiness in the MENA region? 25 November 2014
Add The interaction between tourism and FDI in real estate in OECD countries 25 November 2014
Add Wealth effect from real estate and outbound travel demand: the Malaysian case 25 November 2014
Add Dynamic relationship between house prices in Malaysia's major economic regions and Singapore house prices 25 November 2014
Add Globalization indicators-inbound tourism relationship in the MENA region 25 November 2014
Add Does real estate transparency matter for foreign real estate investments? 25 November 2014
Add Estimating the tourism-led growth hypothesis: a case study of the Middle East countries 25 November 2014
Add Foreign aid imperatives in the Greater Mekong Subregion: case studies of Australian, Japanese and Thai aid cooperation 25 November 2014
Add Where is the evidence? Realising the value of grey literature for public policy and practice 24 November 2014
Add Latin America the overlooked trade giant of Australia’s G20 21 November 2014
Add The WFCAM Science Archive 20 November 2014
Add The Sydney-AAO Multi-object Integral field spectrograph 20 November 2014
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