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Title Date Deposited
Add Helen Hill's contribution to the understanding of early East Timorese nationalism 1974-1975 19 March 2015
Add A study of passengers' real-time emotional responses and comfort experience during the flight using an Experience Sampling Method (ESM) 19 March 2015
Add The impact of passenger seat on its occupant's comfort experience during the flight 19 March 2015
Add Towards a unified framework for governance and management of information 19 March 2015
Add Determining partner selection criteria using information communication technology (ICT) tools 19 March 2015
Add Benefit planning management for ITSM: evaluating benefit realization frameworks 19 March 2015
Add Perceived and objective usability and visual appeal in a website domain with a less developed mental model 19 March 2015
Add Discovery of PSR J1227-4853: A transition from a low-mass X-Ray binary to a redback millisecond pulsar 19 March 2015
Add Defining the experiential aspects of passengers' comfort in the aircraft interior - an empirical study 19 March 2015
Add Exploring the cognitive structure of aircraft passengers' emotions in relation to their comfort experience 19 March 2015
Add A multi-agent approach for enhancing transient stability of smart grids 19 March 2015
Add Book review: 'The transformation of the world: a global history of the Nineteenth century', by Jurgen Osterhammel 19 March 2015
Add A suite of visual languages for model-driven development of statistical surveys and services 19 March 2015
Add The transition from single molecule to ensemble revealed by fluorescence polarization 19 March 2015
Add Climate change adaptation: destination management and the green tourist 19 March 2015
Add Designing and delivering memorable experiences in the luxury hotel sector 17 March 2015
Add Men’s shorts are getting shorter and should be worn with pride 17 March 2015
Add Good sleep gets harder as we age, but mindfulness could help 17 March 2015
Add Will Andrew Forrest convince Australia's billionaires to open their wallets? 16 March 2015
Add Stadtgeschichte - Melbourne 16 March 2015
Add Being heard: mentoring as part of a community media intervention 16 March 2015
Add How can effective governance build business opportunities between Australia and the Visegrad countries? 16 March 2015
Add Gender equity issues in astronomy: facts, fiction, and what the adaptive optics community can do to close the gap 13 March 2015
Add Surface nanoengineering of titanium alloys for biomedical applications 13 March 2015
Add Social selection models for multilevel networks 12 March 2015
Add Robust sliding mode control design for a dual-stage actuator system 12 March 2015
Add A composite control scheme for automotive Steer-By-Wire system 12 March 2015
Add Sliding mode control for longitudinal motion of underground mining electric vehicles 12 March 2015
Add Modified ESO based RC for improved disturbance rejection capability for the plant with time-varying uncertainty 12 March 2015
Add Connectivity control and performance optimization in Wireless Robotic Networks: Issues, approaches and a new framework 12 March 2015
Add Robust repetitive control of a dual stage actuator system 12 March 2015
Add Design and implementation of a vision-based robotic air hockey table 12 March 2015
Add Model reference control for active driveability improvement 12 March 2015
Add An improved battery pack equalizer based on a DC/DC converter with fuzzy logic controller 12 March 2015
Add Sliding mode based repetitive control for improved reference tracking 12 March 2015
Add Information sharing behavior in social commerce sites: the differences between sellers and non-sellers 12 March 2015
Add Enterprise system implementation failure: a strategic response? 12 March 2015
Add Morphological fractions of galaxies in WINGS clusters: revisiting the Morphology-Density Paradigm 12 March 2015
Add Corporate social responsibility disclosures and earnings quality: are they a reflection of managers' opportunistic behavior? 12 March 2015
Add Synthesis of geopolymer from industrial wastes 12 March 2015
Add New lightweight AES S-box using LFSR 12 March 2015
Add Compact and low power AES block cipher using lightweight key expansion mechanism and optimal number of S-Boxes 12 March 2015
Add Analysis of compressed sensing based CT reconstruction with low radiation 12 March 2015
Add Dynamic response of a cellular block with varying cross-section 12 March 2015
Add Rapid identification and source-tracking of Listeria monocytogenes using MALDI-TOF mass 12 March 2015
Add Problem finding through design thinking in education 12 March 2015
Add Transient stability of power system integrated with doubly fed induction generator wind farms 12 March 2015
Add Correction for Lopez-Perez et al., Genome Sequence of 'Thalassospira australica' NP3b2T Isolated from St. Kilda Beach, Tasman Sea 12 March 2015
Add Classification of eating disorders: comparison of relative prevalence rates using DSM-IV and DSM-5 criteria 12 March 2015
Add Linear least squares problems involving fixed knots polynomial splines and their singularity study 12 March 2015