Cosmic-ray extremely distributed observatory: Status and perspectives


Gora, Dariusz; Cheminant, Kevin Almeida; Alvarez-Castillo, David; Bratek, Lukasz; Dhital, Niraj; Duffy, Alan R. ; Homola, Piotr ; Jagoda, Pawel ; Jałocha, Joanna; Kasztelan, Marcin; Kopanski, Konrad; Kovacs, Peter; Nazari, Vahab; Niedzwiecki, Michal; Ostrogorski, Dominik ; Smołek, Karel; Stasielak, Jaroslaw; Sushchov, Oleksander; Wozniak, Krzysztof W.; Zamora-Saa, Jilberto

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The Cosmic-Ray Extremely Distributed Observatory (CREDO) is a project dedicated to global studies of extremely extended cosmic-ray phenomena, the cosmic-ray ensembles (CRE), beyond the capabilities of existing detectors and observatories. Up to date, cosmic-ray research has been focused on detecting single air showers, while the search for ensembles of cosmic-rays, which may overspread a significant fraction of the Earth, is a scientific terra incognita. Instead of developing and commissioning a completely new global detector infrastructure, CREDO proposes approaching the global cosmic-ray analysis objectives with all types of available detectors, from professional to pocket size, merged into a worldwide network. With such a network it is possible to search for evidences of correlated cosmic-ray ensembles. One of the observables that can be investigated in CREDO is a number of spatially isolated events collected in a small time window which could shed light on fundamental physics issues. The CREDO mission and strategy requires active engagement of a large number of participants, also non-experts, who will contribute to the project by using common electronic devices (e.g., smartphones). In this note, the status and perspectives of the project are presented.

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Universe, Vol. 4, no. 11 : Special issue selected papers from the 7th International Conference on New Frontiers in Physics (ICNFP 2018), article no. 111






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