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Add Optimization of rate-pitch in cochlear implant hearing 6 October 2016
Add Training to improve pitch percept ion of cochlear implant users in the presence of competing place cues 6 October 2016
Add Smart devices: novel possibilities for audiological assessment 6 October 2016
Add Auditory nerve: large differences in fiber response 6 October 2016
Add The slopes of auditory nerve input-output functions decrease as stimulus pulse rate is increased 6 October 2016
Add Design for reliability of a vehicle transmission system 6 October 2016
Add A case study of efficient tolerance synthesis in product assemblies under loading 6 October 2016
Add Structural fatigue investigation on shape memory alloy wire 6 October 2016
Add Advances in design and materials for indoor sports surfaces 6 October 2016
Add Sustainable design of sports products 6 October 2016
Add Sports apparel 6 October 2016
Add Finite element analysis of vertically loaded cylindrical TI implants 6 October 2016
Add Biomimetic design of lightweight vehicle structures based on animal bone properties 6 October 2016
Add A comparative experimental study of the thermal properties of cricket helmets 6 October 2016
Add Analysis of deep groove ball bearing design for assembly 6 October 2016
Add Design of shape memory alloy actuators for direct power by an automotive battery 6 October 2016
Add Feasible build orientations for self-supporting fused deposition manufacture: A novel approach to space-filling tesselated geometries 6 October 2016
Add Design optimisation of passenger car hood panels for improved pedestrian protection 6 October 2016
Add Design of load bearing assembly for lightweight automotive seat using CoFEA-P 6 October 2016
Add Conceptual design evaluation of lightweight load bearing structural assembly for an automotive seat adjuster mechanism 6 October 2016
Add Comparative evaluation of engineering design concepts based on non-linear substructuring analysis 6 October 2016
Add Robust adaptive central difference particle filter 6 October 2016
Add Evaluation of thermal and evaporative resistances in cricket helmets using a sweating manikin 6 October 2016
Add Combined load simulation vs component loads simulation in machine design: a case study 6 October 2016
Add Effects of seat structural dynamics on current ride comfort criteria 6 October 2016
Add Technology-enhanced laboratory experiments in learning and teaching 6 October 2016
Add Capability framework for sustainable manufacturing of sports apparel and footwear 6 October 2016
Add Finite element analysis of three-point bending test of a porous beam emulating bone structure for the development of vehicle side instrusion bars 6 October 2016
Add An extended substructuring technique for efficient evaluation of nonlinear load-bearing structures in the conceptual design stage 6 October 2016
Add The critical and crossover radii on transient heating 6 October 2016
Add Aerodynamics of oval shaped sports balls 6 October 2016
Add Consideration of biomimetics in structural design of vehicle side intrusion bars 6 October 2016
Add The compression effect on aerodynamic properties of Diana Submarine Swimsuit 6 October 2016
Add An adaptable virtual engineering platform for distributed design based on open source game technology 6 October 2016
Add Functional fatigue of shape memory alloys 6 October 2016
Add Investigation of dynamic elastic deformation of parts processed by fused deposition modeling additive manufacturing 6 October 2016
Add Microorganism-particle association in water supply systems 5 October 2016
Add Fabrication of a pi-phase-shifted fiber Bragg grating at twice the Bragg wavelength with a standard phase mask 5 October 2016
Add Chaotic advection at the pore scale: mechanisms, upscaling and implications for macroscopic transport 4 October 2016
Add Environmental impacts of utilizing waste steel slag aggregates as recycled road construction materials 4 October 2016
Add Beating the Senate at its own game 4 October 2016
Add Beijing's guoqing versus Australia's way of life 4 October 2016
Add Trump and Clinton face off in first US presidential debate: experts respond 4 October 2016
Add Business must do more to support university sector: greater collaboration and funding on research, teaching needed 4 October 2016
Add Smart system to optimise the construction process of formwork and falsework inspection 4 October 2016
Add A framework to investigate existing barriers in BIM applications 4 October 2016
Add Modified federated Kalman filter for INS/GNSS/CNS integration 4 October 2016
Add Enhanced nonlinear material modelling for the analysis and qualification of rollover protective structures 4 October 2016
Add Constitutive modeling of additive manufactured Ti-6Al-4V cyclic elastoplastic behaviour 4 October 2016
Add Prediction of tissue thermal damage 4 October 2016