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Add Vitriolic abuse of Anita Sarkeesian: why the games industry needs her 22 September 2014
Add Bend me shape me: A practical experience of repurposing research data 22 September 2014
Add Lend me some sugar: Borrowing rates of neighbouring books as evidence for browsing 22 September 2014
Add Earthquake protection by tire-soil mixtures: Numerical study 22 September 2014
Add An alternative method for probabilistic seismic-hazard assessment: A case study of three cities 22 September 2014
Add Geotechnical seismic isolation by rubber-soil mixtures 22 September 2014
Add An earthquake protection method by utilizing scrap tires 22 September 2014
Add Displacement-based rapid seismic assessment procedure for building structures 22 September 2014
Add Displacement design spectrum model accounting for non-linear site effects 22 September 2014
Add Protecting low-to-medium-rise buildings by scrap tyre-soil mixtures 22 September 2014
Add Geotechnical seismic isolation by scrap tire-soil mixtures 22 September 2014
Add General report on session 6: Seismic analysis and design of retaining and marine structures, and seismic zonation, seismic hazard assessment, site characterization and ground response analysis 22 September 2014
Add Ductility capacity of existing RC bridge piers in Australia 22 September 2014
Add Scrap tyre-soil mixture for seismic protection 22 September 2014
Add Development of locally representative seismic hazard models 22 September 2014
Add Seismic site classification practice in Australia, China and India: Suitability 22 September 2014
Add Beyond traditional literacy: Learning and transformative practices using ICT 22 September 2014
Add THz photomixer with milled nanoelectrodes on LT-GaAs 22 September 2014
Add Tools for participation: intergenerational technology design for the home 22 September 2014
Add Engineering gold alloys for plasmonics 22 September 2014
Add SERS scaling rules 22 September 2014
Add Comparative deflection hardening behavior of short fiber reinforced geopolymer composites 22 September 2014
Add Optical/IR studies of Be stars in NGC 6834 with emphasis on two specific stars 22 September 2014
Add Don't forget the human tragedy represented by these few small boats 22 September 2014
Add Characterization of microstructure and residual stress in a 3D H13 tool steel component produced by additive manufacturing 19 September 2014
Add A volcano and its people 19 September 2014
Add Counselling older adults living in residential aged care settings: Four illustrative case studies 19 September 2014
Add QUSHION: Earthquake protection by rubber-soil mixtures 19 September 2014
Add GENQKE: A computer program for generating artificial earthquake accelerograms and elastic response spectra 19 September 2014
Add Lessons learnt from the 512 Wenchuan Earthquake: Perception of seismic risks 19 September 2014
Add Yield curvature for the design of normal- and high- strength circular reinforced concrete columns 19 September 2014
Add Estimation of yield curvature for direct displacement-based seismic design of RC columns 19 September 2014
Add Seismic slope stability assessment in a moderate seismicity region, Hong Kong 19 September 2014
Add Earth's close shave with an asteroid 18 September 2014
Add A phenomenological investigation of overvalued ideas and delusions in clinical and subclinical anorexia nervosa 18 September 2014
Add Purchase behaviour of microcredit: the case of war-affected youth 18 September 2014
Add Enhancing self-brand connection in service firms with special reference to commercial banks in Sri Lanka 18 September 2014
Add Generational differences in views about gay marriage 18 September 2014
Add Behavior of concrete damaged by high temperature exposureand confined with CFRP fabrics 18 September 2014
Add Strength of sustainable non-bearing masonry units manufactured from calcium carbide residue and fly ash 18 September 2014
Add On the transition to 'Threshold 9': examining the implications of 'sustainability' for human civilisation, using the lens of Big History 18 September 2014
Add Book launch presentation for 'Gay men’s relationships across the life course' by Peter Robinson 18 September 2014
Add Utilization of scrap tires for earthquake hazard mitigation 18 September 2014
Add Seismic drift demand and capacity of non-seismically designed concrete buildings in Hong Kong 18 September 2014
Add Seismic site effects in Hong Kong 18 September 2014
Add Seismic hazard of Hong Kong 18 September 2014
Add Finite element modelling of a new earthquake protection method involving soil-structure interaction 18 September 2014
Add Threats and countermeasures in the design of civilian structures against terrorist attacks 18 September 2014
Add Towards emissions trading: the role of environmental management systems in voluntarily disclosing greenhouse gases emissions 18 September 2014
Add How can we retain customers of varying usage patterns? - The case of an Internet Service Provider 18 September 2014
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