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Add Lung cancer: challenges and solutions for supportive care intervention research 8 May 2015
Add A nurse-led group intervention 8 May 2015
Add Meeting the support and information needs of women with advanced breast cancer: a randomised controlled trial 8 May 2015
Add Development and evaluation of an audiovisual information resource to promote self-management of chemotherapy side-effects 8 May 2015
Add Patients' self report and family caregivers' perception of quality of life in patients with advanced cancer: how do they compare? 8 May 2015
Add Half-full or half-empty: Making the message of palliative care palatable 8 May 2015
Add Psychosocial issues for people with advanced cancer: overcoming the research challenges 8 May 2015
Add Would you like to talk about your future treatment options?' discussing the transition from curative cancer treatment to palliative care 8 May 2015
Add Do oncologists discuss expensive anti-cancer drugs with their patients? 8 May 2015
Add Mapping the quality of life and unmet needs of urban women with metastatic breast cancer 8 May 2015
Add Medical paternalism and expensive unsubsidised drugs 8 May 2015
Add Prediction of alcohol-related harm from controlled drinking strategies and alcohol consumption trajectories 8 May 2015
Add Youth culture and smoking: integrating social group processes and individual cognitive processes in a model of health-related behaviours 8 May 2015
Add How oncologists discuss complementary therapy use with their patients: an audio-tape audit 8 May 2015
Add Trends in sun protection behaviour among Australian young adults 8 May 2015
Add Psychological responses of patients receiving a diagnosis of cancer 8 May 2015
Add Instability in smoking patterns among school leavers in Victoria, Australia 8 May 2015
Add Hearing the bad news of a cancer diagnosis: the Australian melanoma patient's perspective 8 May 2015
Add Dangerfield: tobacco promotion or not? 8 May 2015
Add Bridging the information and support gap: evaluation of a hospital-based cancer support nurse service 8 May 2015
Add Measuring support for tobacco control policy in selected areas of six countries 8 May 2015
Add Predictors of returning for second round screening at a population based mammographic screening programme in Melbourne, Australia 8 May 2015
Add Assessment of pipe-jacking forces through direct shear tests on tunneling rock spoils 8 May 2015
Add An experimental study of wall-plate U-bracket connection 8 May 2015
Add Experimental investigation of cold-formed steel screw connection 8 May 2015
Add Effects of deep excavations on adjacent foundations 8 May 2015
Add Investigating the efficacy of an intensive English program and the L2 learners' learning styles 8 May 2015
Add Incremental spectrum cloning algorithm for optimization of spectrum-based fault localization 8 May 2015
Add The noun phrase in standard Malay and Myanmar/Burmese compared: pedagogical implications for L1 Burmese speakers 8 May 2015
Add No associations between OPG gene polymorphisms or serum levels and measures of osteoporosis in elderly Australian women 8 May 2015
Add Blood pressure and retinal arteriolar narrowing in children 8 May 2015
Add Evaluation of accuracy in proband-reported family history and its determinants: The genes in myopia family study 8 May 2015
Add Is retinal vascular caliber related to intraocular pressure in children? 8 May 2015
Add The relationship of retinal vascular caliber to refractive errors and ocular biometry in young children 8 May 2015
Add Distribution and associations of retinal vascular caliber with ethnicity, gender, and birth parameters in young children 8 May 2015
Add Vision-related quality of life comparison for emmetropes, myopes after refractive surgery, and myopes wearing spectacles or contact lenses 8 May 2015
Add Fungal keratitis in Melbourne 8 May 2015
Add Child and animal connections: Interspecies' encounters in Australian learning environments 8 May 2015
Add Relationships between work environment factors and presenteeism mediated by employees' health: a preliminary study 8 May 2015
Add The telehealth skills, training, and implementation project: an evaluation protocol 8 May 2015
Add Computer-based rehabilitation for developing speech and language in hearing-impaired children: A systematic review 8 May 2015
Add Limitless boundaries 8 May 2015
Add Introduction 8 May 2015
Add Three-year incidence and cumulative prevalence of retinopathy: The atherosclerosis risk in communities study 8 May 2015
Add A tag-single nucleotide polymorphisms approach to the vascular endothelial growth factor: A gene in age-related macular degeneration 8 May 2015
Add Bone structural effects of variation in the TNFRSF1B gene 8 May 2015
Add Retinal arteriolar narrowing predicts incidence of diabetes: The Australian diabetes, obesity and lifestyle (AusDiab) study 8 May 2015
Add Bone structural effects of variation in the TNFRSF1B gene encoding the tumor necrosis factor receptor 2 8 May 2015
Add Efficacy and safety of multiple intravitreal triamcinolone injections for refractory diabetic macular oedema 8 May 2015
Add Influence of intraocular pressure on retinal vascular caliber measurements in children 8 May 2015