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Add Catalytic performance of a novel Cr/ZnAlLaO catalyst for oxidative dehydrogenation of isobutane 19 March 2015
Add The host galaxies of X- ray selected active galactic nuclei to z=2.5: Structure, star formation, and their relationships from CANDELS and Herschel/PACS 19 March 2015
Add Controlling antibiotic release from mesoporous silica nano drug carriers via self-assembled polyelectrolyte coating 19 March 2015
Add Effects of mixing alcohol with energy drink on objective and subjective intoxication: results from a Dutch on-premise study 19 March 2015
Add Characterization of ANKRD11 mutations in humans and mice related to KBG syndrome 19 March 2015
Add Comparison of stock synchronicity measures 19 March 2015
Add Higher education internationalization strategies: Australian perspective 19 March 2015
Add Firm leverage decision: does industry matter? 19 March 2015
Add Three New Zealand engineers in Colonial Victoria - Brees, Holmes, and Richardson 19 March 2015
Add Childhood adversities increase the risk of psychosis: a meta-analysis of patient-control, prospective- and cross-sectional cohort studies 19 March 2015
Add Childhood adversity and psychosis: a literature review with clinical and societal implications 19 March 2015
Add Dissociative symptoms in patients with schizophrenia: relationships with childhood trauma and psychotic symptoms 19 March 2015
Add Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, drug companies and the internet 19 March 2015
Add To counteract stigma towards people with schizophrenia in the health sector: a pilot experience in a sample of Italian students of medicine/Contrarrestar el estigma hacia las personas con esquizofrenia en el ambito sanitario: una experiencia piloto en una muestra de estudiantes italianos de medicina 19 March 2015
Add Coping strategies in female survivors of childhood sexual abuse from two Canadian and two New Zealand cultural groups 19 March 2015
Add Exponential random graph models for multilevel networks 19 March 2015
Add The decomposed affiliation exposure model: a network approach to segregating peer influences from crowds and organized sports 19 March 2015
Add Exponential random graph model specifications for bipartite networks: a dependence hierarchy 19 March 2015
Add Bayesian analysis for partially observed network data, missing ties, attributes and actors 19 March 2015
Add Modelling a disease-relevant contact network of people who inject drugs 19 March 2015
Add Conditional estimation of exponential random graph models from snowball sampling designs 19 March 2015
Add Board interlocking network and the design of executive compensation packages 19 March 2015
Add Social selection models for multilevel networks 19 March 2015
Add Weak ties in male sex worker survival tactics 19 March 2015
Add How organizational support, career expectations and two dimensions of organizational justice explain discretionary work effort 19 March 2015
Add Google Glass and Australian privacy law regulating the future of locative media 19 March 2015
Add Metal-enriched, subkiloparsec gas clumps in the circumgalactic medium of a faint z = 2.5 galaxy 19 March 2015
Add Differences in views of schizophrenia during medical education: a comparative study of 1st versus 5th-6th year Italian medical students 19 March 2015
Add Drop the language of disorder 19 March 2015
Add Timor-Leste: from INTERFET to ASEAN 19 March 2015
Add Helen Hill's contribution to the understanding of early East Timorese nationalism 1974-1975 19 March 2015
Add A study of passengers' real-time emotional responses and comfort experience during the flight using an Experience Sampling Method (ESM) 19 March 2015
Add The impact of passenger seat on its occupant's comfort experience during the flight 19 March 2015
Add Towards a unified framework for governance and management of information 19 March 2015
Add Determining partner selection criteria using information communication technology (ICT) tools 19 March 2015
Add Benefit planning management for ITSM: evaluating benefit realization frameworks 19 March 2015
Add Perceived and objective usability and visual appeal in a website domain with a less developed mental model 19 March 2015
Add Discovery of PSR J1227-4853: A transition from a low-mass X-Ray binary to a redback millisecond pulsar 19 March 2015
Add Defining the experiential aspects of passengers' comfort in the aircraft interior - an empirical study 19 March 2015
Add Exploring the cognitive structure of aircraft passengers' emotions in relation to their comfort experience 19 March 2015
Add A multi-agent approach for enhancing transient stability of smart grids 19 March 2015
Add Book review: 'The transformation of the world: a global history of the Nineteenth century', by Jurgen Osterhammel 19 March 2015
Add A suite of visual languages for model-driven development of statistical surveys and services 19 March 2015
Add The transition from single molecule to ensemble revealed by fluorescence polarization 19 March 2015
Add Climate change adaptation: destination management and the green tourist 19 March 2015
Add Designing and delivering memorable experiences in the luxury hotel sector 17 March 2015
Add Men’s shorts are getting shorter and should be worn with pride 17 March 2015
Add Good sleep gets harder as we age, but mindfulness could help 17 March 2015
Add Will Andrew Forrest convince Australia's billionaires to open their wallets? 16 March 2015
Add Stadtgeschichte - Melbourne 16 March 2015