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Add Seeing receding hunter-gatherers and advancing commercial pastoralists: 'Nomadisation', transfer, genocide 20 August 2015
Add On-chip energy storage integrated with solar cells using a laser scribed graphene oxide film 20 August 2015
Add The sizes of massive quiescent and star-forming galaxies at z ~ 4 with ZFOURGE and CANDELS 20 August 2015
Add A systematic review and meta-analysis of behaviourally based psychological interventions and pharmacological interventions for trichotillomania 20 August 2015
Add An uncertain walk 20 August 2015
Add Un/certainty / Yoko Akama and Sara Pink (eds.) 20 August 2015
Add Radical intimacies: dialogue in our times 20 August 2015
Add Representations of knowledge: The use of metaphor in academics' talk about 'critical thinking' 20 August 2015
Add Diagnostic language and literacy assessment policy: Balancing system and lifeworld 20 August 2015
Add Reading for real: Authenticity in the assessment of academic reading (invited paper) 20 August 2015
Add Hospitality for asylum seekers? Think again 20 August 2015
Add Australian Journal of Structural Engineering 19 August 2015
Add Knowledge, disciplinarity and the teaching of critical thinking 19 August 2015
Add Analysing the 'text on the page': Some directions from applied linguistics 19 August 2015
Add The myth of job readiness? Written communication, employability, and the 'skills gap' in higher education 19 August 2015
Add Literacy practices in the professional workplace: Implications for the IELTS reading and writing tests 19 August 2015
Add Get Back, Light my Fire, Do it Again: why is pop so pushy? 19 August 2015
Add Language and learning: the learning dimensions of our work, Refereed Proceedings of the Third National Language and Academic Skills Conference, Monash University, 25-26 November 1999 / Glenda Grosling, Tim Moore & Sheila Vance (eds.) 19 August 2015
Add Language and learning in the 'late age of print': Situating a web-based essay writing project 19 August 2015
Add The myth of job readiness? Written communication, employability, and the 'skills gap' in higher education 19 August 2015
Add Doing PELA in Australian universities: The non-maleficence issue (invited paper) 19 August 2015
Add Genre, situation, and function variables in a 'domain analysis' study for the IELTS General Training Writing Module 19 August 2015
Add The place (and places) of critical thinking in disciplinary education: Implications for assessment 19 August 2015
Add Post-enrolment language assessment (PELA) in higher education: Issues, challenges, approaches 19 August 2015
Add The discourse of continuous improvement: A common generic structure found in a range of applied disciplines, and its implications for teaching 19 August 2015
Add The idea of transitivity: Relations and collaborations 19 August 2015
Add How specific are disciplinary discourses? Towards some reconciling of general and particular in academic literacy pedagogy (invited paper) 19 August 2015
Add Performance analysis for object-oriented software: a systematic mapping 18 August 2015
Add The potential roles of bacterial communities in coral defence: A case study at Talang-talang reef 18 August 2015
Add The role of technology in the management and exploitation of internal business intelligence 18 August 2015
Add Reflecting design thinking: A case study of the process of designing dashboards 18 August 2015
Add Suboptimal business intelligence implementations: Understanding and addressing the problems 18 August 2015
Add Reduced negative symptoms may distinguish the clinical profile of patients with psychosis following traumatic brain injury from schizophrenia/schizoaffective disorder 18 August 2015
Add Executive dysfunction in psychosis following traumatic brain injury 18 August 2015
Add Prevalence and control of Listeria monocytogenes in food processing environments 18 August 2015
Add Labor's half-step forward on refugees 18 August 2015
Add Our smallest recession, our weakest recovery. Has Australia's potential growth rate shrunk? 18 August 2015
Add Permanent deformation study of pavement layers using a laboratory pavement model testing 18 August 2015
Add Experimental study on contact erosion failure in pavement embankment with dispersive clay. 18 August 2015
Add Abbott's end game 18 August 2015
Add The resolutely unpredictable Rolf de Heer 18 August 2015
Add The Qing is dead! Long live the Qing! 18 August 2015
Add World Machine 18 August 2015
Add Revert. Renew. Remake. 18 August 2015
Add Play Parameters 18 August 2015
Add Noemaflux:ia 18 August 2015
Add Noemaflux 18 August 2015
Add Cyber Dada Retrospective 18 August 2015
Add Asemic writing 1 18 August 2015
Add Zydnei 18 August 2015