Intuitive real-time network monitoring using visually orthogonal 3D metaphors


Armitage, Grenville; Harrop, Warren

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With denial of service attacks and self propagating network viruses adding to today's network conditions, managing edge networks with the intention of providing a quality service requires vigilance by highly skilled network administrators. We believe the use of intuitive, interactive 3D representations of real-time network state information will improve the ability of non-specialist operations staff to understand and react to anomalous network behavior. We define a set of visual metaphors that represent dynamic activity metrics unique to IP networks in an easy to interpret manner. Our prototype software, 3VEN, implements many of the IP metrics to visual metaphor mappings suggested, using data collected from a darknet source.

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Conference paper


Australian Telecommunications Networks and Applications Conference 2004 (ATNAC2004), Sydney, Australia, 08-10 December 2004


Australian Telecommunications Networks and Applications Conference


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