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Add Introducing the concept of Franchisee-Based Brand Equity (FBBE) 3 September 2014
Add Leveraging brand relationships to enhance brand value and franchisee-based brand equity 3 September 2014
Add Building franchisee-based brand equity through brand relationships 3 September 2014
Add Conceptualising franchisee-based brand equity: the role of brand relationship management and franchisor competence 3 September 2014
Add Brand citizenship behaviour in franchising 3 September 2014
Add Site class mapping based on earthquake ground motion data recorded by regional seismographic network 3 September 2014
Add Structural and magnetic studies of SrFe12O19 by sol-gel method 3 September 2014
Add Comparison of identification systems for psychrotrophic bacteria isolated from raw bovine milk 3 September 2014
Add Absorption-line detections of 10(5)-10(6) K gas in spiral-rich groups of galaxies 3 September 2014
Add Abusive supervision and links to nurse intentions to quit 3 September 2014
Add The AIMSS project - I. Bridging the star cluster-galaxy divide 3 September 2014
Add Carbon nanotube reinforced titanium metal matrix composites prepared by powder metallurgy - a review 3 September 2014
Add Probing PROBE: a field study of an advanced decision support prototype for managing chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosives (CBRNE) events 3 September 2014
Add A systematic literature review on modified condition and decision coverage 3 September 2014
Add Educational theory and the practice of critique 3 September 2014
Add Mobile media, place and location 2 September 2014
Add Vitamin B-12 and folate tests: the ongoing need to determine appropriate use and public funding 2 September 2014
Add Engaging clinicians in evidence-based disinvestment: Role and perceptions of evidence 2 September 2014
Add The ASTUTE Health study protocol: deliberative stakeholder engagements to inform implementation approaches to healthcare disinvestment 2 September 2014
Add Home videophones improve direct observation in tuberculosis treatment: a mixed methods evaluation 2 September 2014
Add Clinician acceptance is the key factor for sustainable telehealth services 2 September 2014
Add Use of web 2.0 to recruit Australian gay men to an online HIV/AIDS survey 2 September 2014
Add Musculoskeletal pain and discomfort and associated worker and organizational factors: a cross-sectional study 2 September 2014
Add Use of routine hospital morbidity data together with weight and height of patients to predict in-hospital complications following total joint replacement 2 September 2014
Add Mortality and clostridium difficile infection in an Australian setting 2 September 2014
Add The 'linked evidence approach' to assess medical tests: a critical analysis 2 September 2014
Add Education for contraceptive use by women after childbirth 2 September 2014
Add What principles should govern the use of managed entry agreements? 2 September 2014
Add What counts and how to count it: physicians' constructions of evidence in a disinvestment context 2 September 2014
Add Addressing 'waste' in diagnostic imaging: some implications of comparative effectiveness research 2 September 2014
Add Influence of mammographic screening on breast cancer incidence trends in South Australia 2 September 2014
Add Do breast cancer risk factors differ among those who do and do not undertake mammography screening? 2 September 2014
Add A novel case-control design to estimate the extent of over-diagnosis of breast cancer due to organised population-based mammography screening 2 September 2014
Add Using Web 2.0 for health promotion and social marketing efforts: lessons learned from Web 2.0 experts 2 September 2014
Add Implementing a virtual community of practice for family physician training: a mixed-methods case study 2 September 2014
Add Development and pilot testing of a decision aid for drivers with dementia 2 September 2014
Add Lack of sleep could increase obesity in children and too much television could be partly to blame 2 September 2014
Add Web 2.0 marketing: the need for a new research agenda for social marketing 2 September 2014
Add The devil is in the detail: determining the content of an internet intervention for older adults with asthma 2 September 2014
Add Internet self-management uniform reporting framework: the need for uniform reporting criteria when reporting internet interventions 2 September 2014
Add Where do older Australians receive their health information? Health information sources and their perceived reliability 2 September 2014
Add Where do older Australians receive their health information? Health information sources and their perceived reliability 2 September 2014
Add Asthma in older adults the need for asthma health promotion interventions 2 September 2014
Add Developing a decision aid for drivers living with dementia: supporting consumers and carers in the process of making decisions about driving retirement 2 September 2014
Add What factors delay driving retirement by individuals with dementia?: (The doctors' perspectives) 2 September 2014
Add Web 2.0 adoption and user characteristics 2 September 2014
Add Applying a goal-based resilience model to breast cancer: a preliminary study 2 September 2014
Add Cautiousness in young rural and semi-rural drivers: are there influencing factors? 2 September 2014
Add Psychosocial barriers to playground activity levels 2 September 2014
Add Investigating the role of physical symptoms on important goal pursuit in early-stage breast cancer patients 2 September 2014
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