2D animated social story for assisting social skills learning of children with autism spectrum disorder


Mandasari, Vivi; Lu, Mariene Valerie; Theng, Lau Bee


Asperger Syndrome is a developmental disorder under the umbrella term of Autism Spectrum Disorders, and it is a milder variant of autism. It is characterized by a significant difficulty in communication, prominently in social interaction and non-verbal communication. Since a decade ago, there have been a variety of tools for teaching and assisting children with AS in the acquisition of social skills, ranging from the simple picture exchange system to the high-end virtual reality system. This chapter discusses on the effectiveness of integrating Social Story, 2D animations and video instruction for teaching social skills to children diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome in an interactive manner. The prototype has been developed, implemented, and evaluated in an experimental way. This chapter will discuss on the evaluation process, results, findings, and areas for further exploration.

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Book chapter


Assistive and augmentive communication for the disabled: intelligent technologies for communication, learning and teaching / Lau Bee Theng (ed.), Chapter 1, pp. 1-24


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