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Add Tetracycline hydrochloride (TCH)-loaded drug carrier based on PLA:PCL nanofibre mats: Experimental characterisation and release kinetics modelling 19 July 2016
Add Impact location determination on thin laminated composite plates using an NIR-FBG sensor system 19 July 2016
Add Impact source identification in a carbon fiber reinforced polymer plate by using embedded fiber optic acoustic emission sensors 19 July 2016
Add Fillers and reinforcements for advanced nanocomposites (series: Woodhead publishing series in composites science and engineering: number 6) 19 July 2016
Add The potential use of electrospun polylactic acid nanofibers as alternative reinforcements in an epoxy composite system 19 July 2016
Add Polylactic acid (PLA)/halloysite nanotube (HNT) composite mats: Influence of HNT content and modification 19 July 2016
Add Polylactic acid (PLA) biocomposites reinforced with coir fibres: evaluation of mechanical performance and multifunctional properties 19 July 2016
Add An overview of mechanical properties and durability of glass-fibre reinforced recycled mixed plastic waste composites 19 July 2016
Add Service design thinking contributions to urban renewal: Case study from Sweden 19 July 2016
Add Industry feedback academic product development 19 July 2016
Add Attitudes towards personal and shared space during the flight 19 July 2016
Add Developing a Fake Classifier Node for DIFFUSE 19 July 2016
Add What's special about aging 19 July 2016
Add International Capstone Exchange - the SUT and NDSU experience 19 July 2016
Add Improving adhesion and durability of coatings to plastic, composite and wood-based facade materials 19 July 2016
Add Connectivism as a pedagogical model within industrial design education 19 July 2016
Add Understanding social impact in the developing world: the role of short term study tours between Australia and Asia 19 July 2016
Add A person-centered approach for fall prevention: Embodying the goals of older adults in personas 19 July 2016
Add Diversifying product offerings for Australian manufacturers through successful examples of university-industry engagement 19 July 2016
Add Design innovation: a tool for value-adding to the Papua New Guinea balsa wood industry 19 July 2016
Add Alternative backoff: Achieving low latency and high throughput with ECN and AQM 19 July 2016
Add Chemical grafting improves adhesion of coatings on facade materials 19 July 2016
Add Integration of online resources into face-to-face therapeutic interactions: Development phase of the Self-Management and Recovery Technology (SMART) research program 19 July 2016
Add Exploring the cognitive structure of aircraft passengers' emotions in relation to their comfort experience 19 July 2016
Add OCC model: application and comparison to the dimensional model of emotion 19 July 2016
Add Interest in the learning of mobile touch screen technologies by older adults 19 July 2016
Add A comparative evaluation of aptitude in problem solving in engineering education 19 July 2016
Add Mediating Intimacy: digital kisses and cut and paste hugs 19 July 2016
Add Principal component analysis of vibration signal in ladle metallurgy 19 July 2016
Add Rapid prototyping and reverse engineering application in Bangladesh 19 July 2016
Add The need of technology transfer of rapid prototyping in prototyping and casting industries in developing countries 19 July 2016
Add Measuring older adults' sedentary time: reliability, validity, and responsiveness 19 July 2016
Add Feasibility of reducing older adults' sedentary time 19 July 2016
Add Associations between television viewing time and overall sitting time with the metabolic syndrome in older men and women: the australian diabetes obesity and lifestyle study 19 July 2016
Add A telephone-delivered physical activity and dietary intervention for type 2 diabetes and hypertension: does intervention dose influence outcomes? 19 July 2016
Add Lifestyle factors associated concurrently and prospectively with co-morbid cardiovascular disease in a population-based cohort of colorectal cancer survivors 19 July 2016
Add Sedentary time and cardio-metabolic biomarkers in US adults: NHANES 2003-06 19 July 2016
Add Growth and conflict: the views of Chinese private higher education managers 19 July 2016
Add Unsteady progress: Reform of the aviation industry in Fiji 19 July 2016
Add The privatisation of government-owned enterprises in Australia: The case of New South Wales 19 July 2016
Add Was it possible to raise the price of wool? Organised wool marketing 1916 to 1970 19 July 2016
Add Business and the Australian Labor Party as political allies: the case of the margarine industry 19 July 2016
Add Regulation of electrical safety standards in Australia and New Zealand over the long-run and in an international context 19 July 2016
Add The economics of the gas supply industry 19 July 2016
Add An overview of paediatric pressure care 19 July 2016
Add A comparison between parents' and therapists' views of their child's individual seating systems 19 July 2016
Add Successful scanning for powered mobility: a review 19 July 2016
Add Efficacy of an adaptive seating system that uses a sacral pad and kneeblock to control the pelvis 19 July 2016
Add Force, pressure and pelvic alignment of children with cerebral palsy using a sacral pad and kneeblock in an adaptive seating system 19 July 2016
Add Dust settles, history mostly vindicated 19 July 2016