Advancing enterprise-wide information systems strategy: exploring power differentials in parent-subsidiary relationships


Budiyanto, Cucuk Wawan; Prananto, Adi; Tan, Felix Ter Chian


Power has been an important topic amongst scholars in Information Systems (IS) research. Despite the vast literature on power in IS research, we found there is a lack of study that investigates the significance of power in a Parent-Subsidiary relationship. As a part of an ongoing research to explore the role of IS in the Parent-Subsidiary relationship, this paper highlights the impact of Enterprise Systems (ES) on the 'evolution' of power as a critical aspect of that relationship. Using case study as a research method, we explore four scenarios, namely: Domination, Consultative, Empowerment, and Incitement; each with its own distinct aspects of power and its implication to ES in a corporate group environment. Ongoing research will attempt to explore the scenarios in greater details as well as expanding the number of corporate groups.

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Conference paper


IS innovation in Pacific Asia, the 16th Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems (PACIS 2012), Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 11-15 July 2012, paper no. 305


Association for Information Systems


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