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Title Date Deposited
Add Hagen y yo 28 April 2016
Add Se levanta el viento 28 April 2016
Add Cuernos 28 April 2016
Add Amour 28 April 2016
Add El padrino 28 April 2016
Add Jazmin azul 28 April 2016
Add Melancolia 28 April 2016
Add Towards a more accurate preservation of color: heritage, research and the film restoration laboratory 28 April 2016
Add Recycled images: from orphan works to found footage 28 April 2016
Add Audiovisual archives and the public domain: economics of access, exclusive control and the digital skew 28 April 2016
Add Copyright and film historiography: the case of the orphan film 28 April 2016
Add Deductive, inductive and analogical reasoning in legal decision support systems 28 April 2016
Add Virtual crime 28 April 2016
Add Reasoning paradigms in legal decision support systems 28 April 2016
Add Culture war 28 April 2016
Add Strength and permeability of the granular pavement materials treated with Polyacrylamide based additive 28 April 2016
Add An evaluation of performance related properties for granular pavement materials using a polyacrylamide additive 28 April 2016
Add Assessment of network surfacing data of rural network of VicRoad 28 April 2016
Add Wellbeing at CERES 28 April 2016
Add Book review: 'Community gardening as social action' 28 April 2016
Add Building a framework for improved workplace assessment practice and better outcomes through online platforms. 28 April 2016
Add Popular music as vehicle for cultural change intervention: Takun J's cultural diplomacy in post-conflict Liberia 28 April 2016
Add Assessing the psychometric properties of a scenario-based measure of achievement guilt and shame 28 April 2016
Add Quality, value? - insights into medical tourists' attitudes and behaviors 28 April 2016
Add How useful is the yield spread as a predictor of growth in Australia? 28 April 2016
Add Engineering and environmental evaluation of spent coffee grounds stabilized with industrial by-products as a road subgrade material 28 April 2016
Add How are the new documents of social networks shaping our cultural memory 28 April 2016
Add Direct relationship between rainfall and water restriction level in Melbourne: an application of transfer function noise 28 April 2016
Add Integrating end uses of water into demand forecasting: case study 28 April 2016
Add Assessing the effectiveness of household rainwater tanks 28 April 2016
Add Productivity study of the scaffolding operations in liquefied natural gas plant construction: Ichthys project in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia 28 April 2016
Add Does the way you think and look at the world contribute to being materialistic? Epistemic style, metaphysics, and their influence on materialism and wellbeing 28 April 2016
Add Greater autonomous regulation, wellbeing, and adaptive learning characteristics: the benefits of an effortful rather than expedient epistemic style 28 April 2016
Add Quality of life: case study of Dhaka, Bangladesh 28 April 2016
Add (Dis)counting cultural diversity: Solidarity and diversity management strategies in Australian workplaces 28 April 2016
Add Memefest: an innovative model for socially responsive design & research 28 April 2016
Add Development and evaluation of models for autonomous shared mobility-on-demand systems 28 April 2016
Add Measurements of B → D ¯ Ds0∗+ (2317) decay rates and a search for isospin partners of the Ds0∗+ (2317) 27 April 2016
Add Amplitude analysis of e+e-→ (nS)π+π-at s =10.866GeV 27 April 2016
Add Measurement of the branching ratio of B¯→D(*)τ−ν¯τ relative to B¯→D(*)ℓ−ν¯ℓ decays with hadronic tagging at Belle 27 April 2016
Add Search for the decay B+→K¯¯¯*0K*+ at Belle 27 April 2016
Add Search for the dark photon and the dark higgs boson at belle 27 April 2016
Add Measurement of the branching fraction of B+ →τ+ντ decays with the semileptonic tagging method 27 April 2016
Add Study of D** production and light hadronic states in the B¯0→D*+ωπ− decay 27 April 2016
Add Semi-inclusive studies of semileptonic Bs decays at Belle 27 April 2016
Add Evidence for the decay B0 →ηπ0 27 April 2016
Add Measurement of the direct CP asymmetry in B ¯ →xs+dγ decays with a lepton tag 27 April 2016
Add Measurement of the B¯¯¯→Xsγ branching fraction with a sum of exclusive decays 27 April 2016
Add First observation of the Hadronic Transition Γ (4S) →ηhb (1P) and new measurement of the hb (1P) and ηb (1S) parameters 27 April 2016
Add Measurement of the decay B →dℓνℓ in fully reconstructed events and determination of the Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa matrix element |Vcb 27 April 2016