An algorithm in SwinDeW-C for scheduling transaction-intensive cost-constrained cloud workflows


Yang, Yun; Liu, Ke; Chen, Jinjun; Liu, Xiao; Yuan, Dong; Jin, Hai

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The concept of cloud computing has been wide spreading very recently. Cloud computing has many unique advantages which can be utilised to facilitate (cloud) workflow execution. Transaction-intensive cost-constrained cloud workflows are workflows with a large number of workflow instances (i.e. transaction intensive) bounded by a certain budget for execution (i.e. cost constrained) in a cloud computing environment (i.e. cloud workflows). However, there are not any specific scheduling algorithms so far for transaction-intensive cost-constrained cloud workflows. This paper presents a novel scheduling algorithm which considers the characteristics of cloud computing to accommodate transaction-intensive cost-constrained workflows by compromising execution time and cost with user input enabled on the fly. The simulation performed demonstrates that the algorithm can reduce the mean execution cost while meeting the user-requested deadline.

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Conference paper


4th IEEE International Conference on eScience (eScience 2008), Indianapolis, Indiana, United States, 07-12 December 2008, pp. 374-375






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