An 'expanding text-iverse' approach to Big History learning and teaching materials


Voros, Joseph

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The basic idea is that multiple levels of technical depth are incorporated into a single unified document/text/multimedia package which would be useful for multiple people depending on their purpose in reading it, as well as over a number of subsequent 'readings' of the material. This presentation will suggest a multi-layered approach to the design and structure of textual material (including multimedia, etc) relating to Big History, and outline some of the major levels of technical detail that might be considered, ranging from popular non-technical (further broken down in terms of age/schooling level, such as primary, secondary, and adult), to tertiary survey level, to advanced undergraduate level, to very advanced under- or early post-graduate level, to possibly even research boundary level. Some examples from existing literatures, both Big History and beyond, will be used to illustrate the different levels, and some ideas for how such a text/multimedia package might be designed and structured will also be discussed, including the use of music. I hope to start a continuing conversation around the ways to reach a very wide audience for Big History, that thinks beyond the more traditional models of textbooks and technical level that publishers favour. Big History can change the world through changing worldviews, so let us give it the best chance we can to let it!

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Conference paper


Teaching and researching Big History: exploring a new scholarly field, the Inaugural International Big History Association Conference, Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States, 02-05 August 2012


Grand Valley State University

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