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Add A direct constraint on the gas content of a massive, passively evolving elliptical galaxy at z = 1.43 26 June 2015
Add Reaction pathway analysis in thermal cracking of waste cooking oil to hydrocarbons based on monomolecular lumped kinetics 26 June 2015
Add Deformation of the Miura-ori patterned sheet 26 June 2015
Add Laser printing hierarchical structures with the aid of controlled capillary-driven self-assembly 26 June 2015
Add The muscarinic system, cognition and schizophrenia 26 June 2015
Add Measurement of surface and interfacial tension using pendant drop tensiometry 26 June 2015
Add Understanding the non-pharmacological correlates of self-reported efficacy of antidepressants 26 June 2015
Add The stellar accretion origin of stellar population gradients in massive galaxies at large radii 26 June 2015
Add Acquaintance or partner? Social economy organizations, institutional logics and regional development in Australia 26 June 2015
Add Spatial cognition during infancy and early childhood across cultures, development of 26 June 2015
Add Molecular dynamics studies on the buffalo prion protein 26 June 2015
Add Music for cost optimisation of stormwater treatment systems 26 June 2015
Add The application of experimental aesthetics to a marketing research method in the automotive industry 26 June 2015
Add Why Bill Shorten and Labor can afford to ignore Rupert Murdoch 26 June 2015
Add Ultrasonically enhanced fractionation of milk fat in a litre-scale prototype vessel 26 June 2015
Add Book review: 'Desire and sexuality: animating the unconscious' by Jayne Pilling 24 June 2015
Add If you build it, will they come? Opening access to a new online Bipolar Wellness Centre 24 June 2015
Add The naturalistic trajectory of quality of life in bipolar disorder 24 June 2015
Add A prospective naturalistic multisite follow-up of survival times for patients with bipolar disorder treated under CANMAT guidelines 24 June 2015
Add The orbit project: pilot evidence for feasibility and efficacy of a novel international online mindfulness-based intervention for late stage bipolar disorder 24 June 2015
Add Supporting self-management in bipolar disorder online: a review 24 June 2015
Add Sleep and circadian effects on neural reward functioning: towards a chronobiology of reward for bipolar disorder 24 June 2015
Add A prelimary examination of auditory verbal hallucinations (AVH) in bipolar disorder and depression: analysis of the 2010 survey of high impact psychosis (SHIP) data 24 June 2015
Add Behavioural indices of emotion processing in bipolar disorder 24 June 2015
Add The TPH2 G703T Polymorphism is associated with working memory in bipolar disorder and control cohorts 24 June 2015
Add A study of internal structure in components made by additive manufacturing process using 3 D X-Ray tomography 24 June 2015
Add Study of sound absorption coefficients and characterization of rice straw stem fibers reinforced polypropylene composites 24 June 2015
Add The InfraRed Imaging Spectrograph (IRIS) for TMT: Overview of innovative science programs 24 June 2015
Add Motility of actin filaments on micro-contact printed myosin patterns 24 June 2015
Add Muslims and the courtroom: Legal issues and empirical research 24 June 2015
Add Cults in court: Jury decision-making and new religious movements 24 June 2015
Add Copayments and the evidence-base paradox: Reply (Letters to the Editor) 24 June 2015
Add Personal products 23 June 2015
Add The Salvation Army 23 June 2015
Add Two-dimensional lubrication analysis and design optimization of a Scotch Yoke engine linear bearing 23 June 2015
Add Identification and assessment of vehicle seat adjuster sound quality 23 June 2015
Add Vehicle floor carpet acoustic optimization using statistical energy analysis method 23 June 2015
Add Powered seat adjuster noise characteristics and its psychoacoustics assessment 23 June 2015
Add Psychoacoustic modelling of vehicle side mirror power-fold actuator noise characteristics 23 June 2015
Add Power-fold actuator noise diagnostics using statistical envelope analysis 23 June 2015
Add Data intensive quasar microlensing 23 June 2015
Add Factors affecting microbiologically influenced corrosion of carbon steels in lab-based studies 23 June 2015
Add Preliminary numerical simulation of chemically reacting gas and liquid phases in oxygen steelmaking 22 June 2015
Add CFD analysis of oxygen steelmaking kinetics and slag foaming using IMPHOS pilot plant data 22 June 2015
Add The influence of causal explanations and diagnostic labelling on psychology students' beliefs about treatments, prognosis, dangerousness and unpredictability in schizophrenia 19 June 2015
Add The illusion of choice: why the 2016 presidential race looks like 2000 19 June 2015
Add Variation in deterioration rates of major arterials in rural Victoria/Australia 18 June 2015
Add Using knowledge management to improve learning experience of first-trimester students 18 June 2015
Add Situation Awareness 18 June 2015
Add Probabilistic modelling of flexible pavement distresses for network management 18 June 2015