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Title Date Deposited
Add More or less regulation? Seeking coherence in tertiary education 15 May 2015
Add It’s too late to debate metadata 15 May 2015
Add Data retention plan amended for journalists, but is it enough? 15 May 2015
Add Television 2025: rethinking small screen media in Australia 15 May 2015
Add What rocks your boat? When 'attraction' meets 'social identity' to achieve behavioural change 14 May 2015
Add Cross-cultural shared leadership as a vehicle to achieving community-level behavioural change through capacity building 14 May 2015
Add Sensing platforms: nano-fabrication, characterization and integration 14 May 2015
Add Galaxies and the intergalactic medium at redshift 5.7: the environment of metal absorption systems 14 May 2015
Add Engineering characterisation of construction and demolition materials reinforced with geogrids in pavement applications 14 May 2015
Add The stellar populations of extragalactic globular clusters 14 May 2015
Add Discussing complementary therapy use with Australian oncology patients 14 May 2015
Add Youth culture and smoking: How to find out who does what and why 14 May 2015
Add Youth culture and smoking: Integrating social group processes and individual cognitive processes in a model of health-related behaviours 14 May 2015
Add Integrating social group processes and individual cognitive processes in a model of health-related behaviours 14 May 2015
Add Optimising patients' responses to a diagnosis of cancer 14 May 2015
Add Breaking bad news: melanoma patients' experiences, preferences and psychological adjustment 14 May 2015
Add Developing evidence-based communication interventions: it takes two to tango 14 May 2015
Add The development of addicted smoking from experimentation: a prospective study of Australian young adults 14 May 2015
Add The moderating effect of group identification on the consistency between an individual's behaviour and group norms 14 May 2015
Add Uptake of smoking during the transition from adolescence to young adulthood 14 May 2015
Add The Fishbein-Ajzen expectancy-value model of attitude: measurement issues in the context of sun behaviour 14 May 2015
Add Predicting changes in attitude following mandated behaviour change: the case of workplace smoking bans 14 May 2015
Add Predicting attendance for screening mammography 14 May 2015
Add Would you like to talk about your future treatment options? 14 May 2015
Add A cognitive-behavioural model of smoking cessation in the context of workplace smoking bans 14 May 2015
Add Optimism and survival in lung cancer patients: is 'being positive' just an additional burden? 14 May 2015
Add Optimism, hope and survival: what messages are appropriate? 14 May 2015
Add The role of self-categorisation in the development of regular smoking and sun-tanning in young adults 14 May 2015
Add Associations of neighbourhood greenness with physical and mental health: Do walking, social coherence and local social interaction explain the relationships? 14 May 2015
Add Activity-friendly built environment attributes and adult adiposity 14 May 2015
Add Is television viewing time a marker of a broader pattern of sedentary behavior? 14 May 2015
Add Joint associations of multiple leisure-time sedentary behaviours and physical activity with obesity in Australian adults 14 May 2015
Add Initiating and maintaining recreational walking: a longitudinal study on the influence of neighborhood green space 14 May 2015
Add Associations between recreational walking and attractiveness, size, and proximity of neighborhood open spaces 14 May 2015
Add Commuting by car: Weight gain among physically active adults 14 May 2015
Add The built environment and physical activity behaviour change: new directions for research? 14 May 2015
Add Environments for active lifestyles: Sustainable environments may enhance human health 14 May 2015
Add Perception of sustainable design: an empirical examination of environmental preference and evaluation of sustainability 14 May 2015
Add The perceptual aspect of sustainable design: environmental preference and unresolved issues 14 May 2015
Add Human perception of sustainable environments: toward a new planning approach 14 May 2015
Add Boat people and gunships in the Mediterranean 13 May 2015
Add Issue and crisis management: exploring issues, crises, risk and reputation 13 May 2015
Add Choice of intensity measure in incremental dynamic analysis 13 May 2015
Add Displacement-based seismic assessment of moment resisting frames with blind bolted connections 13 May 2015
Add Behaviour of headed anchor blind bolts embedded in concrete filled circular hollow section column 13 May 2015
Add Simplified assessment of forklift-induced floor vibrations 13 May 2015
Add Collapse simulation of multi-story RC buildings throughhybrid testing 13 May 2015
Add State-of-the-art system for hybrid simulation at Swinburne 13 May 2015
Add Effectively discussing complementary/alternative medicines: recommended steps based on a systematic literature review 13 May 2015
Add Meeting needs of people with inoperable lung cancer through an innovative supportive care intervention: a randomised controlled trial 13 May 2015