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Add Does income inequality make us less happy? 1 October 2014
Add A review of the establishment of the stock market in Vietnam-in relation to other transitional economies 1 October 2014
Add Favourite athlete brand personality scales: A generation Y exploration 1 October 2014
Add Entrepreneurial orientation and new product performance: the moderating role of formal control systems 1 October 2014
Add Effects of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor treatment on plasma oxytocin and cortisol in major depressive disorder 1 October 2014
Add Towards a reflexive turn: Social marketing assemblages 1 October 2014
Add Sport loyalty behaviours: Do demographics and sport fan motivation matter? 1 October 2014
Add La vita difficile 1 October 2014
Add Reach for Generation Y: using celebrity endorsement to communicate about nonprofit causes with young people in Australia 1 October 2014
Add Improving learning through interactive multiple choice questions with confidence measurement 1 October 2014
Add CRCache: exploiting the correlation between content popularity and network topology information for ICN caching 1 October 2014
Add Synthesis and characterization of epoxy resin reinforced with luffa fiber composites for sound absorption 1 October 2014
Add Strain rate effect on the mechanical properties of recycled wood particles/epoxy composites 1 October 2014
Add Advanced ceramics: some challenges and solutions in machining by conventional methods 1 October 2014
Add Non dowel joint spacing for low volume roads in tropical climate: a case study in Sri Lanka 1 October 2014
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