What is Swinburne Research Bank?

Swinburne Research Bank is an online open access collection of publications by Swinburne researchers. It is designed to help your research reach a worldwide audience and maximise its potential for citation.

Publications registered with us also harvest across to your researcher web profile for viewing and access by the public.

Swinburne Research Bank includes:

  • Journal articles
  • Conference papers
  • Books and book chapters
  • PhD theses
  • Research datasets
  • Commentaries, working papers, reports and more ...

With your permission, the full text content of your research can also be made available through Swinburne Research Bank. Our trained staff assess the copyright options on your behalf to ensure compliance with each publisher's policy. Read more about copyright.

Advantages of contributing to Swinburne Research Bank

  • Make your research more visible: each of your publications is indexed in Google and Google Scholar and has a permanent link, making disseminating your research to colleagues quick and easy
  • Save time: all your publications are accessible from one place, including forthcoming articles and those from before your employment at Swinburne
  • Increase your research impact: each of your publications has a full citation, and a link to the published version where available, making it easy for people to discover and cite your work.

Publications made available on open access can be more frequently cited and have greater impact than research published only through traditional scholarly media.

Contributing your work

If you're a Swinburne researcher, contributions of citations, papers and/or publication lists are welcome. How to contribute.


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