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Add Families, relationships and intimate life 12 January 2015
Add Strategies for improving postpartum contraceptive use: evidence from non-randomized studies 12 January 2015
Add Content analysis of Australian direct-to-consumer websites for emerging breast cancer imaging devices 12 January 2015
Add The role and efficacy of Independent Children's Lawyers 12 January 2015
Add Getting the word out: Independent children lawyers in the family law system 12 January 2015
Add Families with complex needs: Meeting the challenges of separation 12 January 2015
Add Familiarly queer? Same-sex relationships and family formation 12 January 2015
Add Nano reinforced cement and concrete composites and new perspective from graphene oxide 12 January 2015
Add An innovative procedure for estimating contact force during impact 12 January 2015
Add A social graph based text mining framework for chat log investigation 12 January 2015
Add Collisions of matter-wave solitons 12 January 2015
Add Digital design of adaptive repetitive control of linear systems with time-varying periodic disturbances 12 January 2015
Add Dual loyalties and impossible dilemmas: health care in immigration detention 12 January 2015
Add Dynamical crises, multistability and the influence of the duration of immunity in a seasonally-forced model of disease transmission 12 January 2015
Add Introduction to the special issue on fault diagnosis and prognosis for engineering systems 12 January 2015
Add A survey and a molecular dynamics study on the (central) hydrophobic region of prion proteins 12 January 2015
Add Book Review: 'Politics, society, self: occasional writings', by Geoff Gallop and 'Trust Me: Australians and their Politicians' by Jackie Dickenson. 12 January 2015
Add Tuning a magnetic Feshbach resonance with spatially modulated laser light 12 January 2015
Add Cloud data management for scientific workflows: Research issues, methodologies, and state-of-the-art 12 January 2015
Add Caring for people with dementia in residential aged care: Successes with a composite person-centered care model featuring Montessori-based activities 12 January 2015
Add The relationship between aggressive behaviour in prison and violent offending following release 12 January 2015
Add Evaluation of sound perception to identify candidate frequency for wireless networking 12 January 2015
Add Thatcher's Britain: A new take on an old illusion 12 January 2015
Add Changes in the supply of affordable housing in the private rental sector for lower income households, 2006-11 12 January 2015
Add Effect of thiourea on the structure and corrosion properties of electrodeposited ZN-SN 12 January 2015
Add StatsCasts: screencasts for complementing lectures in statistics classes 12 January 2015
Add Relating across international borders: Gay men forming families through overseas surrogacy 12 January 2015
Add A moral compass framework for resolution of wicked problems in doctoral education and supervision 12 January 2015
Add Computational modelling of co-firing of biomass with coal under oxy-fuel condition in a small scale furnace 12 January 2015
Add Ly-α and Mg II as probes of galaxies and their environment 12 January 2015
Add Developing an online psychological support intervention for partners of men with prostate cancer 12 January 2015
Add My road ahead: Results from an RCT evaluating an online psychological support program for men with prostate cancer 12 January 2015
Add Fragment based electronic structural analysis of l-phenylalanine using calculated ionization spectroscopy and dual space analysis 12 January 2015
Add Optimal preview control of a dual-stage actuator system for triangular reference tracking 12 January 2015
Add Identification of salt-tolerant barley varieties by a consolidated physiological and molecular approach 12 January 2015
Add The Inherited Cancer Connect (ICCon) mutation-carrier database 12 January 2015
Add Social media, small businesses, and the control of information 12 January 2015
Add E-TC: Development and pilot testing of a web-based intervention to reduce anxiety and depression in survivors of testicular cancer 12 January 2015
Add Overmassive black holes in the MBH-σ diagram do not belong to over (dry) merged galaxies 12 January 2015
Add The 'Being of the Occupier' is that of a Settler 9 January 2015
Add Towards a model for understanding the development of post-traumatic stress and general distress in mental health nurses 8 January 2015
Add Use and interpretation of routine outcome measures in forensic mental health 8 January 2015
Add Introduction: contemporary approaches to policing research in Australia 8 January 2015
Add Child sexual abuse: Providing protection and turning away from future offending 8 January 2015
Add Balancing legal, cultural and human rights with the forensic paradigm 8 January 2015
Add Realistic models of star cluster evolution: bridging the gap between theory and observations 8 January 2015
Add TACTICS for bioimaging informatics and analysis of T Cells 8 January 2015
Add Co-creating strategy in action with stakeholders: a grounded theory explaining middle manager response to their concerns around progressing organisational strategic agendas in increasingly ambiguous environments 8 January 2015
Add Bushfire surveillance using dynamic priority maps and swarming unmanned aerial vehicles 8 January 2015
Add An investigation of stressful situations in the workplace: the appraisal of and response to workplace bullying, workplace aggression and similar situations 8 January 2015