How to register your publications with Swinburne Research Bank

Use our online contribution form (use your Swinburne credentials to log in)


Email the details of your work (title, publisher, co-authors, the version of your name on the publication) to

We can also host the full work for public Open Access

The following cannot be hosted -

  • If the material is intended for commercialisation
  • If the work contains confidential material
  • If the research publication or collection will infringe a legal obligation of Swinburne University of Technology and/or the author/s or the legal rights of the third party if it is disseminated via Swinburne Research Bank.

Swinburne Research Bank deposit agreement

Why we have an agreement

It is important that you understand that your publications deposited in Swinburne Research Bank will be made permanently available online for no cost.

If you own the copyright in your work, when you agree to the deposit agreement you grant us permission to include the full version of your work in the repository. This is necessary because you, as the copyright holder, have the right to decide where your work will be made available.

If the copyright in your work is owned by a publisher, the deposit agreement authorises us to act on your behalf in investigating and obtaining permission to make the full version of your work available in Swinburne Research Bank

The agreement

Copy and paste the text of the agreement into an email and indicate you agree to it:

I understand that I am asking Swinburne University of Technology to store a copy of my research outputs and make them permanently available online to the public for free.

Third party content in your material

I warrant that where my material deposited into Swinburne Research Bank includes third party content, that content has been properly acknowledged and all rights necessary for deposit have been obtained.

Where your material is covered by an agreement with a publisher or other third party

I understand that a licence will be required to deposit material that I do not own. If I do not hold a licence to deposit I agree to Swinburne staff obtaining a licence to deposit on my behalf.

I understand that the above declarations apply to all material authored by me and deposited into Swinburne Research Bank.


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