Toward improving BIM acceptance in facilities management: A hybrid conceptual model integrating TTF and UTAUT


Hilal, Mustafa A.; Maqsood, Tayyab


Recent research has revealed the significa nce of Building Information Modeling (BIM) implementation in the asset and facilities management (FM) as much as in design and construction sectors. However, the implementation of BIM in FM is only minimal. Thus, BIM acceptance and adoption in FM is still one of main issues in this field. Accordingly, this research aims at: (i) identifying the key factors that influence the widespread acceptance and usage of BIM in facility management; (ii) developing a hybrid conceptual model integrating TTF and UTAUT for enhancing BIM in this sector. The methods that are being adopted in this ongoing research include comprehensive literature review, interviews and survey. In this paper, a summary of interim findings and an overview of the proposed conceptual BIM in FM are presented.

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Conference paper


The Ninth International Conference on Construction in the 21st Century (CITC-9), 'Revolutionizing the Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industry through Leadership, Collaboration and Technology', Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 5-7 March 2017 / Syed M. Ahmed, Salman Azhar, Norma A. Smith, Shaunna C. Campbell, Laura Russell, and Attaullah Shah (eds.)


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