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Add Frequency-domain beamformers using conjugate gradient techniques for speech enhancement 11 September 2014
Add Effect of thermomechanical treatment on the superelasticity of Ti-7.5Nb-4Mo-2Sn biomedical alloy 11 September 2014
Add Influences of recovery and recrystallization on the superelastic behavior of a b titanium alloy made by suction casting 11 September 2014
Add Collagen type-I leads to in vivo matrix mineralization and secondarystabilization of Mg-Zr-Ca alloy implants 11 September 2014
Add Regulatory challenges in the move to a low-carbon environment 11 September 2014
Add Understanding infill: Towards new policy and practice for urban regeneration in the established suburbs of Australia's cities 11 September 2014
Add The roles of epithelial cell contact, respiratory bacterial interactions and phosphorylcholine in promoting biofilm formation by Streptococcus pneumoniae and nontypeable Haemophilus influenzae 11 September 2014
Add In silico investigation of lactone and thiolactone inhibitors in bacterial quorum sensing using molecular modeling 11 September 2014
Add Leveraging R&D investment for the Australian built environment : industry report 11 September 2014
Add Attitudes to genetically modified food over time: how trust in organizations and the media cycle predict support 11 September 2014
Add Nanotechnology in Dutch science cafes: public risk perceptions contextualised 11 September 2014
Add Letters: public perceptions of Australia's doctors, hospitals and health care systems 11 September 2014
Add Personalised medicine in the genome era 11 September 2014
Add European liberalization: a view from afar 11 September 2014
Add Fundamentals of higher order stochastic equations 11 September 2014
Add Recycled-glass blends in pavement base/subbase applications: laboratory and field evaluation 11 September 2014
Add Examining brain-cognition effects of ginkgo biloba extract: brain activation in the left temporal and left prefrontal cortex in an object working memory task 9 September 2014
Add Reply to H Hemila 9 September 2014
Add Bioreactors, stirred tank for culture of plant cells 9 September 2014
Add Options for the Senate's voting system 9 September 2014
Add Focused ion beam analysis of cell growth in 3D interconnected porous structure scaffold 9 September 2014
Add Carbon strategies and management practices in the Australian power industry- lessons learned from the coal-face 9 September 2014
Add Integration of carbon risk in organizational risk management systems: evidence from Australian firms 9 September 2014
Add The research design maze: understanding paradigms, cases, methods and methodologies 9 September 2014
Add The carbon economy and emissions reporting 9 September 2014
Add An investigation of voluntary corporate greenhouse gas emissions reporting in a market governance system: Australian evidence 9 September 2014
Add The M'Naughten standard 9 September 2014
Add The Jail Screening Assessment Tool 9 September 2014
Add The guilty but mentally ill verdict 9 September 2014
Add Key considerations and problems in assessing risk for violence 9 September 2014
Add Forensic psychological assessments 9 September 2014
Add Understanding psychopathy 9 September 2014
Add Risk assessment and the dangerous offender 9 September 2014
Add Managing offenders with psychiatric disorders in general psychiatric services 9 September 2014
Add Mental disorders among offenders in correctional settings 9 September 2014
Add Assessing and managing the risk of violence towards others 9 September 2014
Add The treatment of psychopathy: Clinical nihilism or steps in the right direction? 9 September 2014
Add Defining forensic psychology 9 September 2014
Add The workers' compensation experience: a qualitative exploration of workers' beliefs regarding the impact of the compensation system on their recovery and rehabilitation 9 September 2014
Add Personality disorders and violence: The role of maladaptive schema, aggression-related cognitions and anger 9 September 2014
Add Psychological consequences of work injury: personality, trauma and psychological distress. Symptoms of noninjured workers and injured workers returning to, or remaining at work 9 September 2014
Add Forensic psychiatry and its interfaces outside the UK and Ireland 9 September 2014
Add Psychological autopsy of equivocal deaths 9 September 2014
Add Psychopathy and antisocial personality disorder 9 September 2014
Add The nature of police involvement in mental health transfers 9 September 2014
Add Procedural justice in victim-police interactions and victims' recovery from victimisation experiences 9 September 2014
Add Clinical risk assessment and management: a practical manual for mental health clinicians 9 September 2014
Add Confidentiality for mental health professionals : a guide to ethical and legal principles 9 September 2014
Add Inside Indonesia's media 9 September 2014
Add Uniform defamation laws 9 September 2014
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