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Add Factors influencing the effectiveness of compression garments used in sports 22 May 2015
Add Experimental installation for evaluation of snowboard simulated onsnow dynamic performance 22 May 2015
Add Distinguishing nonlinear processes in atomic media via orbital angular momentum transfer 22 May 2015
Add Prequalification testing of temporary propping systems for tilt-up and precast panels 21 May 2015
Add Design guidelines for cast-in and post-installed anchors in Australia 21 May 2015
Add Effect of fit-out and construction type on dynamic properties of floor systems under human excitations 21 May 2015
Add Ceiling diaphragm actions in cold formed steel-framed domestic structures 21 May 2015
Add Application of a new racking cyclic loading protocol on cold-formed steel-framed wall panels 21 May 2015
Add Ultrasound pressure distributions generated by high frequency transducers in large reactors 21 May 2015
Add Surface morphology dependent light trapping of plasmonic nanoparticles on silicon wafer-based solar cells 21 May 2015
Add Supportive housing to address homelessness 21 May 2015
Add Ranking radically influential web forum users 21 May 2015
Add Money demand function in SAARC countries 21 May 2015
Add Development of a novel nitrite electrochemical sensor by stepwise in situ formation of palladium and reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites 21 May 2015
Add An adjunctive antidepressant nutraceutical combination in treating major depression: study protocol, and clinical considerations 21 May 2015
Add Contemporary capital investment appraisal from a management accounting and integrated thinking perspective: case study evidence 21 May 2015
Add Combinatorial testing, random testing, and adaptive random testing for detecting interaction triggered failures 21 May 2015
Add Editorial: astrophysics and Space Science introduces article numbering 21 May 2015
Add Putting education in "educational" apps: lessons from the science of learning 21 May 2015
Add Equation of state and contact of a strongly interacting Bose gas in the normal state 21 May 2015
Add Gerlumph data release 2:2.5 billion simulated microlensing light curves 21 May 2015
Add Typologies of positive psychotic symptoms in methamphetamine dependence 21 May 2015
Add An experiential learning approach to teaching business planning: connecting students to the real world / Mang Li and Yong Zhao (eds.) 21 May 2015
Add Determination of the persistence length of actin filaments on micro-contact printed myosin patterns 21 May 2015
Add Achieving luminosity 21 May 2015
Add Materials in cricket 21 May 2015
Add Performance analysis of the capability assessment tool for sustainable manufacturing 21 May 2015
Add A systematic approach to sustainable design of car seat assembly using the modified quality function deployment method 21 May 2015
Add Integrating the design for environment approach in sports products development 21 May 2015
Add Life cycle assessment and evaluation of environmental impact of sports equipment 21 May 2015
Add Sustainable design and environmental impact of materials in sports products 21 May 2015
Add Global green car learning clusters 21 May 2015
Add Modal analysis of bus roll cage structure for optimum rollover design 21 May 2015
Add Improving bus rollover design through modal analysis 21 May 2015
Add Preface 21 May 2015
Add Preface 21 May 2015
Add Virtual design and development of compact fast-acting fuel injector solenoid actuator 21 May 2015
Add Investigation of snowboard stiffness and camber characteristics for different riding styles 21 May 2015
Add Materials in sports equipment / Aleksander Subic (ed.) 21 May 2015
Add Smooth control over jerk with displacement constraint 21 May 2015
Add Performance measures of comfort and rattlespace usage for limited-stroke vehicle suspension systems 21 May 2015
Add An ontological framework for situation-aware access control of software services 21 May 2015
Add OntCAAC: an ontology-based approach to context-aware access control for software services 21 May 2015
Add Region-based geometric modeling of human airways and arterial vessels 21 May 2015
Add Rogue waves in the ocean, generation and limiters 20 May 2015
Add Projected changes of wind-wave activity in the Arctic Ocean 20 May 2015
Add Sea surface gravity wave-wind interaction in the marine atmospheric boundary layer 20 May 2015
Add Brief Communication: Is there a wind connection to freaque wave occurrences? 20 May 2015
Add Ocean mixing by wave orbital motion 20 May 2015
Add Volunteers befriending older adults in aged care residencies: three case studies 19 May 2015