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Title Date Deposited
Add A peer assisted teaching scheme 25 November 2014
Add Spaces where learning takes place: rethinking contemporary approaches to learning and teaching 25 November 2014
Add Intonational phrasing within clauses in two Australian languages. 25 November 2014
Add Pausing and phrase length in two Australian languages 25 November 2014
Add Big words, small phrases: mismatches between pause units and the polysynthetic word in Dalabon 25 November 2014
Add The verb lexicon of Golin 25 November 2014
Add The intra-word pause and disfluency in Dalabon 25 November 2014
Add Foreign investments in real estate, economic growth and property prices: evidence from OECD Countries 25 November 2014
Add Do governance factors matter for happiness in the MENA region? 25 November 2014
Add The interaction between tourism and FDI in real estate in OECD countries 25 November 2014
Add Wealth effect from real estate and outbound travel demand: the Malaysian case 25 November 2014
Add Dynamic relationship between house prices in Malaysia's major economic regions and Singapore house prices 25 November 2014
Add Globalization indicators-inbound tourism relationship in the MENA region 25 November 2014
Add Does real estate transparency matter for foreign real estate investments? 25 November 2014
Add Estimating the tourism-led growth hypothesis: a case study of the Middle East countries 25 November 2014
Add Foreign aid imperatives in the Greater Mekong Subregion: case studies of Australian, Japanese and Thai aid cooperation 25 November 2014
Add Where is the evidence? Realising the value of grey literature for public policy and practice 24 November 2014
Add Latin America the overlooked trade giant of Australia’s G20 21 November 2014
Add The WFCAM Science Archive 20 November 2014
Add The Sydney-AAO Multi-object Integral field spectrograph 20 November 2014
Add Characterization of hexabundles: initial results 20 November 2014
Add Strategic regionalization in marketing campaigns: beyond the standardization/glocalization debate 20 November 2014
Add Computational investigation of thermochemistry and kinetics of steam methane reforming on Ni(111) under realistic conditions 20 November 2014
Add A new search for distant radio galaxies in the Southern hemisphere - II. 2.2 μm imaging* 20 November 2014
Add A new search for distant radio galaxies in the Southern hemisphere - III. Optical spectroscopy and analysis of the MRCR-SUMSS sample 20 November 2014
Add Ionizing radiation potentiates dihydroartemisinin-induced apoptosis of A549 cells via a caspase-8-dependent pathway 20 November 2014
Add The self or the voice? Relative contributions of self-esteem and voice appraisal in persistent auditory hallucinations 20 November 2014
Add First science with SAMI: a serendipitously discovered galactic wind in ESO 185-G031 20 November 2014
Add Single-cell analysis of dihydroartemisinin-induced apoptosis through reactive oxygen species-mediated caspase-8 activation and mitochondrial pathway in ASTC-a-1 cells using fluorescence imaging techniques 20 November 2014
Add The UKIDSS galactic plane survey 20 November 2014
Add Retrospective views of psychiatric in-patients regaining mental capacity 20 November 2014
Add Mental capacity, diagnosis and insight in psychiatric in-patients: a cross-sectional study 20 November 2014
Add Regaining mental capacity for treatment decisions following psychiatric admission: a clinico-ethical study 20 November 2014
Add Mental capacity and psychiatric in-patients: implications for the new mental health law in England and Wales 20 November 2014
Add Fast flexible multiphoton fluorescence lifetime imaging using acousto-optic deflector 20 November 2014
Add Bufalin induces reactive oxygen species dependent bax translocation and apoptosis in ASTC-a-1 cells 20 November 2014
Add Taxol induces paraptosis independent of both protein synthesis and MAPK pathway 20 November 2014
Add The mitotic kinase aurora-A induces mammary cell migration and breast cancer metastasis by activating the cofilin-F-actin pathway 20 November 2014
Add An empirical quantitative fluorescence resonance energy transfer method for multiple acceptors based on partial acceptor photobleaching 20 November 2014
Add Artesunate induces apoptosis via a Bak-mediated caspase-independent intrinsic pathway in human lung adenocarcinoma cells 20 November 2014
Add Spontaneous volunteering: trends and challenges in the Australian context / Melanie Oppenheimer and Jeni Warburton (eds.) 20 November 2014
Add A recurrent neural network for modeling crack growth of aluminium alloy 20 November 2014
Add Screening rat mesenchymal stem cell attachment and differentiation on surface chemistries using plasma polymer gradients 20 November 2014
Add High resolution coherent diffractive imaging with a table-top extreme ultraviolet source 20 November 2014
Add Electromagnetic algorithm for tuning the structure and parameters of neural networks 20 November 2014
Add Probing the hydrophobic interaction between air bubbles and partially hydrophobic surfaces using atomic force microscopy 20 November 2014
Add Quantum-dot based nanothermometry in optical plasmonic recording media 20 November 2014
Add Semi-analytic models for the CANDELS survey: comparison of predictions for intrinsic galaxy properties 20 November 2014
Add Plasmonic characteristics in nanoscale graphene resonator-coupled waveguides 20 November 2014
Add The usefulness of traditional usability evaluation methods 20 November 2014
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