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Add Effects of cerebrovascular reactivity and cerebral metabolic rate of oxygen on cognition in healthy aging 29 August 2016
Add Examining chages in functional brain activity with increasing working memory load in aging 29 August 2016
Add Type 2 diabetes is associated with increased activation during n-back performance 29 August 2016
Add Neurocognitive effects of L-theaninie: a pharmaco-MEG study 29 August 2016
Add Effects of four weeks supplementation with a multi-vitamin and mineral preparation on mood and functional brain activity 29 August 2016
Add Australia's stance on nuclear deterrence leaves it on the wrong side of history 29 August 2016
Add Conceptualising institutional support for early, mid, and later career teachers 29 August 2016
Add From Barbie Video Girl to smartphones: How portable media devices are shaping new screen production practices 29 August 2016
Add The liquid aesthetic of the cameraphone: Re-imagining photography in the mobile age 29 August 2016
Add (Dis)counting cultural diversity: solidarity and diversity management strategies in Australian workplaces 29 August 2016
Add Touch-screen technology and children 29 August 2016
Add The role of contextual factors in employer recruitment decision making 29 August 2016
Add Touch screen device use in children with Autism spectrum disorders: an exploratory study of parent perceptions 29 August 2016
Add Old and new forms of giving: understanding corporate philanthropy in India 29 August 2016
Add Determinants influencing conservation behaviour: perceptions of Vietnamese consumers 29 August 2016
Add Linking international trademark databases to inform IP research and policy 29 August 2016
Add Analyzing the nationalist genre of Chinese commercial media: Case study of Sohu Web Documentary - The Search for Modern China 25 August 2016
Add Rhetoric and politics of the female body and sex in two contemporary Chinese TV drama serials: 'The Place Where Dreams Start' and 'Blow the North Wind' 25 August 2016
Add A cultural reading of a Chinese white-collar workplace bestseller and its film adaptation: Li Ke's 'A Story of Lala's Promotion and Go Lala Go!' 25 August 2016
Add Han Han and his blog entries: Voicing concerns about his country as a public intellectual. 25 August 2016
Add Love for Life : A commercial hit and an AIDS romance 25 August 2016
Add A Foucauldian Interpretation of a Chinese Officialdom Novel: the Chinese Style Secretary 2 1 25 August 2016
Add Meng Jinghui and his contemporary avant-garde drama 25 August 2016
Add An unconventional mainstream film: 'The Founding of a Republic' 25 August 2016
Add The cultural representation and politics of the Chinese Moon Festival Gala: Nationalism, nostalgia and romance 25 August 2016
Add Social anxiety and interpersonal problems: a bias towards over-reporting? 25 August 2016
Add Developing +Connect: a digital positive psychology intervention for people recovering from psychosis 25 August 2016
Add A network model of social anxiety and eating disorder symptoms 25 August 2016
Add The behavioral economics of interpersonal constraint in social anxiety disorder 25 August 2016
Add Social anxiety disorder and interpersonal problems: from the outside, self-report looks biased 25 August 2016
Add Examining the presence of social anxiety stereotypes in social anxiety disorder 25 August 2016
Add Social anxiety disorder and giving on the Prisoner's Dilemma: reduced responsiveness, not limited giving 25 August 2016
Add The relationship between state anxiety and positive affect hypo-reactivity individuals higher in social anxiety 25 August 2016
Add Seismic assessment of cold-formed steel stud bracing wall panels using direct displacement based design approach 25 August 2016
Add Exploring managerial leadership in Javanese (Indonesia) organisations: engaging Asta Brata, the eight principles of Javanese statesmanship 25 August 2016
Add Aortic stiffness and the risk of incident mild cognitive impairment and dementia 25 August 2016
Add Treatment gain in violent offenders: The relationship between proximal outcomes, risk reduction and violent recidivism 25 August 2016
Add A prospective cohort study of depression course, functional disability, and NEET status in help-seeking young adults 25 August 2016
Add Comparison of different energy saving lights using solar panel 25 August 2016
Add Measuring pavement maintenance effectiveness using Markov Chains analysis 25 August 2016
Add Rolling contact fatigue, wear and broken rail derailments 25 August 2016
Add Does physical activity attenuate, or even eliminate, the detrimental association of sitting time with mortality? A harmonised meta-analysis of data from more than 1 million men and women 25 August 2016
Add Predictors of secondary school completion among refugee youth 8 to 9 years after resettlement in Melbourne, Australia 25 August 2016
Add Investigating the positive effects of packet dropouts on network-based H∞ control for a class of linear systems 25 August 2016
Add Editorial 25 August 2016
Add Air and dielectric bands photonic crystal microringresonator for refractive index sensing 25 August 2016
Add A modified microstrip ring resonator sensor with lumped element modeling for soil moisture and dielectric predictions measurement 25 August 2016
Add Low multiplicative complexity logic minimisation over the basis (AND, XOR, NOT) 25 August 2016
Add A robust and accurate formulation of molecular and colloidal electrostatics 25 August 2016
Add On the properties of Non-Media Digital Watermarking: A review of state of the art techniques 25 August 2016