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Add A note on speed modeling and travel time estimation based on truncated normal and log-normal distributions 15 June 2016
Add Setting standards in Australian higher education? 15 June 2016
Add Gamblers tell their stories: life patterns of gambling 15 June 2016
Add Effect of sheet material properties on residual stress profile in self-pierce riveted joint 15 June 2016
Add Fostering creativity through engineering projects 15 June 2016
Add Internationalizing management education: Experience in Australia 15 June 2016
Add Addressing psychological needs of individuals with inflammatory bowel disease is necessary [Letter to the Editor] 15 June 2016
Add Robust nonlinear adaptive backstepping excitation controller design for rejecting external disturbances in multimachine power systems 15 June 2016
Add Corrosive characteristics of bioethanol and gasoline blends for metals 15 June 2016
Add Thermodynamics data of valuable elements relevant to e-waste processing through primary and secondary copper production: A review 15 June 2016
Add Managing work across shifts: Not all shifts are equal 15 June 2016
Add Nanoscale precision of 3D polymerization via polarization control 15 June 2016
Add Solar water splitting: Efficiency discussion 15 June 2016
Add Determination of Ancylostoma Caninum ova viability using metabolic profiling 15 June 2016
Add A novel Michelson Fabry-Perot hybrid interference sensor based on the micro-structured fiber 15 June 2016
Add 3D printers, the third industrial revolution and the demise of capitalism 15 June 2016
Add In two minds: How reflections influence software design thinking 15 June 2016
Add Synthetic B-Cell epitopes eliciting cross-neutralizing antibodies: Strategies for future dengue vaccine 15 June 2016
Add The effects of service quality on internet service provider customers' behaviour: A mixed methods study 15 June 2016
Add Molecular hydrogen absorption from the Halo of A z ~ 0.4 Galaxy 15 June 2016
Add Moral outrage! Social work and social welfare [Editorial] 15 June 2016
Add Funding research in universities: The Watt Report 2015 15 June 2016
Add Stigmergy co-ordinates multicellular collective behaviours during Myxococcus xanthus surface migration 15 June 2016
Add Effects of confinement on the dielectric response of water extends up to mesoscale dimensions 15 June 2016
Add Social workers without borders: Voices for justice 15 June 2016
Add Characterization of reconstituted Malaysian kaolinite silts with varying clay contents 15 June 2016
Add Development of processing windows for HVOF carbide-based coatings 15 June 2016
Add Using blueprinting and benchmarking to identify marketing resources that help co-create customer value 15 June 2016
Add Radio and gamma-ray properties of extragalactic jets from the TANAMI sample 15 June 2016
Add Soil moisture change and land use in Victoria, Australia 15 June 2016
Add Acute effects of a dietary non-starch polysaccharide supplement on cognitive performance in healthy middle-aged adults 15 June 2016
Add Imprint of f(R) gravity on nonlinear structure formation 15 June 2016
Add Management of patients aged ≥85 years with ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction 14 June 2016
Add Cooperative model predictive control for distributed photovoltaic power generation systems 14 June 2016
Add The issue of contractible quality, quality assurance, and information asymmetries in higher education 14 June 2016
Add NES-REBS: A novel nuclear export signal prediction method using regular expressions and biochemical properties 14 June 2016
Add A bactericidal microfluidic device constructed using nano-textured black silicon 14 June 2016
Add Facial emotion recognition impairments in bipolar disorder. A cognitive problem? (Letter to the Editor) 14 June 2016
Add Impact of metals on corrosive behavior of biodiesel-diesel-ethanol (BDE) alternative fuel 14 June 2016
Add Thermodynamic properties of binary mixtures interacting via non-identical intermolecular potentials 14 June 2016
Add Structure of solid lipid nanoparticles produced by a microwave-assisted microemulsion technique 14 June 2016
Add Self-harm as a risk factor for inpatient aggression among women admitted to forensic psychiatric care 14 June 2016
Add Erratum: "Supermassive black holes and their host spheroids II. The red and blue sequence in the MBH-M*,sph Diagram" (2016, ApJ, 817, 21) 14 June 2016
Add Supermassive black holes and their host Spheroids III. The Mbh-nsph Correlation 14 June 2016
Add Classification of implantable rotary blood pump states with class noise 14 June 2016
Add The spalling of geopolymer high strength concrete wall panels and cylinders under hydrocarbon fire 14 June 2016
Add Focus on the journey, not the destination: Digital games and students with disability 14 June 2016
Add One-pot synthesis of carbon dots using two different acids and their respective unique photoluminescence property 14 June 2016
Add Randomized quasi-random testing 14 June 2016
Add Using the dynamic appraisal of situational aggression with mental health inpatients: A feasibility study 14 June 2016