Emotional intelligence, victimisation, bullying behaviours and attitudes


Schokman, Chantelle; Downey, Luke A.; Lomas, Justine; Wellham, Dirk; Wheaton, Andrew; Simmons, Nathan; Stough, Con


Emotional intelligence (EI) and pro-victim attitudes play an important role in adolescent bullying and victimisation. We recruited 284 male and female adolescents attending secondary school in Australia. All participants completed the adolescent version of the Swinburne University Emotional Intelligence Test, the Peer Relations Questionnaire and the Revised Pro-victim Scale. Results revealed significant associations between bullying, victimisation, pro-victim attitudes and the EI dimensions. Regression analyses revealed greater Understanding Emotions, lower Emotional Management and Control, being male and having weaker Pro-Victim Attitudes to be significant predictors of engaging in bullying. Investigation of the influence of EI and pro-victim attitudes on victimisation revealed significant independent contributions to the prediction model of victimisation by lesser Emotional Management and Control and stronger Pro-Victim Attitudes. Pro-Social behaviours were predicted by the female gender and greater Understanding Emotions. Results have implications for management and intervention practices of school based adolescent bullying focussed on EI development.

Publication year


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Journal article


Learning and Individual Differences, Vol. 36 (2014), pp. 194-200