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Add Creating analytically divergence-free velocity fields from grid-based data 15 August 2016
Add Aura of the semiotic imprint 15 August 2016
Add Is there a correlation between static and dynamic postural balance among young male and female dancers? 15 August 2016
Add Long-term follow-up after Tibialis Anterior Tendon Shortening in combination with Achilles Tendon Lengthening in spastic equinus in cerebral palsy 15 August 2016
Add Theme introduction: advancing our understanding of hallucinations 15 August 2016
Add Emotional processes in understanding and treating psychosis 15 August 2016
Add Network impacts of autonomous shared mobility 15 August 2016
Add A peircian biosemiotic approach to understanding human ecology 11 August 2016
Add High temperature properties of molten nitrate salt for solar thermal energy storage application 11 August 2016
Add Opaque response generation: enabling automatic creation of virtual services for service virtualisation 11 August 2016
Add The journey to social inclusion program: practices and outcomes of a model of integrated intensive case management for ending long-term homelessness 11 August 2016
Add Non-standard employment, exclusion and housing insecurity 11 August 2016
Add Effect of intensive support: a randomised trial 11 August 2016
Add The journey to social inclusion project in practice: a process evaluation of the first 18 months 11 August 2016
Add 24 and 36 month economic and social outcomes from the J2SI pilot: a randomised trial 11 August 2016
Add Meeting the challenge? Transitions out of long-term homelessness: a randomised controlled trial examining the 24 months costs, benefits and social outcomes from the journey to social inclusion pilot program 11 August 2016
Add Static and dynamic modulated ERP correlates of emotional expressions in adult average and above average AQ groups 11 August 2016
Add Almost like being there: social interactions via video link between parents and young children 11 August 2016
Add Parental perceptions and beliefs of their young children's experience of video communication 11 August 2016
Add The effects of touchscreen app use by young children 11 August 2016
Add Transfer of knowledge from touch screen devices to physical objects 11 August 2016
Add Infant brain activity associated with representing one vs multiple occluded objects 11 August 2016
Add The baby illusion: parental misperception of youngest child size 11 August 2016
Add Immediate effects of touchscreen media use on toddlers' executive functioning 11 August 2016
Add The role of familiarity in social interaction via media 11 August 2016
Add Parental representations of children's body size and age 11 August 2016
Add Toddlers prefer to help familiar people 11 August 2016
Add Touchscreen transfer of learning on a tower of Hanoi task by young children 11 August 2016
Add Reducing employee turnover intention: a customer relationship management perspective 10 August 2016
Add A computational approach for nuclear export signals identification using spiking neural P systems 10 August 2016
Add Artificial neural network-based modelling of compensated multi-crystalline solar-grade silicon under wide temperature variations 10 August 2016
Add Surgical education and training in an outer metropolitan hospital: a qualitative study of surgical trainers and trainees 10 August 2016
Add Beyond Gaussian pair fluctuation theory for strongly interacting Fermi gases 10 August 2016
Add Brand associations in the higher education sector: The difference between shared and owned associations 10 August 2016
Add Single fiber optical trapping of a liquid droplet and its application in microresonator 10 August 2016
Add Economic-statistical design of synthetic max chart 10 August 2016
Add Design of decentralized multi-input multi-output repetitive control systems 10 August 2016
Add Attachment Insecurity Predicts Punishment Sensitivity in Anorexia Nervosa 10 August 2016
Add On the connection between the metal-enriched intergalactic medium and galaxies: an OVI-galaxy cross-correlation study at z < 1 10 August 2016
Add A proposed solution to enhance mobile telecommunication infrastructure in Kuching, Sarawak 10 August 2016
Add How different is pyrimidine as a core component of DNA base from its diazine isomers: a DFT study 10 August 2016
Add Conformation analysis of ferrocene and decamethylferrocene via full-potential modeling of XANES and XAFS spectra 10 August 2016
Add What Australia needs to do to protect consumers from untested stem cell treatments 10 August 2016
Add Global dynamics of a predator-prey model with defense mechanism for prey 9 August 2016
Add Ian Turner's The Australian Dream and Australia's 'settler transition' 9 August 2016
Add Status or fun? A cross-cultural examination of young consumers' responses to images of champagne and sparkling wine 9 August 2016
Add Australian psychiatrists' support for psychiatric advance directives: responses to a hypothetical vignette 9 August 2016
Add Strength prediction of self-pierce riveted joint in cross-tension and lap-shear 9 August 2016
Add Cold-mode accretion: driving the fundamental mass-metallicity relation at z ∼ 2 9 August 2016
Add Non-linear structure formation in the 'Running FLRW' cosmological model 9 August 2016