Kensington Estate redevelopment social impact study


Hulse, Kath; Herbert, Tania; Down, Karyn

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This is the Report of a Social Impact Study (SIS) of the redevelopment of the public housing estate in the inner Melbourne suburb of Kensington. The SIS was an initiative of the Kensington Redevelopment Community Liaison Committee (CLC), commissioned and funded by the Victorian Department of Human Services. The Institute for Social Research at Swinburne University of Technology undertook research for the SIS. The overall purpose of the SIS was ‘to monitor, document and assess the social impact of the redevelopment of the Kensington public housing estate’, using an action research approach. This required the Swinburne project team to work with, and feed back information to, various stakeholders throughout the SIS on the past, current and projected social impacts of the redevelopment. The objectives of the SIS were to: Identify the impact of the redevelopment process on the people and communities involved; develop strategies and measures to manage or change any adverse social effects of the redevelopment;contribute to community building required for a successful redevelopment.

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