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Add Optimisation of a polypyrrole based actuator 17 April 2015
Add Nanostructured conducting polymer scaffolds for skeletal muscle growth 17 April 2015
Add Microstructured hybrid conducting polymer platforms for skeletal muscle 17 April 2015
Add Molecular systems for improving gene mutation correction in muscle disease 17 April 2015
Add Biomedical applications of inherently conducting polymers (ICPs) 17 April 2015
Add Continuous simulations of nutrients and BOD through a stream section 16 April 2015
Add A distributed social choice protocol for combinatorial domains 15 April 2015
Add El Farol Bar problem, Potluck problem and electric energy balancing-on the importance of communication 15 April 2015
Add On dynamic negotiation strategy for concurrent negotiation over distinct objects 15 April 2015
Add A Pareto-efficient and fair mediation approach to multilateral negotiation 15 April 2015
Add Preference based automated negotiation for service procurement in multi-agent systems 15 April 2015
Add Smart CloudBench - test drive the cloud before you buy 15 April 2015
Add Smart CloudMonitor - providing visibility into performance of black-box clouds 15 April 2015
Add Smart Cloud Marketplace - agent-based platform for trading cloud services 15 April 2015
Add Truthful market-based trading of cloud services with reservation price 15 April 2015
Add The birth of hypertext: A living history 15 April 2015
Add Interview with Belinda Barnet, author of 'Memory Machines: The Evolution of Hypertext' 15 April 2015
Add Structural equation modeling in psychology: the history, development and current challenges 14 April 2015
Add Researching teachers' thinking about education for sustainable development 14 April 2015
Add Multi-faceted engagement for urban sustainable futures in Melbourne and Southeast Asia 14 April 2015
Add Authoritarian leaders cultivate the followers they deserve: the effect of leadership style on decision making 14 April 2015
Add Why are attempts of organisations to enhance the wellbeing of individuals likely to fail: the curse of conflicting needs 14 April 2015
Add An HRP based biosensor using sulphonated polyaniline 14 April 2015
Add Carbon nanotube based electronic and electrochemical sensors 14 April 2015
Add Biomolecules as selective dispersants for carbon nanotubes 14 April 2015
Add Investigation of Ig.G adsorption and the effect on electrochemical responses at titanium dioxide electrode 14 April 2015
Add Novel biosensor fabrication methodology based on processable conducting polyaniline nanoparticles 14 April 2015
Add An amperometric enzyme biosensor fabricated from polyaniline nanoparticles 14 April 2015
Add Optically active polymer carbon nanotube composite 14 April 2015
Add Use of inherently conducting polymers and pulsed amperometry in flow injection analysis to detect oligonucleotides 14 April 2015
Add Polymerisation and characterisation of conducting polyaniline nanoparticle dispersions 14 April 2015
Add Studies of double layer capacitance and electron transfer at a gold electrode exposed to protein solutions 14 April 2015
Add Stabilization of single-wall carbon nanotubes in fully sulfonated polyaniline 14 April 2015
Add ATR-IR spectroscopic studies of the influence of phosphate buffer on adsorption of immunoglobulin G to TiO2 14 April 2015
Add Investigation of protein adsorption and electrochemical behavior at a gold electrode 14 April 2015
Add Nanostructure based on inherently conducting polymers 14 April 2015
Add Development of polypyrrole-based electromechanical actuators 14 April 2015
Add Procedural justice 14 April 2015
Add Cultural variation in Australia: ethnicity, host community residence, and power-distance values 14 April 2015
Add Can attachment theory help explain the relationship between childhood adversity and psychosis? 14 April 2015
Add The effect of shock dynamics on compressibility of ignition-scale National Ignition Facility implosions 14 April 2015
Add Defects induced ferromagnetism in plasma-enabled graphene nanopetals 14 April 2015
Add Below melting point photothermal reshaping of single gold nanorods driven by surface diffusion 14 April 2015
Add Oscillatory magnetoconvective instability in a ferrofluid layer placed in an oblique external magnetic field 14 April 2015
Add Reducing occupational stress with a B-vitamin focussed intervention: a randomized clinical trial: study protocol 14 April 2015
Add Normalized polarization ratios for the analysis of cell polarity 14 April 2015
Add Optimisation and stability assessment of solid lipid nanoparticles using particle size and zeta potential 14 April 2015
Add Investigation of ion kinetic effects in direct-drive exploding-pusher implosions at the NIF 14 April 2015
Add Political skill for developing construction safety climate 14 April 2015
Add Childhood trauma and psychosis: evidence, pathways, and implications 14 April 2015