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Add Sowing the seeds: How 1990s Marvel animation facilitated today's cinematic universe 6 May 2016
Add Swan song: Lamenting Ireland's traditional past in Song of the Sea (Tomm Moore 2014) 6 May 2016
Add The comic book film adaptation: A panel discussion with Tom Brevoort, Joe Kelly, Michael E. Uslan, and Mark Waid 6 May 2016
Add Haunted by the Source: How a practice-based approach to teaching adaptation can encourage students to embrace post-structuralist approaches 6 May 2016
Add Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a po-faced exercise in franchise-building 6 May 2016
Add Tarantino's The Hateful Eight: Review and cast interview 6 May 2016
Add What superheroes looked like in 2015 6 May 2016
Add The case of the immortal detective: Sherlock Holmes and his enduring appeal 6 May 2016
Add Introduction to the symposium on sustainability leadership 5 May 2016
Add Leadership for the greater good: developing indicators of societal and environmental health 5 May 2016
Add Imagined past, present and futures in Murray-Darling Basin communities 5 May 2016
Add Which cognitive biases can exacerbate our workload? 5 May 2016
Add The prevailing origin of psychological problems in young people: a dissociation from the future 5 May 2016
Add 'Youth' by Paolo Sorrentini (Film review) 5 May 2016
Add Hitchcock review: Peter Ackroyd skims over the life of the great director (Book review) 5 May 2016
Add Book review: 'Eugene O'Neill' by Robert M. Dowling 5 May 2016
Add Book review: 'The sense of style: the thinking person's guide to writing in the 21st century' by Steven Pinker 5 May 2016
Add Forever young review: Steven Carroll's richly but delicately textured novel (Book review) 5 May 2016
Add On-market share buybacks, exercisable share options and earnings management 5 May 2016
Add Intangible assets, IFRS and analysts' earnings forecasts 5 May 2016
Add Derivative activities and asia-pacific banks' interest rate and exchange rate exposures 5 May 2016
Add China's securities reforms and IPO wealth loss 5 May 2016
Add Changes in value relevance of accounting information upon IFRS adoption: evidence from Australia 5 May 2016
Add Adoption of international financial reporting standards: impact on the value relevance of intangible assets 5 May 2016
Add Anna Massey 5 May 2016
Add Oliver Reed 5 May 2016
Add Herbert Lom 5 May 2016
Add Dinah Sheridan 5 May 2016
Add Dulcie Gray 5 May 2016
Add Diane Cilento 5 May 2016
Add Crowded years 5 May 2016
Add The voice of a generation 5 May 2016
Add Taking the plunge: Russell Crowe's 'The water diviner' (Film review) 5 May 2016
Add Beyond Hollywood: David Stratton's festival of the best of British (Film review) 5 May 2016
Add Homeward bound: Michael Blakemore's Australian films (Film reviews) 5 May 2016
Add Guidelines for group assignments, 3rd edition 5 May 2016
Add Achieving graduate attributes: University, student, and industry perspectives 5 May 2016
Add Employee perceptions of the solid waste management system operating in a large Australian contracting organisation: implications for company policy implementation 5 May 2016
Add Improving solid waste reduction and recycling performance using goal setting and feedback 5 May 2016
Add The role of environmental performance assessment in Australian building design 5 May 2016
Add Building education for the next industrial revolution: teaching and learning environmental literacy for the building professions 5 May 2016
Add A review of meta-analytic research in accounting 5 May 2016
Add A Meta-analysis of IFRS adoption effects 5 May 2016
Add Strength development in soft marine clay stabilized by fly ash and calcium carbide residue based geopolymer 4 May 2016
Add CFRP confinement of circular concrete columns affected by alkali-aggregate reaction 4 May 2016
Add Fractured rock aquifer delineation and assessment using spatial analysis in Kano, Nigeria 4 May 2016
Add Spatio-temporal composition of crowdsourced services 4 May 2016
Add Anytime concurrent clustering of multiple streams with an indexing tree 4 May 2016
Add Managing big trajectory data: Online processing of positional streams 4 May 2016
Add Proceedings of the 24th ACM International on Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, CIKM 2015, Melbourne, Australia, 19-23 October 2015 4 May 2016