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Add Reaction-induced phase separation and resulting thermomechanical and surface properties of epoxy resin/poly(ethylene oxide)-poly(propylene oxide)-poly(ethylene oxide) blends cured with 4,4'-diaminodiphenylsulfone 27 September 2016
Add Fear of crime: examining gender differences when assessing crime and threat 27 September 2016
Add Snakes, spiders, crime, oh my! Gender differences when assessing crime and threat 27 September 2016
Add FRBCAT: The Fast Radio Burst Catalogue 27 September 2016
Add Single layer graphene band hybridization with silver nanoplates: Interplay between doping and plasmonic enhancement 27 September 2016
Add Walking in both worlds: rethinking Indigenous knowledge in the academy 27 September 2016
Add Reconceptualising the design studio for today's students 27 September 2016
Add The design studio and design education 27 September 2016
Add Open day season: choosing your design education wisely 27 September 2016
Add Pass the message: incorporating citizen design in contemporary design curriculum 27 September 2016
Add Generalised equations for rainwater tank outcomes under different climate conditions: a case study for Adelaide 27 September 2016
Add Where is the centre of percussion in accelerated handheld implements? 27 September 2016
Add Effect of acceleration on optimization of Adidas Bounce shoes 27 September 2016
Add The effect of surface skewness on the super/postcritical coefficient of drag of roughened cylinders 27 September 2016
Add Aerodynamics of loose sports garments 27 September 2016
Add Laenderprofile Migration: Daten - Geschichte - Politik: Australische Fluechtlings- und Asylpolitik (Country profiles migration: Data - history - politics: Australian refugee and asylum seeker policies) 22 September 2016
Add Development of a smart cricket ball and advanced performance analysis of spin bowling 22 September 2016
Add Effect of fly ash on properties of crushed brick and reclaimed asphalt in pavement base/subbase applications 22 September 2016
Add Evaluating safety effectiveness of surface treatment at signalised intersections: a before and after study 22 September 2016
Add Autonomous shared mobility-on-demand: Melbourne pilot simulation study 22 September 2016
Add The Panopticons are coming! And they'll know when we think the grass is greener 22 September 2016
Add Local Background Enclosure for RGB-D Salient Object Detection 22 September 2016
Add Triad dramas as commentaries on revolutionary disharmony, totalitarian nostalgia, and a yearning for past chivalry 22 September 2016
Add Disambiguating inventor names using deep neural networks 22 September 2016
Add Scar literature reconsidered in two of Yan Geling novels: the Criminal Lu Yanshi and A Woman's Epic 22 September 2016
Add Academia and cultural production: Yu Dan and Her Confucius from the Heart: Ancient wisdom for today's world 22 September 2016
Add Analyzing the nationalist genre of chinese commercial media: case study of Sohu Web documentary - The Search for Modern China 22 September 2016
Add A cultural reading of a white-collar workplace bestseller and its filmic adaptation: A Story of Lala's Promotion and Go Lala Go! 22 September 2016
Add Rhetoric and politics of the female body and sex in two contemporary chinese tv drama serials: The Place Where Dream Starts and Blow the North Wind 22 September 2016
Add MaramaAIC: tool support for consistency management and validation of requirements 22 September 2016
Add Production of bioactive wheat puroindoline proteins in Nicotiana benthamiana using a virus-based transient expression system 22 September 2016
Add Stress transfer properties of carbon nanotube reinforced polymer composites at low temperature environment 22 September 2016
Add A unique 'turn-on' fluorescence signalling strategy for highly specific detection of ascorbic acid using carbon dots as sensing probe 22 September 2016
Add Towards Efficient and Truthful Market Mechanisms for Double-sided Cloud Markets 22 September 2016
Add Effect of halide treatments on PbSe quantum dot thin films: stability, hot carrier lifetime, and application to photovoltaics 21 September 2016
Add Extended hot carrier lifetimes observed in bulk In0. 265±0.02 Ga0. 735N under high-density photoexcitation 21 September 2016
Add Generation of hot carrier population in colloidal silicon quantum dots for high-efficiency photovoltaics 21 September 2016
Add Generation of hot carrier population in colloidal silicon quantum dots for high-efficiency photovoltaics 21 September 2016
Add Fluorescent metallic nanoclusters: electron dynamics, structure, and applications 21 September 2016
Add Hot carrier dynamics in HfN and ZrN measured by transient absorption spectroscopy 21 September 2016
Add Effect of blend composition on binary organic solar cells using a low band gap polymer 21 September 2016
Add Tunability limit of photoluminescence in colloidal silicon nanocrystals 21 September 2016
Add Morphology and carrier extraction study of organic-inorganic metal halide perovskite by one-and two-photon fluorescence microscopy 21 September 2016
Add Mobile charge-induced fluorescence intermittency in methylammonium lead bromide perovskite 21 September 2016
Add Defect trapping states and charge carrier recombination in organic-inorganic halide perovskites 21 September 2016
Add Introducing a protective interlayer of TiO 2 in Cu 2 O-CuO heterojunction thin film as a highly stable visible light photocathode 21 September 2016
Add Enhanced visible light-induced charge separation and charge transport in Cu2O-based photocathodes by urea treatment 21 September 2016
Add BiVO4 {010} and {110} relative exposure extent: governing factor of surface charge population and photocatalytic activity 21 September 2016
Add Interfacing BiVO4 with reduced graphene oxide for enhanced photoactivity: a tale of facet dependence of electron shuttling 21 September 2016
Add Radio frequency magnetron sputtered highly textured Cu 2 ZnSnS 4 thin films on sapphire (0001) substrates 21 September 2016