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Add Relationships of retinal vessel diameters with optic disc, macular and retinal nerve fiber layer parameters in 6-year-old children 5 May 2015
Add Uncertainties by design, an invocation 5 May 2015
Add Response-ability: Extradisciplinary critique 5 May 2015
Add Design research as institutional critique 5 May 2015
Add Designed pleasure: Food addiction through advertising communication 5 May 2015
Add On the interplay between software architects and software engineers in an agile environment: who should do what 5 May 2015
Add The impact of multi-site software governance on knowledge management 5 May 2015
Add What industry needs from architectural languages: a survey 5 May 2015
Add Software architecture documentation: the road ahead 5 May 2015
Add The boomeranged software architect 5 May 2015
Add To branch or not to branch? 5 May 2015
Add Software designers, are you biased? 5 May 2015
Add A knowledge sharing perspective 5 May 2015
Add SPL migration tensions: an industry experience 5 May 2015
Add High neighborhood walkability mitigates declines in middle-aged and older adults' walking for transport 5 May 2015
Add Community walkability attributes are also bicycle-friendly attributes 5 May 2015
Add Adults' sedentary behavior: determinants and interventions 5 May 2015
Add Identifying the built environment determinants of physical activity and sedentary behavior: emerging international evidence 5 May 2015
Add Designing for dissemination of environmental and policy initiatives and programs for high-risk groups 5 May 2015
Add Bicycle use for transport in an Australian and a Belgian city: associations with built-environment attributes 5 May 2015
Add A taxonomy of office chairs: the evolution of the office chair, demonstrated through a catalogue of seminal models and an illustrated taxonomy of their components 5 May 2015
Add The children's physical environments rating scale 5 May 2015
Add The Children's Physical Environment Rating Scale (CPERS): reliability and validity for assessing the physical environment of early childhood educational facilities 5 May 2015
Add Joint associations of physical activity and screen time with overweight among Japanese adults 5 May 2015
Add Methodology of the Bangladesh population-based diabetes and eye study (BPDES) conducted in a rural area in Bangladesh 4 May 2015
Add Comparison of macular parameters among keratoconic, myopic and non-myopic individuals using optical coherence tomography 4 May 2015
Add An empirical study to review and revise job responsibilities of software testers 4 May 2015
Add HorusCML: context-aware domain-specific visual languages designer 4 May 2015
Add Managing for business sustainability: Shoetown Footwear Company Co. 4 May 2015
Add Review Article: Nanocomposite thermal spray review 4 May 2015
Add To subsidise or not to subsidise? 4 May 2015
Add Resourcing local communities for climate adaptive designs in Victoria, Australia 4 May 2015
Add The food roof how cantagalo and Pavao-pavaozinho favelas grow their own food 4 May 2015
Add Darwin@home 4 May 2015
Add Climate change around the world: Australia, the Netherlands, and India 4 May 2015
Add Five challenges for urban agriculture 4 May 2015
Add Finding spaces for productive cities 4 May 2015
Add Why we need small cows 4 May 2015
Add Towards enhanced resilience in city design: a proposition 4 May 2015
Add Why we need small cows: ways to design for urban agriculture / Greg Keeffe and Rob Roggema (eds.) 4 May 2015
Add The role of birth weight in myopia - the genes in myopia twin study 4 May 2015
Add Inflammatory, hemostatic, and other novel biomarkers for diabetic retinopathy: the multi-ethnic study of atherosclerosis 4 May 2015
Add A cohort study of the effects of serum osteoprotegerin and osteoprotegerin gene polymorphisms on cardiovascular mortality in elderly women 4 May 2015
Add Retinal vascular fractal dimension and risk of early diabetic retinopathy: a prospective study of children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes 4 May 2015
Add Retinal vessel diameters and risk of hypertension: the Multiethnic Study of Atherosclerosis 4 May 2015
Add The retinoic acid receptor alpha (RARA) gene is not associated with myopia, hypermetropia, and ocular biometric measures 4 May 2015
Add Variation in adzuki bean (vigna angularis) germplasm grown in China 4 May 2015
Add Role of the hepatocyte growth factor gene in refractive error 4 May 2015
Add Hypertension genes and retinal vascular calibre: the Cardiovascular Health Study 4 May 2015
Add Is nuclear magnetic resonance lipoprotein subclass related to diabetic retinopathy? The multi-ethnic study of atherosclerosis (MESA) 4 May 2015