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Title Date Deposited
Add UniPollWatch: a model for cross-campus political journalism education 3 May 2016
Add The media in Myanmar 3 May 2016
Add A free press slowly emerges in Myanmar 3 May 2016
Add 'Gotta Catch 'Em All!': Pokemon, cultural practice and object networks 3 May 2016
Add The power of observation: making research visible, accessible, and usable for the Asian digital economy 3 May 2016
Add Fengshui: A twenty-first century cultural bandaid? 3 May 2016
Add A multi perspective approach for understanding the determinants of cloud computing adoption among Australian SMEs 3 May 2016
Add A study on application of CPLM using process model of the pre-design stage 3 May 2016
Add Multi-dimensional construction management with 4D process & EVMS 3 May 2016
Add A study on pricing model of high-rise residential buildings from the viewpoint of landmark factor 3 May 2016
Add Analysis of the relationship between construction industry and cooperation business 3 May 2016
Add A research on optimized process of pre-design step in the construction project 3 May 2016
Add A basic study on the development of simulation systems for supporting the pre-design phase - based on BIM 3 May 2016
Add When CM At Risk meets virtual design and construction (VDC) in construction phase: Case study of practices in US 3 May 2016
Add An analysis about factors affecting inactiveness of BIM (building information modeling) introduction in the construction project 3 May 2016
Add Study on development of construction management module based on risk factor classification system at construction phase 3 May 2016
Add A study on estimating the conceptual cost of building interior construction using virtual construction system in early stage 3 May 2016
Add The International Pulsar Timing Array: first data release 3 May 2016
Add From spin noise to systematics: stochastic processes in the first International Pulsar Timing Array data release 3 May 2016
Add Gravitational-wave cosmology across 29 decades in frequency 3 May 2016
Add High-precision timing of 42 millisecond pulsars with the European Pulsar Timing Array 3 May 2016
Add The noise properties of 42 millisecond pulsars from the European Pulsar Timing Array and their impact on gravitational-wave searches 3 May 2016
Add Robots can help young patients engage in rehab 3 May 2016
Add Semantic labeling for prosthetic vision 3 May 2016
Add Vision function testing for a suprachoroidal retinal prosthesis: effects of image filtering 3 May 2016
Add Robots in rehab: towards socially assistive robots for paediatric rehabilitation 3 May 2016
Add Proceedings of the 18th International ACM SIGSOFT Symposium on Component-Based Software Engineering, Montreal, Canada, 4-8 May 2015 / Philippe Kruchten, Steffen Becker, Jean-Guy Schneider (eds.) 3 May 2016
Add Mining processes with multi-instantiation: discovery and conformance checking 3 May 2016
Add From network traces to system responses: opaquely emulating software services 3 May 2016
Add Measurement of CP violating asymmetries in B0→K+K -KS0 decays with a time-dependent Dalitz approach 2 May 2016
Add Measurement of the form factors of the decay B0→D⊃* -ℓ+νℓ and determination of the CKM matrix element |Vcb 2 May 2016
Add Measurement of the branching fractions for B0→Ds*+π - and B0→Ds*-K+ decays 2 May 2016
Add Ghost fringe removal techniques using Lissajous data presentation 2 May 2016
Add In-flight observations of low-mode ρR asymmetries in NIF implosionsa 2 May 2016
Add Review of the National Ignition Campaign 2009-2012 2 May 2016
Add Understanding the causes of architecture changes using OSS mailing lists 2 May 2016
Add Setting structural safety requirement for controlling earthquake mortality risk 2 May 2016
Add Arithmetic with optical topological charges in stepwise-excited Rb vapor 2 May 2016
Add Strength assessment of spent coffee grounds-geopolymer cement utilizing slag and fly ash precursors 2 May 2016
Add Grassmann phase space methods for fermions. I. Mode theory 2 May 2016
Add Causes of architecture changes: an empirical study through the communication in OSS mailing lists 2 May 2016
Add Supporting architecture documentation: a comparison of two ontologies for knowledge retrieval 2 May 2016
Add Seismic performance requirements and collapse risk of structures 2 May 2016
Add Identifying top-k structural hole spanners in large-scale social networks 2 May 2016
Add A material-based approach to the digitization of early applied colors 2 May 2016
Add Flexibility and sustainability priorities in procurement: practices, relationships and trade-offs 2 May 2016
Add Building a FlexSustainAble procurement 2 May 2016
Add Emergency warnings and non-compliance: Why the effect of repeated exposure needs to be examined within the emergency management sector 2 May 2016
Add Spreadsheets and the violence of forms: Tracking organisational and domestic use 2 May 2016
Add Transformers: The Movie - making modern mythology the Marvel way 2 May 2016