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Add Controllable entanglement of lights in a five-level system 17 November 2015
Add Conclusion - Succeeding in a high cost environment 17 November 2015
Add Atom-chip-based generation of entanglement for quantum metrology 17 November 2015
Add The association between men's sexist attitudes and facial hair 17 November 2015
Add Anisotropic dynamics of a spin-orbit-coupled Bose-Einstein condensate 17 November 2015
Add 3D adaptive mesh refinement simulations of the gas cloud G2 born within the disks of young stars in the galactic center 17 November 2015
Add Tyranny of distance: Understanding academic library browsing by refining the neighbour effect 17 November 2015
Add Where my books go: choice and place in digital reading 17 November 2015
Add Young children’s transfer of learning from a touchscreen device 16 November 2015
Add The cultural logic of digital intermediaries: YouTube multichannel networks (MCNs) 16 November 2015
Add Needs and organizations: The case for the philosophical turn 16 November 2015
Add Occurrence of extreme waves in finite water depth 16 November 2015
Add Non-Gaussian properties of shallow water waves in crossing seas 16 November 2015
Add Climatic and spatial variability of potential rainwater savings for a large coastal city 16 November 2015
Add Multi-scale laboratory evaluation of the physical, mechanical, and microstructural properties of soft highway subgrade soil stabilized with calcium carbide residue 16 November 2015
Add Approach for making visible and stable stripes in a spin-orbit-coupled Bose-Einstein superfluid 16 November 2015
Add Shining an ethical light on egg hatching programs 11 November 2015
Add Can we see past what we imagine in early childhood in environmental education? 11 November 2015
Add Phase-matched high-order harmonic generation in a semi-infinite gas cell with absorbing gaseous media 11 November 2015
Add Asymmetric pricing of diesel at its source 11 November 2015
Add The effects of the motor vehicle industry on employment and research innovation in Australia 11 November 2015
Add Dynamics of Australia's tourism in a multimarket context 11 November 2015
Add Program level influence of market visioning competence and market vision on before-launch stage performance 11 November 2015
Add Removal of ATMs from EGM venues in Victoria, Australia. An evaluation 11 November 2015
Add Evaluation of the removal of ATMs from EGM venues in Victoria, Australia 11 November 2015
Add The impact of initial conditions in N-Body simulations of debris discs 11 November 2015
Add Characteristics of Australian brown coal fly ash blended geopolymers 11 November 2015
Add Managing intercultural service encounters: Establishing the need for intercultural training 11 November 2015
Add Law 11 November 2015
Add Understanding of bath surface wave in bottom blown copper smelting furnace 11 November 2015
Add Evaluation of the brain anaesthesia response monitor during anaesthesia for cardiac surgery: a double-blind, randomised controlled trial using two doses of fentanyl 11 November 2015
Add Cultural 'inclusion' or institutional decolonisation: how should prisons address the mental health needs of Indigenous prisoners? 11 November 2015
Add Energy balance around gas injection into oxygen steelmaking 11 November 2015
Add Nonlinear magneto-optical rotation in rubidium vapor excited with blue light 11 November 2015
Add Assessing cognitive skills programs: Identifying the factors and standardizing the goals 11 November 2015
Add Evaluating cognitive skills programs: Issues, effectiveness, and potential future directions 11 November 2015
Add Workplace adversity in correctional facilities: Developing a new way to equip correctional officers through fostering psychological resilience 11 November 2015
Add Social network analysis AND correctional environments: Prison networks and operational intelligence 11 November 2015
Add Juror decision-making and battered spouse syndrome: Examining the impact of cross-religious relationships 11 November 2015
Add Child custody and cults: Assessing the role of religious orientation and perceptions of parental fitness 11 November 2015
Add Social network analysis and correctional environments: Using technology to enhance the detection and disruption of prison networks 11 November 2015
Add The effects of education-level and individual difference variables on the perception of threats and negative attitudes towards asylum seekers in Australia 11 November 2015
Add Lateral carbon fluxes and CO2 outgassing from a tropical peat-draining river 11 November 2015
Add An improved phase lead repetitive controller for a linear actuator 11 November 2015
Add Future pedagogical design for a university-industry collaborative doctoral program 11 November 2015
Add Generation and application of coherent extreme ultraviolet radiation 11 November 2015
Add Mechanism of ZrB2 formation in molten Al-V-Zr Alloy during boron treatment 11 November 2015
Add Examining the interaction between attitudes and personality/cognitive traits in mock jurors 11 November 2015
Add Secure continuous variable teleportation and Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen steering 11 November 2015
Add Theorizing the imaginary character in David Holman's The Small Poppies 11 November 2015