The hidden men: a report to the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship on visits to the Curtin Immigration Detention Centre: 28-30 January 2011, 27-29 May 2011, 22-28 July 2011, 15-18 September 2011, 10-13 November 2011


Fleay, Caroline; Briskman, Linda


Curtin IDC in remote northwest Australia was first opened in September 1999. It was closed three years later in September 2002. The IDC was re-opened in June 2010 to hold adult male asylum seekers and now detains the largest number of asylum seekers in Australia. It is a high security centre that is surrounded by two large fences that are electrified. The service provider contracted to operate the IDC is the private company, Serco Australia. This report highlights a range of issues of concern that were evident during our five visits to Curtin IDC. These are not only issues of concern at this detention centre but are those that were most visible during the visits.

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Research report


Curtin University